NYCOS Active Nursery Learning lessons.

Hello everyone .

We all hope  you are  well 🙂

Who remembers  Nycos music sessions with Mrs Ola, Miss Toner and Mrs. Collins?  We sang different songs, nursery rhymes and played different games, we used various resources  that helped in developing new skills, e.g. rhyming skills, syllables, developing listening skills, developing independent thinking and many other skills. We know how much fun this  session gave you  and that’s why we wanted to share with you Nycos Active Learning  lessons.
That you can enjoy  at home too 🙂

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Have fun everyone
Nursery Team .

Minibeast Hunt : Try at Home

Please use the arrows below to navigate through the sway to view a fantastic song and dance from Miss Collins and a story all about a very brave caterpillar read by Miss Kelly. After you have watched the videos you may wish to take part in the try at home minibeast hunt activity.

It was a very rainy day so after a short hunt in the garden Harry the Hedgehog then completed the minibeast hunt using the Adventure by Jess YouTube videos indoors.

Transition to Primary One 2020

Hello to all of our pre-school children,
Transitioning to Primary 1 is such a exciting milestone in your journey and we are looking forward to supporting you all during this. We have collaborated with staff from Bathgate West Nursery School to create this sway filled with lots of information and activities to help support your transition. Please continue to check you inbox for weekly updates and PEEP activities from Mrs Ola.

If you have any concerns, problems or questions about your child’s transition to Primary 1 please don’t hesitate to contact Miss Kelly ( and I will get back to you asap. 


Try at home ” The Very Hungry Caterpillar independent making fruit smoothie,snack ”

Good morning everyone !!!!

Please see  how busy Harry was this time. ,

Harry loves to listen to the story of ” The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” One of his favorite passage is when caterpillar eats delicious fruit, delicious apples, pears, plums , strawberries and  oranges ……
Yum Yum thought Harry, he loves fruit so much that  he decided that he would also be like a caterpillar and will make delicious fruit smoothies. Harry prepared his own ”  The Very Hungry Caterpillar” fruit smoothie recipe. He used ingredients such like : 1 yellow banana, 2 juicy big red apples , 3 small ice cubes , 4 red yummy strawberries and  1 glass of orange juice.   Carefully chopped all the fruits, put them in a blender, then added orange juice and ……… blend  everything together.
Harry and Miss Collins enjoyed the smoothie with 3 small ice cubes . Yummy Yummy in my tummy  ; said Miss Collins and Harry.

Try at home challenge for all of you 🙂 

So you too can be like a Hungry Caterpillar and like Harry make your own smoothie  or snack, using your own recipe. You can tell us what ingredients you used, how much you used, whether they were big or small, where hard or soft, what shape they were etc.

Please share your smoothies or snack  with your nursery  friends by sending us photos, videos.

Good luck everyone 🙂
And here is a special  song for you all 🙂

The Very Hungry Caterpillar: Try at home activity sway

After Harry and Miss Collins spotted some tiny caterpillars in their garden they were inspired to share some learning opportunities with you all. Please use the arrows below to view Miss collins reading the very hungry caterpillar and see how you can get involved.
We would love to see some photos and videos of your child taking part, please upload to twitter @WLBEYC or your child’s online LJ.

Growing & Planting: Try at home activity

Try at home activity:
Now we have more time to spend at home, it is a great opportunity to take part in growing, planting and observing the changes happening. We would love if you could join us in this journey, we would like to document the progress on the Sway below so please take lots of photos and video clips. You can Share them via our twitter page BEYC Twitter or your online Learners Journal under the learning from home tab.

What could you grow in your garden or from your home?

How could you document and share the results?

Keep Scotland Beautiful’s #GrowASeed initiative is also encouraging people in Scotland to take part and get growing. Visit their website for more useful information.

Try at Home Activity: Mark Making

Harry the Hedgehog had lots of fun taking part in yesterday’s try at home activity...

Inspiring and motivating your child to lift a pen/pencil to begin drawing can be difficult if the interest just isn’t there. During nursery sessions we have a variety of ways we can get our children excited about mark making. You could Provide a tray with different mediums in for example: Flour, lentils, dry sand, wet sand, soil, shaving foam, salt and lentils then ask your child to use their pointer finger and begin to play. Quickly you may notice a variety of mark making taking place. Before moving on to writing letters or numbers we suggest trying some pre-writing shapes first (The grown up could draw these on paper for the child to copy) these are:
Horizontal line, Verticle line, Circle, Intersecting cross, Diagonal line, Diagonal cross, Square and Triangle.

Following this you could then move on to letters in your child’s name and other familiar names/words.

Please let us know if you try this activity by uploading a photo or video into their learning from home tab or on twitter @WLBEYC. Harry’s favourite was mark making in the soft flour… what might yours be?

Mindfulness Session with Mrs Hendry

Connecting with our minds and bodies is often easier said than done, when we are busy our mind can wander instead of focusing on what is all around us and the present moment. 
 Each week Mrs Hendry invites children to take part in a short mindfulness session. This could be a great short family activity to help reconnect, focus, calm and relax together.
Before you being this weeks session please make sure-
Your room is dimly lit.
You are comfortably lying flat on your back, we love to get a comfy cushion for our heads and even a cosy blanket. (Not all children will want to lie down, a comfortable position will do)
Press play on the voice recording, close your eyes and remember to breath slowly in and out…
This may support your child’s emotional health and well being during this period of change.