Look at our beautiful poppies.

In November we scattered Poppy seeds given to us by Poppy Scotland at the top of our hill as part of our learning about Remembrance Sunday.  We are thrilled to see how big and beautiful they have grown and how much colour it has added to our garden.

For more information about the work that goes on at Poppy Scotland please look on the Education page on their web site.  You might even just spot a few familiar faces!

HWB 0-50a  SCN 0-01a

Goodbye Butterflies

Do you remember the little caterpillars we had in nursery?  Well can you guess what they grew into?  We watched them eat and grow plump, then sleep in their chrysalis’ just like in the ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Crale.  Then one morning when we came into nursery we discovered they had grown into beautiful ‘Painted Lady’ butterflies and hatched out of their chrysalis’.  We fed them fruit and sugary water for a few days to give them the strength to fly away. It was lovely watching them fly out of the net and off into the nursery garden.  If you would like to find out more about caterpillars and butterflies please have a look in the morning red group floor book.

We are still patiently waiting to spot some frogs in our pond.  So far we have observed lots of tadpoles swimming around, especially when it is sunny when they swim to the surface of the pond.  The wraparound children will keep an eye on them over the summer holidays and let us know of any changes.

HWB 0-50a  SCN 0-01a

Looking after our local environment.

Today we had a visit from Environmental enforcers David , Alan and some of the team from  NETS and Land Services WLC  to talk to the children about looking after our environment, focusing on picking up litter and dog poo.

Children enjoyed the interactive session, looking at pictures and video clips on the Smartboard and loved to see nursery staff dress up as if they were going to work in the rubbish dump for the day!

The team have provided us with lots of dog poo bags and reflective strips to wear to show you are a responsible dog owner and clean up the mess.  Please feel free to take home bags and a strip if you have a dog.

HWB 0-12a   HWB 0-13a  HWB 0-16a  HWB 0-38a  SOC 0-16a  SOC 0-17a

National Spring Clean 2015

Children and staff at Bathgate Early Years Centre took part in National Spring Clean 2015 in conjunction with West Lothian Council and Keep Scotland Beautiful this week.  The Environmental Warden team provided appropriate Litter Picks and Bags as well as also removing all of the rubbish collected afterwards. As part of their ongoing eco schools work, the children have been learning about caring for and helping the environment by putting their litter in the bin and also the importance of recycling litter.  Well done everyone, the garden looks fantastic.

HWB 0-12a       HWB 0-13a       HWB 0-25a     HWB 0-38a     SOC 0-08a


Stay Play and Learn

Thank you to all who got involved and supported the children’s learning at Stay, Play and Learn this month.  Have a look at the gallery to see what a fun, busy week we had…..

Fairtrade Fortnight and Comic Relief.

We recently celebrated Fairtrade Fortnight in nursery. A small group of children enjoyed a visit to Scotmid to search for Fairtrade items in the store. We used our vouchers that were kindly donated by Scotmid to buy Fairtrade bananas to use for snack as well as buying Fairtade ingredients to use for baking and smoothies and to make banana splits on our firepit. We also bought a selection of Fairtrade products for prizes for our Fairtrade raffle for parents and staff.  Tom the Manager was very helpful and spoke to the children about Fairtrade and shared Fairtrade chocolate and bananas with them.

Thank you to everyone who bought raffle tickets.  Proceeds will go to Comic Relief. Thanks also to everyone who took part in our Fairtrade competition. We collected lots of Fairtrade packaging which we used in our Fairtrade cafe and shop and also in our art and craft area.


Well done to everyone who dressed in red, wore a ‘funny face’ red nose and donated to Comic Relief 2015.  The total amount raised this year was £73.



HWB 0-35a    LIT 0-14a   RME 0-09a   SOC 0-20a   EXA 0-02a   MNU 0-09a

Searching for Spring.

The children have been exploring on the hill, searching for the early signs of spring. They found some snowdrops, a tree with tiny leaf buds and even a crocus or two.

I am learning about where living things come from and about how they grow, develop and are nurtured.

HWB 0-50a

Within real and imaginary situations, I share experiences and feelings, ideas and information in a way that communicates my message.

LIT 0-09a

I am aware of how routines and events in my world link with times and seasons, and have explored ways to record and display these using clocks, calendars and other methods.
MNU 0-10a

I can talk about science stories to develop my understanding of science and the world around me.
SCN 0-20a

I explore and appreciate the wonder of nature within different environments and have played a part in caring for the environment.

SOC 0-08a

Fire Pit Fun in February

In February we are learning how to risk assess and responsibly make fires in our fire pit.  We are discovering how to safely toast and eat marshmallows, bread and cheese.  The children are developing their sense of personal safety while working well in teams. Lots of problem solving and mathematical and science concepts are being explored.  This exciting hands on activity promotes great cross curricular learning;

Gabriel “Too many sticks kill the fire.”

Louis “Wet twigs don’t go on fire.”

Lily “ Marshmallows melt fast.”

Conlan “Smoke nips your eyes.”

Alfie “Blowing gently (on the embers) makes the fire grow.”

AJ “You can burn yourself.”

Beth “We needed sticks and cough (cotton) wools.”

Roisin “We put fire on the marshmallow.”

Ava “We ate it.”

Gabriel “ We were eating them.”

Darcie “We put marshmallows in the fire pit.”

Sadie “We made the fire with sticks.  My clothes were all smoke.”

Jack “Wood.”

Matthew “We had to split some wood, then put some sticks in, then it made fire!”

Conlan “Smoke was in my eyes.”

Megan “I made toast on the fire.”

Reuben “I tasted the burny bit and it was yuck!”

Evan “It was soft and sooooooo yummy!”

Gillan “If you fall in then you will just die.”

HWB 0-11a  HWB 0-16a  HWB 0-17a  HWB 0-23a  HWB 0-29a  LIT 0-04a  MNU 0-01a  MNU 0-07a  MNU 0-11a  SCN 0-12a  SCN 0-15a