Primary 3 Homework Week Beginning 14th September

Good Evening,

I am so sorry that I have not posted the spelling words for this week primary 3. Silly Miss Graham!

Because I have posted them later in the week, please just practise saying your words and copying them out/ air writing (where you write them in the air with your finger)

Here they are now.

P3 Homework September 14th

Primary2/1 Homework – Week Beginning 14th September 2020

Primary 2/1 Homework will be posted on the blog every Monday.  The children should work on tasks throughout the week.  They will be given a jotter home to complete the tasks in but this does not need to be returned to the school every week.  Please click on the relevant link below to access your child’s homework tasks.

Thank you

Mrs Warner


Primary 1 Homework

Primary 2 Homework

Primary 3 Homework Week Beginning 24th August

Hi Primary 3,

Homework this week is your spelling words and some maths. Please remember to fill out the form to show what tasks you are completing.

Homework can be completed in your yellow jotter and you do not need to bring this into school.

P3 Homework August 24th



Miss Graham

Primary 3 Homework Week Beginning 17th August

P3 Homework August 17th


Homework does not need to be handed in on a Friday.

Please remember to fill out the form for Primary 3 to let us know what homework has been completed.



Miss Graham

Anderson Shelter Homework Project

Take a look at our amazing Anderson air-read shelters!

As part of our Second World War topic, Primary 7 were assigned a seven-week homework project to research, design and create an Anderson air-raid shelter. As you can see, the shelters have been a great success. Next week the children will test their shelters in order to evaluate their designs.

A huge thank you to all the family members who helped their children create these air-raid shelters. The pupils are so proud of their work and it really makes a difference when parents are so involved!