Primary 3 Term 2 Learning Experiences

Hi, we have been very busy in Primary 3 this term and have had lots if fun learning experiences!

Please find attached an overview of our learning this term.

Class learning overview Primary 3

Primary 3 are busy making lovely Christmas decorations that are available to purchase if they wish. A letter was sent out today (Tuesday 15th December). We are also looking forward to our online Christmas panto and our Christmas activity afternoon.

Have a lovely Christmas and enjoy the break.


Miss Graham

Primary 3 Homework Week Beginning 14th September

Good Evening,

I am so sorry that I have not posted the spelling words for this week primary 3. Silly Miss Graham!

Because I have posted them later in the week, please just practise saying your words and copying them out/ air writing (where you write them in the air with your finger)

Here they are now.

P3 Homework September 14th

Primary 3 Homework Week Beginning 24th August

Hi Primary 3,

Homework this week is your spelling words and some maths. Please remember to fill out the form to show what tasks you are completing.

Homework can be completed in your yellow jotter and you do not need to bring this into school.

P3 Homework August 24th



Miss Graham

Primary 3 Homework Week Beginning 17th August

P3 Homework August 17th


Homework does not need to be handed in on a Friday.

Please remember to fill out the form for Primary 3 to let us know what homework has been completed.



Miss Graham

Primary 3 2020 Home Learning August 13

Good Morning Primary 3!

I hope you are all well and that you enjoyed your first day yesterday! I had a lovely day and enjoyed meeting you all and learning a but about you! I can’t wait to start our learning in primary 3.

I have some tasks for you to complete today since we are not in school:

  • Plan a healthy meal: using the 5 food groups can you plan a healthy meal? draw the items on the plate and label them. Look at the boxes at the side – these are your food groups. Colour them the colour of the food on the plate. For example if you drew carrots – the fruit and vegetable box would be orange for the carrots.

Plan a Healthy meal


  • The 5 Senses: What can you hear/ see/ touch/ taste and smell around your house/ garden. Draw them in the boxes and write down what they are.

The 5 Senses

Balancing the Scales: what number do you need to balance the scales? For example 9 on one side and 5 on the other. The number to write next to 5 to balance the scales would be 4. There are 3 worksheets – numbers up to 20, 50 and 100. You can do as many as you like. Why not try and challenge yourself.

Balance the Scales


  • Summer Story: write about what you did during the summer holidays – play with friends/ family, watch a film/ tv show, visit family, learn a new skill.

My Summer Story


  • Character Profile: You can either make up a new character for a book or use a reading book at home. Draw your character, circle the words that describe them and write a little bit about them, describing them.

Character Profile

  • Be Kind to Yourself: It is important to look after yourself and to be kind to yourself as well as kind to others. Write down the different ways you can be kind to yourself.

Be Kind to Yourself


You do not need to print these out – you can complete them in any jotters/ notebooks/ paper you have at home.


Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow!


Miss Graham

Primary 3 Virtual Camp

Good Morning Primary 3,

I hope you are all keeping well. I cannot believe we are now in our last week of primary 3! I have loved having you as my class this year and miss you all very much!

Instead of the usual work I have a virtual camp that I thought you could try out at home this week.

Camping Week

Remember there is still this Disney virtual trip that I also posted last week.

Disney Virtual Trip P3

I also watched an interesting programme on Saturday about the finding of Tutankhamun’s tomb:

Stay safe and enjoy your virtual camp!

You can still access activities on education city and sumdog as usual.


Miss Graham