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Christmas Fayre -Update

Thank you for your wonderful response to our Christmas Fayre. Now that all pupils have had the opportunity to purchase their own crafts we will hold a sale of the remaining crafts on Monday.

Each class will have the opportunity to purchase the remaining items at the same cost as the online sale.

Please note that the calendars that are available at the moment are of the nursery children. We hope to be able to make available school calendars before the end of term.

This Week in P1…

Wow what a week in P1! We have had a visit from an elf called Zippity ! We decided to write a letter to Stickman to tell him all about Zippity’s arrival!

We have also been learning:

  • the ‘l’ sound
  • revising words ‘go, get, got’ 
  • All about the life of Saint Andrew
  • All about the First week of Advent
  • Subtraction facts to 8
  • How to say Merry Christmas and Santa in French

We have also been very busy little elves, working hard on our enterprise tasks for the Christmas Fayre!

Have a great weekend!

Miss McCullagh

Someone new has joined P3/2…

It is finally December and in P3/2 we have been long awaiting the arrival of our Elf! Our Elf needed a special name and so we decided to use what we had been learning in class to decide one fairly. The children all voted for their favourite name and together they created a bar graph with the data!

The results were calculated and P3/2 are proud to introduce you to …

Peppermint, our Classroom Elf!

We are looking forward to finding out what fun he will get up to.


Stickman Visits P1!

Wow! What an exciting week in P1! We have had a visit from Stickman who left us his book to read and letters with secret missions to complete! We are hoping Stickman will stay next week and ask us to complete more secret missions for him!

We have also been learning:

  • the ‘g’ sound,
  • words ‘go, get, got’,
  • all about shadows in science
  • all about road safety with Super Cat and using the Super Cat Rap- Stop! Look! Listen! Think!

We have been so busy this week being Super Kittens and Detectives!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Miss McCullagh

Purposeful Play today in P2/1

The boys and girls in P2/1 enjoyed some purposeful play at the end of the day today.

Our young artists decided that our usually camouflaged Arctic animals needed some colour!
Our young mathematicans had fun with analogue and digital clocks.
Great to see young engineering minds at work building lego houses.
A whole kingdom is being built here. Great teamwork boys!
The library corner provided a quiet place to enjoy a book.
These young researchers were finding information about the fastest cars in the world.

Finally, a few budding engineers used their imagination and created a car, a castle and an aeroplane, complete with spinning propeller.

Awesome afternoon P2/1!

Galaday Selection.

Confirmation of the Galaday Pageant Characters has been finalised today by the Galaday Committee.  If your child has been selected, they will have documents home with them in their school bag today.

There is a meeting arranged for tomorrow, 25th of November 2021 in, Whitburn Juniors Football Club.  All details are contained within the documents that were given to your child today.


Mrs Mooney