P4 Sponsored Run

P4 completed their charity run this morning, well done boys and girls! Thank you for your kind donations to our Lenten charity, our Tanzanian friends will be delighted with the support they have received.

P4 Spanish Afternoon

As part of our Spanish week, P4 took part in Spanish themed activities to learn about Spanish culture and language. We had a fun afternoon of food tasting, flamenco dancing, researching Spanish phrases and creating our own flags.


Easter fun in the Forest!

This week in the woods the AM and PM children enjoyed an egg hunt, the eggs had numbers on them and all children were able to identify which number was on their egg that they found. When everyone had found an egg, the children all sat down and opened them and were surprised to find a little chick inside.

Have a fantastic Easter break from the Nursery Team!

Stay and Play!

Thank you to all the parents that were able to attend our stay and play session this month, we hope you enjoyed spending some quality time with your children.

Spanish Week in P7D!

This week Primary 7D have been learning about Spain and Spanish culture.

We reflected on the work of Pablo Picasso and we were inspired to create our own Picasso inspired portraits using bright colours and abstract shapes.

We also spent time researching Spain and we created information PowerPoints which we presented to the class.

Finally, we enjoyed tasting Spanish food like chorizo, Spanish tortillas, olives, Manchego cheese and Serrano ham, as well as fruit grown in Spain. Using sensory descriptors, we tried to describe the appearance, smell, taste and texture of each food that we tried.

Congratulations to our Competition Winners!

Thanks to everyone who took part in our Egg Decorating and Easter Pixelated Art competitions. Mr Martin had a very difficult job but eventually decided on our winners.

Our Egg Decorating winner was Bradon in P3.

Our runners up were Priya (P3) and Farrah (P5).

Our Pixelated Art winner was Amelia (P5)

Congratulations and a huge “Thank you” to everyone who took part.

Here are some of the children with their certificates and a few of the fabulous eggs.

If we missed anyone, don’t worry you’ll get your certificate tomorrow.

All eggs are being proudly displayed outside the school office and will be returned to their owners on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Thanks for participating.

Scottish National Portrait Gallery Visit (P5)

Today our P5 class visited the Scottish National Portrait Gallery and were asked the question, ‘Does a portrait need a face?’

Mrs Wards’ group visited the library first.

Adding a new face to a portrait.
Discussing portraits in the library.
Inside the gallery.
Learning about portraits in the beautiful Library.

After discussing portraits and looking at some examples in the Library we went into the gallery and looked at some modern portraits.

The Three Oncologists

The Three Oncologists’ painting was fascinating.

Our final task was to describe a portrait painting to our partner and then ask them to draw it. This was great fun!

Thank you very much to the staff at the gallery who looked after us so well.