Fruit Cocktails in P7D!

Today in maths Primary 7D were learning about volume and capacity. In pairs, we had to follow fruit cocktail recipes and measure the ingredients accurately in millilitres. We had a competition to create the tastiest fruit cocktail recipe and our joint winners were Emma and Priya & Lewis and Olivia. Well done!

Primary 7/6 Assembly

A huge thank you to everyone who managed to come along to our class assembly this morning!

We hope you all enjoyed the performance!

Wishing you all a very happy long weekend!

Miss McCullagh and P7/6 ! 

This week in P2…

We have been learning:

  • to add and take away using a number line or number square to help
  • to write a story about finding the Loch Ness monster
  • to share some of our achievements outside of the classroom


P6/7 Class Assembly and Conversation Cafe

Primary 6/7 invite you to attend their class assembly on Friday 15th February at 9.15 in the school hall.

The first of our “Conversation Cafes” will take place before the P6/7 assembly (8.45 – 9.15) on Friday morning. Join us for tea or coffee and find out about the recent film Resilience, which was shown here and in the other local schools during the past few weeks.

P5 STEM Activities

P5 spent this afternoon using LEGO WeDo 2.0 to build robots and program their movements.

We built MILO the Science Rover and used the IPads to program and control his movements. We worked cooperatively, problem solved and had lots of fun.

Well done P5! What will we make next time?

Last week in P2…

We were learning:

  • to think of questions about a story we had been reading
  • to listen to and respond to baroque music
  • to work with a partner creatively

This week in P2…

We have been learning:

  • to spell and write words using the phoneme ‘o-e’
  • to make up and act out a story, with a partner
  • to read and write o’clock times