Galaday Football

Good afternoon.

A reminder that the Galaday football will take place on Wednesday 19th June 2019.  Teams arrive at 6.30pm for a 7.00pm start at Central Park,  Whitburn Junior Park.


Mrs Mooney

Sports Day

Good afternoon.


A little reminder that it is sports day tomorrow-weather permitting and children in P1- P7 should come to school in their sports clothes.  We hope to have lots of fun!


Mrs Mooney

Rag Bag

Have you been clearing out your wardrobe or thinking about it?

On Monday there will be a RAG BAG collection from the school.

You should have received a bag with all of the information but if you have not you can use any bag. Just check the Rag Bag site to answer all of your questions. The main items they collect are

  •  Wearable Clothing
  •  Paired Shoes
  •  Handbags
  •  Belts


Thank you for all your contributions.


Good Morning,

With the end of the school session fast approaching, the place is a hive of activity and excitement with still so much to do and look forward to.

I am also sure that final preparations are well underway for the annual Galaday event.  A reminder that the theme for this year is ‘The Greatest Showman’.

Costumes can be purchased from Amazon and eBay for both children and adults although, I’m sure we will see some wonderful homemade creations!

Please see the links below for some inspiration!


If anyone is finding it difficult to source a costume, please contact the school.


Patricia Mooney




This week in P2…

We have been learning:

  •  to read and spell words with the sounds ‘i e’, ‘o e’ and ‘e e’
  • about what ‘old’ and ‘new’ mean
  • to paint and draw our old and new toys

Titanic Home/School Projects

Primary 5 have been busy!

They were given the task of creating a Titanic inspired; story, poem, fact sheet, model, picture/painting or PowerPoint presentation.

I’m sure you’ll agree they’ve all done an AMAZING job!