This week in P2…

We have been learning:

  • to read and identify written number names
  • to use the sounds ‘ue’, ‘aw’ and ‘oi’ in our reading and writing
  • about how to safely cross the road

What the nursery have been doing this week..

The nursery boys and girls voted for their book of the week! They voted for The Disgusting Sandwich (YUCK) the children have explored and recreated the sandwich from the story then they created their own sandwiches using ingredients they used in their sandwich recipes! The children loved exploring the textures smells and tastes of the sandwiches and even found lots of shapes within the ingredients! We even went on a walk to the park to look for the disgusting sandwich – But no sandwich was found! “The mouse must have already got it!”
Outdoors the children were investigating ice and realised that ice was see-through, melted to water and when it hit the floor it broke into lots of different pieces which then represented shapes! Some boys and girls were mark making in the frost too!
What a great week St Joseph’s Nursery!


Our nursery has the opportunity to win £250 worth of free books. In order to achieve this we need YOUR help!

From the 11th of November The Scottish Sun Newspaper is giving away ‘books for nursery tokens’ in their papers every day.

We are asking parents and families to collect these tokens for us. We must collect 1750 in order to win these fantastic books.

The deadline for this is the 15th of December.

Get Collecting!

Thank You,

The Nursery Team.

This week in P2…

We have been learning to:

  • read and write words using the sound ‘oi’
  • name and identify the parts of a car
  • sing the songs to our Christmas nativity

This week in P7/6

This week in class we:

– discussed and applied addition strategies in maths,

– learned how to classify invertebrates in science,

– wrote a fact-file on the Clydebank Blitz during World War II,

– built bridges  as part of a Halloween STEM challenge, and

– led our school All Saints Day Mass.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Lauder.




Hooray! Lego Club is back!

Reece, Marcel and Kate enjoyed their 1st session back at Lego Club. They worked incredibly well in their roles as Engineer, Supplier and Builder to finally complete the model moped. They are working on becoming experts in the 3 roles, in order to train other children who will get an invitation to join Lego Club in the New Year!

Watch this space to see their progress.

All Saints Mass


All Saints mass will be celebrated in the school today. It will take place in the school hall at 10.00am.