On the 25th of October, St Andrews and St Brides arranged a business lunch for the business pupils of the school as well as some young hopeful entrepreneurs from St Vincent’s, who will proceed to the high school in years to come. The event was also attended by business men and women, which included some ex pupils of the school, who came to share their knowledge and expertise of different areas of business, including engineering, teaching and technology.

The business lunch opened at 9am where guests were welcomed by live music performed by the talented pupils of St Andrews and St Brides and were then welcomed to the event by Katie Mooney, a second year pupil who was then followed by guest speaker, Diane McGee who had been invited to discuss her business ventures and share any tips and tricks to the industrialists of the future. She spoke of how she started her career in teaching, but then went on to start a successful business all through her phone! The powerful speech involved Diane convincing the pupils that not only is failure unavoidable, but it can be positive as it helps us all to grow from our mistakes and improve upon them. As the speech came to an end, the guests were feeling motivated, but also hungry, so lunch was provided, along with more impressive live music.

After the feast, all the guests who attended the business lunch were asked to compete in an enterprise challenge, which involved making a poster to spread the awareness of mental health, and how to prevent people being secretive of their negative thoughts and feelings, and to speak out instead. The winner of the challenge would be rewarded with a book, which Diane McGee used to motivate herself throughout her trials and tribulations within the business world. After the winner was announced a speech was provided by the schools very own Mr Creswell, to close the event and thank all of the special guests.

The business lunch was an overall triumph as the pupils left motivated and more knowledgeable of their possible future career pathways. Many thanks to everyone who attended and helped to make the event a huge success.


By Lizzy Cochrane

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