We live in an odd and quite honestly surreal time, the world has been turned on its head because of the coronavirus pandemic, so here are a few stories which should hopefully lighten your mood during quarantine.

  1. The Drumstick Redemption

In Low Moss Prison, Bishopbriggs, a convict managed to reach the roof of the facility, where he planned to escape.  Soon he began to issue his demands; a KFC meal and a helicopter, an odd combination, but I understand his position on the matter.  Unfortunately, he ended up with neither.  Arguably one of the oddest yet most relatable prison break attempts in modern times

  1. Protest at HMP Glenochil

In keeping with this prison theme, a prisoner at HMP Glenochil started a rooftop protest about conditions being unfit as a result of the pandemic; his six hour protest was brought to an abrupt resolution after he was lured back inside with super noodles and a pack of biscuits.

  1. Pensioner Plane Ejection

In France a pensioner was given the opportunity to be flown in a military fighter jet, a truly unique experience although one he had never before expressed any form of interest in, however it would seem that he had a rather extreme reaction to heights, gripping to the interior of the plane for dear life despite being in no real danger. He ended up clinging desperately to the ejection lever and was ejected from the plane landing in a field on the German/French border, luckily escaping with minor injuries.  Despite the serious nature of this incident it’s hard to think of it as anything other than an episode of Mr Bean.

  1. Indonesian Haunted House

Indonesia has a superstitious culture and they have utilised these supernatural beliefs in an effort to make sure that their citizens don’t flout the lockdown laws.  Currently six Indonesian residents are being held in haunted houses as punishment for ignoring the lockdown laws.  One prisoner has been quoted saying he is yet to be confronted by a ghost but has accepted his punishment as fair.

  1. Creepy Museum Challenge

At this time there is a lack of demand for museums, so country-wide, museums are taking part in a competition to photograph their creepiest objects.  Suffice to say, there are some truly upsetting images and artefacts but it keeps things interesting for those whose jobs have become obsolete at this time.

by Lewis McPartlin

Sources: Daily Record, Metro, Huff Post

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