The School System

Most people in today’s society have to go to school. But why has the system not drastically changed in the past century?

Everything in this world has changed and improved over time. For example a mobile phone, cars, even laws but it seems that the only thing that hasn’t changed is the way each and every person gets educated. It has been the same for multiple centuries and people have noticed.

Of course not everything is not the exact same as it was one hundred years ago as there have been many new inventions that schools now use such as computers and projectors even writing utensils but the layout and most of the rules are the same. You get assigned a desk in a row of three or more people and if you want to speak u have to raise your hand. This layout was used centuries ago as children were taught to be working in factories but that is not the way the world is now.

Most jobs now require more education than they ever had and this is not a negative thing, but the way that students receive their grades and education could be changed. Schools all around the world teach history, art and drama yet don’t teach students how to handle a mortgage or even with mental health and how to help themselves if they have depression or anxiety. These are just a few examples of the way it could improve and it could help many students in the future. When you are at school your ability to learn is determined by a letter not by your strengths or the things that you are interested in. You get handed a bunch of information and then get asked to repeat it on a sheet of paper at the end of the term. This is called ‘education’. Education comes from the latin word “educere” which means to bring out, i.e to bring out gifts and strengths in each and every person.


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“I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.”

-Mark Twain


“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

-Nelson Mandela




  • by Callin Hamilton, Reporter
  •, Prince EA

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