Stars make their voices heard as they vote in 2018 Midterm Election

What are these Midterm Elections?

Midterm elections take place half way in between every presidential election which occurs every four years. Every two years, up for election in the midterms, are members of the United States congress, including all 435 members of the house of representatives and a third of the members of the Senate. These elections allow people from America the chance to cast their vote on whether they wish for the democrats or the republicans to represent them for the upcoming two years. Democrats believe in equality for everyone and are keen to let the Government make this happen. On the other hand, republicans are a lot more conservative and don’t believe that the Government should intervene in people’s lives under any circumstances.

How many People Vote in these Elections?

In general, fewer people tend to vote in midterm elections in comparison to presidential elections. In the past, there has been around 50 to 60 per cent of people voting in these elections, however, only 40% of people eligible to vote actually turn up to polls in midterm elections. This is due to the belief that voting for one party over another will not necessarily have a big impact on the countries policies.

However, this year, figures have topped the charts with an estimated 113 million votes being submitted. This is the very first year to ever reach over 100 million votes in a midterm election. Even though this result is not a match for presidential elections, it is a big stretch for midterm elections.

Why are there so many votes this Year?

A staggering amount of famous celebrities have informed the general public of their decision to vote in this years midterm elections and this may be the reason that so many other people have decided to vote as well. Stars such as Rihanna, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift have posted pictures on social media highlighting that they have voted.

It can be argued that these famous stars have influenced many people to vote this year. Many people’s idols have shared that they have voted and have persuaded their fans to vote alongside them and this suggests why this years midterm elections have had a record breaking amount of people share their opinion.

What do the Results mean for America’s Future?

The overall result has turned out to be that the majority of people wish for the democrats to be in charge for the next two years. During the time Donald Trump has been president, he has benefited from a companionable congress – however this will change as soon as the democrats arrive in Washington. The majority of democrats want Trump impeached, however the republicans may be able to prevent this form happening and America’s future is undetermined at this very moment in time.


By Aaliyah Sarwar, Reporter

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