This autumn, strikes are set to take place in Scotland as a result of pay deals, which could cause school closures and cancellations of burials and cremations

The Scottish goverment debating and discussing topical issues in Parliament

Private Sector workers across Scotland are gathering to take industrial action over pay deals, with teachers demanding a 10% pay rise. The pay that teachers receive is determined by a committee which involves unions, councils and the Scottish government. The SSTA Union has rejected the offer for the pay rise, yet the teachers’ union – EIS – have stated that industrial action is unavoidable if they do not guarantee teachers a 10% rise.

In order for teachers to secure the pay rise, they would need at least 50% of eligible members to participate and a minimum of 40% of those taking part in the vote would need to back action.

It has been argued that the pay rise would not resolve low pay in general, with Johanna Baxter – Unison’s head of local government – saying:

“The revised offer does little to address low pay. The Scottish Government has found an additional £25 million for teachers’ pay, which will result in some teachers receiving pay increases of more than 10 per cent. However, this offer has no additional money to address low pay in local government.”

The Scottish government has stated that the negotiations for teachers’ pay is still continuing.

  • By Emma Logan, Editor of Well-being
  • Sources: BBC, Express

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