This week our school celebrated ‘European Day of Languages’ which took place on Wednesday 26th September.

Every year St. Andrew’s and St. Bride’s always makes an effort to celebrate this fantastic day. This year St Andrews and St Brides held a wide range of activities throughout the school week to raise funds for Mary’s Meals.

For example on Wednesday, during morning interval, face painting of both the French and Spanish flags took place in the street area. At lunch on the special day, the face painting continued but was joined by a sweet piñata and also a photo booth, which both took place in the street area down by the stage. Many of our pupils from all year groups took part in these activities not only to celebrate ‘European Day of Languages’, but to raise funds for our school’s local charity, Mary’s Meals. Throughout the day it wasn’t just celebrated out of classes but also was celebrated in classes, when a variety of themed lessons took place for the pupils to enjoy and to continue to celebrate this day.

  • By Meghan Welsh, Reporter
  • Sources:  On the ground reporting
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