BREAKING: Typhoon Jebi Japan’s Strongest in 25 Years

Typhoon Jebi hit Japan with extreme winds and pouring rain, killing six people.

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With reports of winds up to 172km/h and heavy rain, Typhoon Jebi hit the southern areas of Japan around noon, causing the death of at least 6 people and injuries to over 160 (according to Japanese public broadcaster NKH).

It made landfall on Shikoku island before moving across the country’s largest main island of Honshu.

In Kyoto parts of a railway station roof came down and in Osaka Bay it swept a tanker into a bridge.

Over a million people were evacuated from their homes in the affected areas while warnings of high waves, flooding, and mudslides were given.

Authorities have urged people to move to safety as tens of thousands have already been left without power.

Jebi is the first typhoon classed as “very strong” by Japan’s  Meteorological Agency to hit Japan’s main islands since a typhoon in 1993 that left 48 people dead or missing.

  • by Alison Kealy, Editor of East Kilbride
  • sources: BBC News, CNN news, Daily Express, The Guardian

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