Rio Jordan | Reporter

Around 20,000 people gathered in London for an anti-Brexit protest on Sunday. It appears to be a sort of ‘last stand’ before the government takes the first big step towards separating UK and EU laws.

The protest was a march from Hyde Park to Parliament Square, approximately 2.1 miles. Many brought signs and banners with slogans embroidered across them. There were many recurring slogans, such as ‘Pants To Brexit’ or a more logical approach, ’17 million out of 65 million is not an overwhelming majority.’

The government has currently not responded to the protest, but with MPs having voted in the first reading of the Great Repeal Bill, the vote that determines if MPs want to start the complicated process of transferring EU law to UK law, on Monday, the protesters are hopeful that they have managed to sway some MPs to stay in the EU.

For more information, read Eleanor Service’s Brexit: Breaking Through the Bluster.

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