Materials, materials, materials!

In Science we have been learning about materials and their uses. We can describe the properties of materials and we can identify different materials in our environment.

Today we went on a material hunt. Have a look at some of the things we found …

We looked at old and new houses and discussed the different materials used. We also found lots of brick walls that all looked different.

Here is what we thought of our lesson today:

“I enjoyed going on our material hunt. I found a post box that was made from metal and wood. The box was made from metal because it is strong and waterproof.” MYC

“We found walls made from bricks. The old and new walls were both made from bricks but were different” MD

“I liked the material hunt and taking pictures” KD

“I took the picture of the wall that was made from rock” CM

“I enjoyed looking at the bus stop that was made from plastic and metal” OL

“I liked everything. I learned that the materials can be all different shapes” HA

“It was really fun and I liked taking pictures” AG

“I learned about all the different materials that you can use. I found the lamppost made from metal which is waterproof” KS

“I had fun when we were doing the material hunt” LT

Super Shape Work!


Over the last few weeks P1-3 have been learning all about shapes. We have been so busy making models, going on shape hunts and making patterns using shapes.

Here are some of the things we have been doing:

We found lots of 2D and 3D shapes during outdoor learning


We have made models using shapes


Primary 1 have been making patterns and symmetrical patterns using shapes 


Primary 2 and 3 have been learning all about tessellation. They went on a tessellation hunt and created their own patterns on the computer.

Dyslexia Rap……Get busy with Dizzy

Our talented pupils have made a video of their Dyslexia Friendly School rap.  We are working towards our SILVER award.

Get busy, know the shizzy, with Dizzy in the hizzy…..

*So you’ve got dyslexia!

That don’t mean you can’t go far.

Don’t dare think that you are dumb.

Find ways to make learning fun.*


What does dyslexia mean?

Words and letters aren’t as they seem.

Sometimes numbers too,

Decide to play tricks on you.


What can you do about it?

Give up, fold your arms and just sit?

Annoy others and grab and hit?

Stress out ‘cause you feel you don’t fit?


That’s not the way to go.

You have the right to learn and grow.

Let your teachers, parents and friends know.

‘Please help let my smarts shoooowww’


Use the tools all around the class.

When asked a question don’t always pass.

Take your time and have a think.

Your brilliance is on the brink.


Wear glasses if you need.

Cool coloured overlays can help you read.

Talk about how you feel.

It happens, it’s fine, it’s real!


We hope you enjoyed our rap.

Now I’m ready for a nap.

If you need help remember to shout.

Someone will help you out.



Dizzy is our new DFS mascot and is a very resourceful octopus!




Way to Go

Congrats to all our winners at this week’s celebrating success assembly.

Christopher received the most dojos in the big class making him Dojo Champ.

Campbell received an achievement award for showing responsibility and fabulous teamwork during our outdoor treasure hunt.

And Elsi impressed Mrs Hamilton with her detailed work on her health diary during our Health Week.

Well done to you all!!!

Winners Galore.

There were lots of certificates this week at our celebrating success assembly.

Super Effort

A super effort with their homework resulted in Meghan, Harvey and Charlie receiving homework certificates.


These girls, Anna and Lacey, impressed with the shape homework.  Great models girls 🙂




Kaleyll won a handwriting award for his presentation and Mia got Dojo Champ.  Good job guys.

RRSA Journey

We have been working on many projects to try and achieve our RRSA.  This journey started in 2015.  Here are some things we have done.


Wall display

This is our new wall display. The pupils on the RRS committee planned and created this display. We used materials from the old display and recycled them. This tells the next part of our RRSA story. Initially we had to get our whole team on board the RRS ship. We did many activities in school to makes sure all staff and pupils understood the RRS ethos. We made our charter and are all on-board with trying to achieve this.

The RRS ship has now set sail and we are trying to share our vision with our families and the community. So far we have had information assemblies, values workshops, we sent our Fizzy mascot home to help parents know all about UNCRC and we wrote a school show which displays the RRS attitudes and values. Many parents and people from the village came to see our show and we have video evidence of us in action. We went through the script and linked each part to the UNCRC articles.

We update the blog regularly and this blog has been looked at all over the world. We hope to make some stronger links with international schools and then we can share more of our good work with them.

This was wall display 1 We set sail on the Fisherton RRS ship. We have made our charter. We will now share our RRS ideas and learning with the community.


Please read the Fisherton Primary Rights Respecting School charter.

 Children will respect these rights by:

  • Playing nicely and treating others with respect.
  • Inviting others to play and making sure nobody is left out.
  • Trying their hardest in all that they do and not distracting others from their learning.
  • Keeping their classroom and school tidy.
  • Making sure everyone is enjoying their playtime and taking care of the playground toys.
  • Putting their hand up and making an effort to ask and answer questions.

Adults will respect these rights by:

  • Ensuring there is always adult supervision in the playground.
  • Providing opportunities to play with friends and to join a variety of groups.
  • Encouraging and challenging children and other adults to do their best.
  • Providing a safe and clean learning environment.
  • Providing time to rest and play.
  • Making sure everyone has a chance to answer questions and share ideas.

This was written in 2016 with input from pupils, staff and parents. We researched the articles within the UNCRC when we developed our school values and wrote this charter in alignment with the UNCRC and the school values. We hope all children and adults of the school and community adhere to, and agree with, this charter.



Click here to see the links to UNCRC

Our Rights Respecting Mascot Fizzy

We are pleased to introduce our Right Rights Respecting School mascot.

Please welcome Fizzy into your family for a few days and ensure that all her rights are respected and her needs are met. Help your child to jot down how and when Fizzy’s rights were respected.

We hope you enjoy this little bit of fun that will help the whole school community on our journey to becoming a Rights Respecting School.

Day for a Change

We took part in Day for Change.

We started the New Year 2016 with a new challenge! Day for Change is Unicef UK’s annual fundraising campaign for Unicef’s work to keep children safe around the world. The challenge was to collect as much loose change as you can from January to May – from around the house, down the sofa,  pockets – and anywhere else anyone could think of!

Health Week Activities

We had a visit from Mr Holland on Friday who told us all about Ice Hockey. We got to try on his kit and look at his trophies. We had lots of questions for him!

What a busy day 2!!

Healthy Breakfast…



And baking!!

Day 1

This afternoon we took part in some martial arts with TKS.  We learned some self defence moves.  We also learned about the importance of focus and listening.

This morning we got active with a coach from NHS Jumpstart