Materials, materials, materials!

In Science we have been learning about materials and their uses. We can describe the properties of materials and we can identify different materials in our environment.

Today we went on a material hunt. Have a look at some of the things we found …

We looked at old and new houses and discussed the different materials used. We also found lots of brick walls that all looked different.

Here is what we thought of our lesson today:

“I enjoyed going on our material hunt. I found a post box that was made from metal and wood. The box was made from metal because it is strong and waterproof.” MYC

“We found walls made from bricks. The old and new walls were both made from bricks but were different” MD

“I liked the material hunt and taking pictures” KD

“I took the picture of the wall that was made from rock” CM

“I enjoyed looking at the bus stop that was made from plastic and metal” OL

“I liked everything. I learned that the materials can be all different shapes” HA

“It was really fun and I liked taking pictures” AG

“I learned about all the different materials that you can use. I found the lamppost made from metal which is waterproof” KS

“I had fun when we were doing the material hunt” LT

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