Homework Resources

I hope this section will help the pupils with homework activities.  I will add things as they become relevant.  If there is anything you would like to see in the homework section let me know. 

Here are some examples of what pupils produce for their homework tasks.  The homework issued aims to encourage pupils to take ownership of their learning and value the opportunities they are given to do so.  Spelling, reading and maths tasks are given and suggested by the teacher.  It is up to the pupils engage with the tasks and produce work that reflects elements of personalisation and choice.


Here is an example of how one pupil uses their homework diary to note important information and be organised for school.




Here are some homework resources that will help support learning and complete tasks.

Homework Format

Book Club Resources P6/7 jobs

Book Club Task sheets:


Amazing Artist                  Character Cop      

      Summarizer         Word Wizard


Discussion Facilitator              Summarizer

Connector                Illustrator

 Passage Finder            Travel tracer

Vocabulary Enricher           



Choice Reading Task

Spelling Tasks

Maths Games Websites:






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