Higher Spanish

This week, pupils are undertaking their final Talking Exam. Later in the week we will be doing some past paper practice.

National 5 Spanish

This week pupils will be doing final preparations for their Talking Exam which will take place next week. Pupils are also doing some past paper practice.

S3 Spanish

This week, pupils are learning to use the conditional and the future tense in Spanish to discuss their future plans and aspirations.

S2 Spanish

This week, S2 are learning to describe the weather in Spanish and discuss what activities they do or places they go when the weather is a particular way.

S1 Spanish

Over the coming weeks, S1 pupils will be revising the unit “Mi Familia” which we worked on throughout the period of remote learning. This week, classes are revising vocabulary relating to family members.

S3 English

This week, pupils will continue with their work on ‘Lamb to the Slaughter’ by Roald Dahl. Pupils will look at techniques being used and why we feel sympathy for the main character, Mary Maloney.