S4 N4 English

This class are working on the novel “Stone Cold” by Robert Swindells.  Mrs Nelson will add tasks to the PPT today (Tuesday) students should continue to work through the tasks on the novel and the theme of homelessness.

S5/6 N5 English

Pupils should work through the RUAE PowerPoint in preparation for an RUAE assessment on Monday 5th October. The PPT is available on MS Teams.

They should also be working on a critical essay at home for “Mid-Term Break”, this essay was planned in class and set for homework.

S2 English

S2 are working on their presentations.  They should use the Milestone 2 PPT which is available on MS Teams.  They should choose either to talk about an inspirational person or for the Desert Island Disc presentation.  There is a PPT on Desert Island discs which will help students to prepare this talk.

On Wednesday S2 have Literacy, this week 2.1-2.4 should work on the Level 3-4 R.U.A.E. book which is available on MS Teams in the Files Tab, then in the RUAE tab and then in the Text Book Tab.  Students should work through pages 1-9 this week. 2.5-2.7 should have undertaken this work last week, if you were off then catch up with it this week.

S1 English

S1 are starting a new unit of work this week on the story “Spit Nolan.”  Pupils can access the story on MS Teams in the folder “Class Materials” they will find a folder titled “Spit Nolan” in their students will find the story and the powerpoint.  They should work through slides 1-9.  Pupils will need to record their work on paper if they do not have a purple jotter.  They will also need a highlighter or a different coloured pen to highlight quotes on the story.

S1 should also engage in reading for enjoyment ensuring they are reading for 15 minutes per day and recording what they are reading in their diaries.

S4 N5 English

The S4 N5 classes have an R.U.A.E. assessment this Wednesday.  In preparation for this we are working on R.U.A.E. using the powerpoints which are available on MS Teams.  They should use the core Powerpoints and work through Powerpoint one.

Any student who misses the assessment should arrange this with their teacher upon their return.

Higher English

This week we are working on R.U.A.E in preparation for the first assessment which will take place on Monday 5th October.    This assessment will be a full R.U.A.E paper worth 30 marks.

Homeowork has been issued too in preparation for this assessment and consequently all Higher students should undertake the 2015 Higher paper which is available on MS Teams in the Files tab, under past papers.

Pupils should work through the Higher Language text book (on MS Teams) in the Files tab. They should work through the book upto p48.

Higher Spanish

This week we are working on phrases using imperfect or pretertite tense which can be used in your Directed Writing. You should be working through “Directed Writing Sentence Practice” document which is in the Directed Writing folder on the Team. We will be attempting our first Directed Writing practice after the September Weekend.