S2 Modern Languages

Pupil materials are available through glow on pupil site (link below) and also available on Edmodo.

Glow link


Edmodo code – bv63mk

Useful Websites:

BBC Bitesize (S1 and S2): https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/subjects/z4fc7ty

Coffee Break Spanish S1/S2 podcasts: https://radiolingua.com/tag/cbs-season-1/?order=asc

linguascope membership is available for S1-S3 pupils. Pupils can use interactive resources to learn some Spanish:

Username: taylorspan
Password: taylang20


Link to registering for online Spanish classes (All levels): https://fcis.ea.n-lanark.sch.uk/Login/FOV2-00123CB5/S1227C7A1-1227C7FE.0/e-Sgoil%20National%20Offering%20Timetable.pdf