S5/6 English Folios

All English students in S5/6 should have handed in the first draft of their folio to their English teacher.   The folio is worth 30% of the final mark and therefore it is worth working really hard on it.  In Session 2021-22 candidates need only complete one folio piece (not the usual two) therefore all students should ensure they take on board the feedback they are given and work hard to ensure their folio piece is a true reflection of their capabilities.  They are lots of helpful materials available on Scholar which students can access.  Any student who does not know their Scholar login should ask their English teacher for help.

S1 Reading Challenge

We are delighted to announce that we are relaunching our First Minister’s Reading challenge for S1 students.  Reading is integral to life, it is one of the ways we gain information and learn about the world.  The FM’s Reading challenge encourages our young people to read for pleasure, pure enjoyment.  Each S1 register class is is competition with the other classes to  read the most books !   Once a month we will count up the books and put the tally onto our amazing reading board which is at the entrance to the school.  We will also post the monthly figures on Twitter and on this blog.   All S1 students are encouraged to choose five days in the week where they will read for enjoyment, they then note the pages they have read in their diaries.  Please encourage your child to read and to participate in this fabulous activity.  Students can borrow books from the school library and hopefully our local libraries will be open again soon.  If your child doesn’t have library card it would be beneficial to them if you could take some time to join your local library as libraries offer a wide range of facilities for all of us.

Senior Phase Target Setting !

Over the course of this week students in S4-S6 English will be setting their targets for the exam diet in May 2022.  Students consider their prior attainment and then establish the grade they are working towards.  On a monthly basis they will discuss their specific targets and how they can help them to meet their eventual target.  Learner conversations will take place with the class teacher who will offer guidance and advice as well as help students to set a specific monthly target.  We would encourage parents and carers to discuss targets with students and support them on their journey.  If we can help in any way then please contact me via the school office.

Mrs Burton

Welcome Back

We are delighted to welcome all of our students back and look forward to a more settled acacademic year this year !

At the end of last term we said goodbye to Miss McKenna from the English Department and Mrs Bell from the Modern Languages Department.  We are delighted to report that Miss Sullivan, Mrs Fraser, Mrs Gonzalez and Mrs MacDonald will all be staying in the faculty.  Mr Campbell is going part-time and we are delighted to welcome Mrs Lamb who will join the English Department part-time and Mr Milarvie our new DHT who will also teach Modern Languages.

All students should be members of a MS Team for English.  IN S1-3 there are two teams for English depending on which register class a pupil is in.  Pupils should be in the appropriate team and work will then be posted on the channel for their teacher/s.   If any pupil is unsure if they are in the correct team or how to access their channel they should speak to their class teacher.

S1 & S2 should be a member of both the Spanish and the Frenh team for their appropriate year.

S3 should all be in the Spanish team for the Spanish for Life and work which is a compulsory class and which is taught one period per week.   If students have opted to study Spanish in S3 with a view to continuing study in S4 then they should also be in the S3 Spanish class team.

Students from S2-6 are asked to bring their jotters back as a record of their achievements.  Please ensure your child returns these records and can I ask at this time that you return any text books or English texts which you may have lying at home as lost books all have to be replaced.

If you have any questions or worries then please contact me via your child’s Pupil Support Teacher and I will be only too happy to help.  Myself and my team look forward to working with you and your young people in the year ahead.


Mrs Burton

Principal Teacher of Languages and Literacy.


Assessments are currently underway for students undertaking National Qualifications this year.  Please find attached the timetable for the faculty assessments which have already been issued to pupils and parents by Mr. McWatt. We wish everyone well with these assessments and would encourage students to prepare as well as they can,  but to be mindful that they need some time away from their books.

Mrs Burton’s Higher class have an opportunity to attend Supported Study in class on Tuesday afternoon’s (3.45pm-4.45pm) until the assessments are completed for a chance for extra practice and support.


Lang & Lit Exam Timetable Pupil Version Final   

Higher Spanish

This week, pupils are undertaking their final Talking Exam. Later in the week we will be doing some past paper practice.

National 5 Spanish

This week pupils will be doing final preparations for their Talking Exam which will take place next week. Pupils are also doing some past paper practice.

S3 Spanish

This week, pupils are learning to use the conditional and the future tense in Spanish to discuss their future plans and aspirations.

S2 Spanish

This week, S2 are learning to describe the weather in Spanish and discuss what activities they do or places they go when the weather is a particular way.

S1 Spanish

Over the coming weeks, S1 pupils will be revising the unit “Mi Familia” which we worked on throughout the period of remote learning. This week, classes are revising vocabulary relating to family members.