S3 Spanish

This week, pupils are learning to use the conditional and the future tense in Spanish to discuss their future plans and aspirations.

S2 Spanish

This week, S2 are learning to describe the weather in Spanish and discuss what activities they do or places they go when the weather is a particular way.

S1 Spanish

Over the coming weeks, S1 pupils will be revising the unit “Mi Familia” which we worked on throughout the period of remote learning. This week, classes are revising vocabulary relating to family members.

Return to School

We are delighted to be back in school and working with our young people.

During these three weeks all students will undertake English/Literacy in class with S5/6 having one double period of English on a Monday.   Class teachers will set work for the rest of the week.  Mrs Burton’s class also have a live lesson on Thursday during periods 3&4.

S4 will have a double period of English per fortnight.  Students in classes 4.4-4.6 will be in class this week and students in classes 4.1-4.3 will be in next week.  S4 students will be working on the “Sailmaker” past paper from 2014 this week  with classes 4.4-4.6 working on this in class and classes 4.1-4.3 preparing this exercise this week and bringing it with them next week.

Classes in the B.G.E. (S1-3) will have one double period per week, all classes in a year group are working on the same thing and class teachers will set work which should be done during the rest of the week.

During this three weeks all Spanish and French will be undertake remotely and pupils should check MS Teams and ensure they complete the tasks set.

Hopefully all of our young people will be back in school full-time from Monday 19th April 2021 and we can move towards some kind of normality !

Live Lessons

Please note there is a change to this week’s Live Lesson timetable which was published on the Languages Blog on Sunday.  There will not now be a Live Lesson for Mrs Nelson’s Higher English class tomorrow.   This lesson was NOT included on the list emailed to parents on Saturday.

Apologies for any confusion.


Masked Reader Winners

Well done to everyone who took part in our Masked Reader Competition to celebrate World Book Day.   Thanks to all the staff who took time to record their story behind the mask !  Congratulations to the Sausage Dog a.k.a. Mrs Meharry who won the popular vote.

Well done to Zara Menzies and Cale McFeely in S1 who were joint winners and Owen Murphy is S2.  You can collect your prize from Nessie when we return !

Live Lessons/Tutorials – Week Beginning 8th March 2021

Monday P2 5AH1 Higher English MJ Burton Tutorial
P3&4 4G N5 Spanish S Jackson Tutorial
Tuesday 9.30am 4A4 N5 English K MacDonald Live Lesson
P1 4A1 N5 English R MacPhail Tutorial
P1 & P2 4A3 N5 English C Sullivan Tutorial
P1 4A2 N5 English MJ Burton Live Lesson
10am 2.4 Spanish BGE Spanish S Bell Tutorial
11am 4E N5 Spanish S Bell Tutorial
2.00pm 1.3 Spanish BGE Spanish S Bell Tutorial
P7 5HC2 H English R MacPhail Tutorial
Wednesday P1 &2 4G Spanish N5 Spanish S Jackson Tutorial
P3& 4 5CN5 N5 English C Sullivan Tutorial
P3 &4 5CH1 H English Mrs Nelson Live Lesson
11am 1.6 Spanish BGE Spanish S Bell Tutorial
11am 5CH2 H English K MacDonald Live Lesson
Thursday P1&2 4F N5 Spanish T Campbell Tutorial
P3 &4 5AH1 Higher English Mrs Burton Live Lesson
P3 & 4 5AN5 N5 English Miss McKenna Tutorial
P6&7 4G Spanish N5 Spanish Mrs Jackson Tutorial
Friday 9.00am 5CH2 H English K MacDonald Live Lesson
P3&4 4F Spanish N5 Spanish T Campbell Tutorial

World Book Day !!!!!

Today is World Book Day – a day we always celebrate. There are lots of fun activities on the Teams pages.  We are very excited to launch the Taylor version of “The Masked Reader” – see if you can guess who is reading the book !   We can’t wait to share this with you ! Please find attached your World Book Day token.  These can be exchanged for one of the £1 WBD books which are available in the Supermarkets or you can use it as part payment for any other book.  Normally we would distribute these in school.  Have fun and happy reading !!!!!


Staffing Updates

We are delighted to welcome back Mrs Alison Rooney to the faculty.  Mrs Rooney has returned following a lengthy illness, we wish are well and are very glad to have her back with us.  Mrs Rooney will be delivering both English and Spanish when our young people return.

We are also delighted to welcome Mrs Frances Fraser to the department.  Mrs Fraser will be working in the English Department and we are delighted to have her on board.  Mrs Fraser looks forward to meeting pupils and parents and getting to know the wonderful community that is Taylor High School.