S1 Reading Challenge

We are delighted to announce that we are relaunching our First Minister’s Reading challenge for S1 students.  Reading is integral to life, it is one of the ways we gain information and learn about the world.  The FM’s Reading challenge encourages our young people to read for pleasure, pure enjoyment.  Each S1 register class is is competition with the other classes to  read the most books !   Once a month we will count up the books and put the tally onto our amazing reading board which is at the entrance to the school.  We will also post the monthly figures on Twitter and on this blog.   All S1 students are encouraged to choose five days in the week where they will read for enjoyment, they then note the pages they have read in their diaries.  Please encourage your child to read and to participate in this fabulous activity.  Students can borrow books from the school library and hopefully our local libraries will be open again soon.  If your child doesn’t have library card it would be beneficial to them if you could take some time to join your local library as libraries offer a wide range of facilities for all of us.

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