St Bartholomews

September 22, 2019
by Mrs Bolland

Week beginning 23rd September

The photograph above illustrates an example of hard work from the very talented boys and girls in Primary 3. What an artistic bunch, well done !

The week ahead looks like this…

On Monday , we say goodbye to our Primary 7 pupils, Mrs MacFarlane, Ms Kirkland and Ms McLaughlin, who leave for Kilbowie this morning. A huge thank you to all 3 members of staff who are sacrificing time away from their own families to ensure that our pupils experience all of the wonderful opportunities that Kilbowie provides.

Mrs McLean will be meeting a member of staff from St Conval’s in Glasgow in order to share our wonderful practice in numeracy and especially our methodical framework and planning format. You are most welcome!

Our Parent Council meeting will take place at 6pm in the Mark Millar Performing Arts Studio. This will be an informal meeting where parents, both familiar and unfamiliar with the school will have the opportunity to speak with current Parent Council members and find out first hand what a beneficial role this group contributes to the success of our school. Cakes, tea and coffee will be provided. We look forward to seeing you all then.

On Tuesday, Primary 1 to Primary 4 children will receive the very worthwhile fluoride treatment from our partners at the NHS dental team.  Oral health is extremely important and this particular treatment is a contributing factor to maintaining healthy teeth and gums.

On Wednesday, the fluoride treatment continues.A huge thank you to the NHS dental team for delivering this service. I will be visiting both  Primary 4 and then Primary 6a before lunch time in order to share in the wonderful learning experiences that occur on a daily basis. I am very much looking to my visits!  Primary 5  pupils will be out of school today, enjoying the wonderful experiences at Sky Academy Studios. This trip to Livingston will allow boys and girls to gain a better insight into the world of television and media. Over the past couple of years, our pupils have continued to thoroughly enjoy all the benefits that this experience provides. We look forward to hearing about it on their return.

On Thursday, Interim reports  will be sent to parents today. Please check School bags for these. Primary 5 children will enjoy another lesson from Sally Wilkinson, who will deliver another Kodaly input . Our boys and girls have already picked up some great skills and knowledge in music and will continue to do so. We all look forward to Jill Woodward, our Continuous Improvement Officer visiting us this afternoon and have great confidence that Mrs Woodward will be very impressed with the wonderful manners and welcome from our pupils.

We welcome our Primary 7 pupils and staff members back from their trip to Kilbowie at around 2pm. Parents and carers will be text with an estimated time of arrival in advance.

Friday is a holiday and pupils return on Tuesday. Have a great long weekend!

Mrs Bolland


September 15, 2019
by Mrs Bolland

Week beginning 16th September

The photographs above illustrate two important points. The first photograph, illustrates an advert for a family fun day on Saturday 21st of September that the Millar foundation are supporting. Please come along and join in the fun! Our second photograph illustrates one of our younger pupils who has been presented with a very special award for his skills in football. Well done from all of your friends at St Bart’s.

This week ahead look like this,

On Monday, teaching staff will be meeting after school in order to work collegiately and discuss issue that are of benefit to all of our pupils. Accelerated reading assessments will also be carried today. This is such a wonderful scheme and has provided incredible impact to pupils’ reading attainment . Thank you for your support at home with follow up quizzes.

On Tuesday, Ms Kiernan will out of school today as she is attending SSERC training, in respect of STEM . We look forward to some wonderful ideas that come from this and make a positive impact impact on our pupils’ attainment. Ms Doyle will be attending a  training for sustainability course and agin, look forward to new ideas. Mrs MacIntyre will be attending a  nursery meeting in relation to the expansion team and 1140 hours initiative.

On Wednesday,  we look forward to welcoming a professional from the NHS hearing team to support one of our pupils.  Professionals from Speech and Language Therapy,SLT , will meet with myself today as St Bartholomew’s have an entitlement to provision as part of the Scottish Attainment Challenge. Mrs McLean, will attend a meeting for Numeracy coaches and agin, we look forward to hearing about current initiatives.

On Thursday, we will be joined by Alison from  SLT  who will be supporting specific pupils. Mrs Crielly  will be attending a course for the Pope Francis Faith Award,PFFA , and welcome support  with this wonderful opportunity for our senior pupils. Sally Wilkinson will visit our Primary 5 pupils today in order to deliver the Kodaly music approach. I will be attending a ACPHT meeting at Motherwell  diocese this afternoon and look forward to current advice and information in order to further enhance our wonderful Catholic ethos.

On Friday,  we very much look forward to a support visit from our Continuous Improvement Officer, Jill Woodward and we are confident that she will be impressed with the fabulous manners and behaviour from our wonderful boys and girls.

Mrs Bolland


September 13, 2019
by Mrs MacIntyre


Primary 1 – Nathan

Primary 1/2 – Sinead

Primary 3 – Connor

Primary 4 – Lucie

Primary 5 – Ellie

Primary 6a – Rhys

Primary 6b – Sophie

Primary 7 – Andrew

Winning House: Lochend

September 8, 2019
by Mrs Bolland

Week beginning 9th September

Huge congratulations to all of our ‘Pupil’s of the week’- check out the previous post for details.

The week ahead looks like this:

On Monday,  we will be presenting a Kilbowie information  evening for all of our Primary 7 parents. This will provide a snap shot of the activities that the children will experience and general advice for their stay in Oban in a couple of weeks time. The meeting will take place at 6pm in the ‘Mark Millar Performing Art’s Studio’.We look forward to seeing you then.

On Tuesday, Mrs MacIntyre will be attending a meeting at The Reporters , in order to support one of our youngest children. Ms Doyle will attend literacy training today.

On Wednesday, Mrs McLean and I will be chairing a panel of interviews for a part time support position in St Bartholomew’s. We look forward to welcoming an addition to our team. Mrs Dunn will attend a  meeting in order to keep us up to date on the administration of government data through scotxed. We will be visited by two professionals from outside agencies , one from a hearing specialist and then a representative from Speech and Language Therapy in order to support the appropriate pupils. I will be attending a family group lead meeting in Motherwell this afternoon.

On Thursday, Mrs MacIntyre will be attending a meeting for the 2 year old admissions panel at Dunbeth Nursery.  I will be hosting a  family group meeting in St Bartholomew’s and look forward to welcoming our group of Head Teacher’s to our wonderful school. Sally Wilkinson , Kodaly music specialist, will visit Primary 5 today in order to teach a variety of music skills and knowledge. The children can’t wait!

On Friday, we welcome Mrs Kinniburgh,  Education Psychologist, who will be hosting a number of  multi agency meetings in order to support our pupils and their families.  As always, we look forward to our weekly assembly today and the announcements in respect of Pupil of the Week, Cool Class Cup and winning house.

Mrs Bolland

September 6, 2019
by Mrs MacIntyre


Primary 1 – Robbie

Primary 1/2 – Holly

Primary 3 – Zara

Primary 4 – Shannon

Primary 5 – Jayden

Primary 6a – David

Primary 6b – Jim

Primary 7 – Liam

Stem Award – Connor

Cool Class Cup: Primary 5

Winning House: Monklands

September 2, 2019
by Mrs Bolland

Week beginning 2nd September

This pupil was delighted to show me her fabulous creation from STEM. What wonderful work- this girl could be an amazing architect in the making!

Last week , we announced our House captains from Primary 7, who will represent their respective houses to the very best of their abilities. We wish all 8 of them the best of luck. Please see the previous post for details.

The week ahead looks like this…

On Monday, I will be attending a meeting at the Civic Centre, as Family Group lead. This will inform the agenda for upcoming meetings in order that our groups work collaboratively for School Improvements. Staff will also meet together, after school as part of our collegiate time, again, so that we are all working together for the benefit of our pupils. A number of our staff will also attend ‘ Number Box’ training so that children in need of  support with numeracy are accommodated.

On Tuesday, Ms Doyle will be attending a meeting to support continuous professional development. I look forward to meeting a parent this afternoon in order to support one of our pupils.

On Wednesday,  we will have our first Pupil Voice session of the new school year. Our youngest pupils  will meet in the first instance with  Primary 7 helpers, who will include a Chairperson and secretary. Then, our juniors and seniors will meet with the same Chairperson and Secretary from the first groups. This has worked well in the past and we look forward to similar success. Ms McLaughlin will take part in a number talks training session today. I will meet with our AFA this morning in order to discuss school finances.

On Thursday,  I will attend a children’s hearing in order to support one of our pupils. We look forward to a visit from Sally Wilkinson, who is a Kodaly specialist. Our Primary 5 children thoroughly enjoyed these sessions, especially the wonderful performance that they presented at the end of the sessions. We will all very much look forward to seeing that!

On Friday,  we welcome MsRamsey, who will visit St Bart’s to support one of our younger pupils.  Mrs McLean  will be meeting a  parent in order to discuss numeracy interventions.

As always, we look forward to our weekly assembly and sharing in the success of our

‘ Pupils of the Week’, ‘ Cool Class cup’ and winning house.

Mrs Bolland

August 30, 2019
by Mrs MacIntyre


Primary 1 – Macy

Primary 1/2 – Layla

Primary 3 – Harris

Primary 4 – Olivia

Primary 5 – Mia

Primary 6a – Sophie

Primary 6b – Harrison

Primary 7 – Kelsey

Cool Class Cup : Primary 1

CONGRATULATIONS to our new House Captains

Monklands: Sean & Breagh

Drumpellier: Alyssa & Jay

Lochend: Amy Lee & jayden

Summerlee: Summah & Liam

August 26, 2019
by Mrs Bolland

Week beginning 26th August

On Friday, last week, the children thoroughly enjoyed our St Bartholomew’s day celebrations.As you know ,we attended 10 o’clock mass in St Bartholomew’s Church. It was a great privilege to celebrate this special  feast day with Fr Briody, who, in the past, enjoyed a number of years based at St Bartholomew’s. The celebrations continued in the afternoon, with treats delivered to classrooms alongside fun activities. What a fabulous day!

Our new intake of primary 1 pupils shared in the experience of our weekly Friday  assembly. Pupils of the week, Cool Class Cup and the winning house were all announced and details of these awards can be viewed on the  separate post below.

The week ahead looks like this:

Monday – Parent Council meeting will take place at 6pm. We will be appointing  a new Chairperson and Secretary in the near future. A huge thank you to Mr Denis Fallen, who has been Chair of the Parent Council for the past 6 years and as he is no longer a parent in the school, this post is open to both new and current members. In addition, a big thank you to Ms Deborah Morris, who has been Parent Council secretary for a number of years. As such, it is very important to see new faces at these meetings and I would encourage parents, who are both familiar with the school and those who are new to St Bart’s, to come along.  New members are encouraged to get in touch or simply pop along to the next meeting on Monday, 23rd September. All are welcome! It is a great way to get involved in the life of the school and contribute towards improvements for all of our pupils. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Tuesday – Accelerated Reading assessments will take place today.As you may recall, this literacy intervention has had a fantastic impact on our pupil Attainment in reading and we are committed to funding this for the foreseeable future. Thank you for supporting your child at home with on line quizzes related to their current AR  book. Accelerated Reading training will also take place today in order to develop and enhance staff knowledge and skills.Moreover, I will be attending a meeting at Kildonan Street in the morning in order to support to one of our families.

Wednesday – Accelerated reading assessments will continue today in order to provide the best possible targeted support for our pupils. I will be  attending an area Head Teacher’s  meeting and look forward to sharing new developments and initiatives from the authority. Vicky from Community Learning and Development, has booked our Get Together room today in order to support some of our families.

Thursday – Accelerated reading assessments will continue today in order to maintain significant impact for our pupils.

Friday –  Accelerated reading assessments will continue today. Mrs McLean, our acting Depute, will attend a Food for Thought conference in Glasgow today. This is a prerequisite for the funding that Mrs McLean obtained for our recent garden project, which in turn has developed many areas of health and wellbeing throughout the school. Finally, we look forward to our weekly assembly today and share in the success of some of our well deserving pupils,  as a school community. We will keep you posted.

Mrs Bolland

August 23, 2019
by Mrs MacIntyre


Primary 1 – Maddison

Primary 1/2 – Maryam

Primary 3 – Ryan

Primary 4 – Lillie

Primary 5 – Emma

Primary 6a – Eva

Primary 6b – Molly

Pr 7 – Arron

Cool Class Cup – Primary 7

Winning House – Drumpellier

August 18, 2019
by Mrs Bolland

Week beginning 19th August

We have had a very successful start to the new session, the children have quickly adapted to settling back in to school life. Long may this continue! Term 1’s newsletter will be with you shortly, and will include significant dates for upcoming events. Our various communication methods will continue and you will be informed of school events through our weekly blog, termly newsletter, text system and class dojo.

The week ahead looks like this:

On Monday, we will begin collecting house points again! For new Primary 1 parents, children are assigned a house group and will be a member of either Drumpellier, Monklands, Lochend or Summerlee. All staff in school award points to individual children for demonstrating excellent manners and behaviour.Our Primary 7 pupils take note of these points on a Friday and read them out to the whole school at assembly. The winning house receive an extra playtime and there are termly ‘special prizes ‘ for the house who have accumulated a number of  weekly wins. For example, at the end of last term, the winning house were given a fantastic picnic outside, with goody bags to take home. Please encourage your child to gain as many points as they can.

On Tuesday, we will be visited by our link Education Psychologist, Mrs Kinniburgh, who will be supporting some of our children in our nursery. We look forward to welcoming her to St. Bartholomew’s.

On Thursday, Vicky Marshall from Community Learning and Development will be visiting us in order to support some of our families. Vicky works with a number of parents and children in both the nursery and school and is an invaluable asset to our community. Thank you Vicky.

On Friday, we will  attend 10 o’clock  mass at St Bartholomew’s Church in order to celebrate the feast of our patron saint. Fr O’Kane has very kindly arranged for a visiting Priest to celebrate this very important mass for the school community. Thank you Fr O’Kane. We look forward to marking this feast day appropriately. As always, we require parent volunteers to supervise the children on the walk to Church. Please phone the school office to confirm your support with this.

We will also be visited by Sally Wilkinson, who delivers the Kodally music programme. This has been a huge success and Sally organised a fantastic performance, where the children presented their new skills and talents to their families at the end of last session.

Mrs Bolland


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