St Bartholomews

Second Level ( Primary 5 to Primary 7)


Encourage your child to pick from the following activites each day and keep a record of what they have done with evidence to show the teacher on their return to school. They can be followed in any order.


Taking a journey

You and your family are making a journey and it may snow.  Make a list of what you will need to take to ensure you will be safe.

Being a reporter

You are a newspaper reporter.  Write a report on some of the news items you have heard.  Illustrate your information.  

Map Making

Make a map of a main street near where you live.  Draw in as many details as you can.  Don’t forget street names and places of interest to you e.g. the park or shop.

A Scottish Hero

Find out about a Scottish hero.  Write and illustrate all you can about your research so that you can give a presentation to your class when you are back in school.

Helping Hands

Help an adult with one of the following tasks – dusting, preparing dinner or setting a table.

Artistic Task

You are an artist.  Look out of your window and draw what you can see.  Remember shape, shade and perspective.

Be a designer

Draw a picture of your favourite DVD cover.  Find out the title and names of the main characters.

Shapes around you

Look around your house for shapes.  List all the things that you can see that are a square, rectangle, circle, triangle, oval, cube, cuboid, sphere and prism.

Who is the tallest?

Measure your height and the heights of everyone in your family in centimetres. Who is the tallest?  Who is the shortest?


Ask an adult to help you make some jelly.  Write about what you had to do and what happened to the jelly before it was ready to eat.


Write an acrostic poem entitled ‘Winter’.  Illustrate your poem.

Can you find?

Make a list of gas, electrical or battery operated equipment you have in your house.

Being Healthy

Draw a healthy meal.  It must have vegetables, rice, potatoes or pasta, some meat or nuts, a nice healthy drink and some fruit as a pudding.

Can you remember?

From memory draw your classroom and all the tables.  Write the children’s names at the place they sit and try to remember the wall displays.


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