St Bartholomews

First Level (Primary 2 to Primary 4)



Encourage your child to pick from the following activities each day and keep a record of whta they have done with evidence to show the teacher on their return to school. They can be followed in any order.


Making things out of snowHow many different things can you make out of snow?  Be creative!  For example – snow car, rocket, snowman etc Writing InstructionsWrite instructions about how to build a snowman and illustrate them.
SymmetryDraw 5 different symmetrical snowflakes.


Fitness RoutineMake up a fitness routine to keep warm during winter.  Include things like jogging, star jumps, leap frogs, hopping etc.  Practice your routine every day.
Word makerHow many words can you make using the letters in Winter Wonderland? 10 is good, 20 is very good, 30 is excellent. PoetryWrite a winter poem, rap or song


Looking closelyLook out of the window and draw a picture of what you see.  Colour with cold wintry colours.  


Making frozen bubblesWhat You’ll Need:


Measuring cup

Soap powder


Hot water


Spoon or whisk

Bubble wand


This is an activity for a cold, cold (below freezing) day when there is no wind in the air.


Start by making a strong bubble solution. Mix 1/2 cup soap powder, 1/2 cup sugar, and 3 cups hot water. (This mixture will help the bubbles last longer.)


Take the bubble solution and a bubble wand outside. Blow a bubble, and catch it on the wand.


Let the bubble sit resting on the wand in the cold air. In the below-freezing chill, the bubble will soon freeze into a fragile crystal ball.


For more experiments visit ‘Winter Experiments’ for kids,mets.htm



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