St Bartholomews

May 28, 2020
by Mrs Bolland

Thursday 28th May

Please find a letter below from Derek Brown in respect of plans for June and beyond. This letter has been emailed to parents and for those who do not have access to email, a text has been sent, signposting you to this site. Thank you for your continued support and patience and we all appreciate how challenging these unprecedented times have been for our entire school comminity. We look forward to welcoming back our  primary 7  pupils, and indeed,our new Primary 1 pupils in June.

Dear Parent/Carer,

Firstly we would like to thank you and all our children and young people for being so patient, understanding and accommodating during this unparalleled health emergency.

We do not underestimate the challenges faced by young people, who have been unable to see their friends and who have had their routines disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic. Equally, we understand that, for parents and carers, the challenges of supporting children with learning at home while managing other changes brought about by coronavirus may have been very difficult.

We would also like to pay tribute to all our teachers and other education staff who are working hard to provide digital learning and many of whom have also been involved in keeping our community hubs open so that the children of key workers and vulnerable groups can be looked after.

Understandably you may be feeling anxious about how your child will access education following the summer break and we wanted to outline our plans. We aim to ensure that all our children and young people are fully supported and we have been working hard to make plans across early years, primary, secondary and additional support needs schools.

As you are aware, all schools and nursery classes in Scotland have been closed since 24 March as part of the national lockdown arrangements and we have been ensuring continuity of education provision through home and online learning. We know that schools and centres have been making great efforts to stay in contact with parents, carers and pupils over the last two months and we appreciate that this has been challenging.

The Scottish Government recently announced that children and young people will return to school and early learning and childcare settings on 11 August as long as it is safe to do so.

Teachers and other education staff will return to schools and early learning and childcare settings in June to prepare and plan for the forthcoming academic year. Access for those pupils who are transitioning to Primary 1 and Secondary 1 will be arranged, albeit in small groups and with their families, from 15 June. Head teachers and heads of centres at individual schools/centres will be in contact with parents and carers of transitioning children to confirm arrangements.

We are working hard on recovery plans to deliver a blended learning model from August 11, incorporating a mix of in-classroom teaching with home and online learning. This mixed model of learning is needed because the need to have physical distancing measures in schools and early learning and childcare settings means we are not able to accommodate the normal number of children every day. We have already been putting measures in place to assist pupils who require access to digital devices and schools will be in direct contact with those affected.

Health and safety sits at the heart of our plans, with risk assessments and infection prevention and control measures in place. We are working on a range of options which may include smaller groups of pupils being in school for shorter periods and over fewer days, possibly with staggered start, end and break times.

Schools, classrooms and playrooms will also look somewhat different to before, with fewer pupils, group learning, outdoor and alternative classrooms, enhanced hand hygiene and cleaning routines and step by step guidance to help maintain physical distancing.

We know this will be challenging for some young people. Physical distancing is difficult for everyone, but especially children and we will have signage and practical help in place to make sure your child is supported.

Our facilities management team is busy preparing our schools and centres for this. The use of personal protective equipment (PPE) for teachers, early learning and childcare and support staff may be required for some early learning and support settings where close contact with children is required. There is no requirement for children and young people to wear PPE as a general rule.

We know that you will have a lot of questions around how schools and centres will operate, as well as issues including school transport, practical considerations for ASN pupils and future SQA exams. You will understand that this is a complex and fast-moving situation and we are working as hard as possible to finalise the details. We assure you that we will update all parents and pupils as soon as we can.

Childcare support will also be important to you as some parents and carers start to return to work and we are exploring complementary options for families of key workers and support for vulnerable young people.

You and your child’s health and wellbeing is of the utmost importance. We hope you have been able to access some of the support resources available if you need it. You can find out more about them in the ‘advice for parents’ section at

We also have a support helpline for parents and pupils which can be accessed by phoning 01236 812 380 during the hours of 10am until 3pm, Monday to Friday.

We will be in touch soon with more details about the return to school. We look forward to welcoming your children back to a safe learning environment in August and thank you again for your patience and perseverance throughout this period.


Councillor Frank McNally Convener Education and Families

Derek Brown Executive Director Education and Families


March 22, 2020
by Mrs Bolland

Week beginning 23rd March

Dear parents and carers,

Theses are unprecedented times and safety is our number one priority and as such, please see the letter below from our Head of Education. I have arranged for this letter to be sent out to our parents who have access to email at around 8am on Monday morning. If you are a key worker and have decided to bring your your child to school, our staff will ask you to complete a pro forma. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this very important matter.

Deirdre Bolland

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March 15, 2020
by Mrs Bolland

Week beginning Monday 16th March


Congratulations to our fabulous upper school pupils who have enjoyed continuous success!

Last week was another busy week in St Bartholomew’s Primary. Fr O’Kane visited us on Tuesday to hear confessions for our P4 to P7 pupils, this was especially important as it is the very special season of Lent . Our Primary 3’s were a credit to themselves and their families on Tuesday evening as they celebrated the sacrament of Reconciliation in St Bartholomew’s Church. Their singing was so well received that we asked them to perform one of their beautiful hymns during assembly on Friday. They were superb! I also visited Primary 5 last week and shared in the children’s learning in financial education-the children knows so much about keeping their money safe. Well done boys and girls. I attended a  family group lead’s meeting and worked collaboratively with colleagues across the  authority. On Friday, Ms McCleery from Strathclyde University visited P6a and was very impressed with our wonderful boys and girls.

Please remember to look for our most recent newsletter in your child’s bag as it provides you with up to date important information on recent events and the coming weeks ahead.

The week ahead looks like this:

On Monday, the NLC mini sports event at the Time Capsule for our  Primary 3 pupils will not go ahead for our pupils due to lack of parent volunteers. I am sure that we can look forward to other events in the future.

On Tuesday, the annual book fair will arrive in school and a huge thank you to parent volunteers for supervising this. Children always look forward to choosing books in advance of Parent’s evening. Our NHS partners will be visiting us today in order to carry out P1 and P7 dental checks. Ms Doyle will attend her  practitioner enquiry group today. I will be Chairing interviews in school today and will be joined with colleagues from our cluster group. I will also be later attending a  Cluster meeting at  St Ambrose High and will keep you up to date with any significant information.

On Wednesday, our book fair remains in school for children to choose books and accessories in advance of Parent’s evening, Our Community Artist’s group will be with us this morning and we look forward to welcoming them, as always.

On Thursday,  the Incredible years programme lead by the CAMHS team will be continuing in our Get Together room and we look forward to seeing all of our parents and carers who are involved with this group. I will be  visiting P1/2 , where I will share in the learning with Mrs MacLean, focusing on handwriting and grammar.  Sports leaders from St Ambrose High will be working with P6a today and the children look forward to some fantastic activities.  Parent’s evening Will take place today and as always, please ensure you book your appointment through the online system. We look forward to seeing you then.

On Friday, I will attend an Early Year’s panel meeting at Kildonan Street.The scheduled trip to  Primary trip to the Science Centre for our Primary 1 pupils has been postponed- we will keep you up to date with new arrangements.

Mrs Bolland

March 2, 2020
by Mrs Bolland

Week beginning 2nd March


The photographs above illustrate wonderful success for two of our fabulous pupils in both dancing and netball respectively. Well done from all of your friends at St Bartholomew’s!

Last week included a Parent Council meeting where various topics were discussed and we can look forward to our dedicated Parent Council organising a spring disco. We will keep you up to date. Elaine Johnstone, our Continuous Improvement Officer,  visited us on Monday and was happy with our rate of progress. As a school community, we all celebrated mass and received our ashes for Ash Wednesday, thank you Fr O’Kane for such a warm welcome. St Bartholomew’s also hosted a STEM development opportunity for cluster staff and we all had great fun making various objects.

The week ahead looks like this;

On Monday, accelerated reading assessments will start for the week ahead. This is a wonderful programme that encourages reading for enjoyment and has made such a difference to our pupils’ progress.

On Tuesday, I will attend an Early Years meeting at Coatbridge Community Centre and will share any updates on the many changes within our early years setting.

On Wednesday, Mrs Dunn will attend a course at the Computer Centre in Calderdale in order to keep abreast of latest innovations.

On Thursday, it’s World Book Day and children have the option of dressing up for this event. They may choose to dress as their favourite character from a book or a stimulus from a project/ class topic. We look forward to seeing some wonderful creations! Please remember that home made costumes are always best and that there is no need to buy commercially produced outfits etc. Our new Incredible Years programme continues today and follows on from day one, which took place last week. We have already received positive feedback from parents and staff. Long may it continue.

On Friday, I will be attending a preparatory day to a leadership course, Columba 1400. I look forward to working with colleagues from other authorities in order to improve and work collaboratively in respect of leadership skills. Our Education Psychologist will meet with a number of our parents from both the school and nursery in order to review progress. As always, we look forward to welcoming Mrs Kinniburgh to St Bart’s. Today is an important day for Primary 1/2 as  they are presenting their class assembly for parents and carers. I am looking forward to introducing this wonderful experience to our visitors.

Mrs Bolland

February 28, 2020
by Mrs MacIntyre


Primary 1 – Kal

Primary 1/2 – Corey

Primary 3 – Elyse

Primary 4 – C Jay

Primary 5 – Sophie

Primary 6a – Scott

Primary 6b – Molly

Primary 7 – Amy Lee

Cool Class – Primary 1

Winning House – Summerlee

February 21, 2020
by Mrs MacIntyre


Primary 1 – Mila

Primary 1/2 – Sinead

Primary 3 – Jamie

Primary 4 – Adam

Primary 5 – Cian

Primary 6a – Sophie

Primary 6b – Skye

Primary 7 – Jayden

Cool Class Cup: Primary 7

Winning House: Drumpellier

February 16, 2020
by Mrs Bolland

Week beginning 17th February

Well done to our very talented pupils who have been rewarded with trophies and medals for their efforts in dance.

A very big thank you to our very loyal and committed boys and girls who have been regular attendees at St. Bartholomew’s Church for 11.30am mass on Sunday so that they can sing in the choir. And of course, thank you to their parents for ensuring that they get there on time!The choir contains such beautiful singers and they have contributed positively towards the atmosphere in the Church and in fact many parishioners have complimented the children on their talents. Thank you to Mrs MacFarlane for leading our wonderful choir.

The week ahead looks like this:

On Monday, we welcome everyone back for a full week of school, after the February break last week. Please remember to ensure that your child comes to school in full uniform. Thank you in advance for your continued support with this important matter.

On Tuesday, I am very much looking forward to sharing in the wonderful learning of both Primary 1 and Primary 1/2. These boys and girls are so lucky to have such fantastic learning experiences and have made wonderful progress, so far.

On Wednesday, I will be attending a cluster meeting at St Ambrose High School in order to discuss issues related to transition to High school.Due to the wonderful relationships that we have established with Joe Bradley, Celtic FC  will be working with our Primary 5 pupils today. I am confident that the children will benefit greatly from this fabulous experience. This evening, our Primary 6 and 7 pupils will receive the very special gift of the Holy Spirit, through Confirmation at St Bartholomew’s Church. As always, for such an occasion, Bishop Toal will be in attendance and we are all very much looking forward to sharing in this wonderful sacrament.

On Thursday, our Primary 5 pupils will receive their weekly input of Gaelic football from their fantastic coaches. St Ambrose High school sports  leaders  will provide their pre visit today. We look forward to working with the young people from St Ambrose. Claire Gordon will visit us today in order to deliver Child smile dental care.

On Friday, it is an exciting day for pupils in Primary 3 who will be performing their assembly for parents and carers. We can’t wait… As always, the performance will take place in the hall at 2pm and refreshments will be provided in Primary 3’s classroom. We look forward to welcoming you then.

Please continue to like and retweet our posts on twitter and check out class pages on our website to gain a better insight into what’s going on in your child’s class.
Mrs Bolland

February 12, 2020
by Mrs MacIntyre


Primary 1 – Lexi

Primary 1/2 – Maia

Primary 3 – Chloe

Primary 4 – Chloe

Primary 5 – Niamh

Primary 6a – Emily

Primary 6b – Molly

Primary 7 – Logan

Cool Class Cup: Primary 3

Winning House: Lochend

February 2, 2020
by Mrs Bolland

Week beginning 3rd February


On Monday, John Wilson photographers will be back in to take photographs of both our youngest and oldest pupils. We look forward to the big smiles from both Primary 1 and Primary 7.
On Tuesday, our link Education Psychologist will be visiting in order to support our pupils and their families.

On Wednesday, we will be undertaking pupil voice groups and children and teachers alike will discuss exciting improvements for all of our pupils across the school community. Ms Doyle will be attending a RE course in order to develop knowledge and skills in this important subject area. Our ‘family group’ will be meeting in St Bartholomew’s to discuss future improvements for all of our pupils, especially in numeracy. This is a wonderful opportunity for school leaders with schools in a similar demographic to examine similar issues and come together collectively to find solutions.

On Thursday, our Primary 5 children will have the opportunity to develop their Gaelic football skills with the help of wonderful coaches. We are also very fortunate to have colleagues from the Camhs team work with some of our parents today. This is a fabulous initiative and very worthwhile for our families. Claire Gordon from the NHS dental team will join us today to help with our pupils’ oral health. Thank you Claire.

On Friday, I will be meeting with Jill Woodward, who is part of the team from Head quarters who supports schools with many aspects of school improvement. We look forward to welcoming you! Last but not least, it’s Primary 5’s assembly. As always parents and carers are most welcome and are in for a treat! Assembly starts at 2pm ,with the usual visit to the classroom thereafter for refreshments and an opportunity to share in the wonderful work carried out by the boys and girls.

Mrs Bolland

January 31, 2020
by Mrs MacIntyre


Primary 1 – Connor

Primary 1/2 – Lee

Primary 3 – Oscar

Primary 4 – Lucie

Primary 5 – Shay

Primary 6a – Connor

Primary 6b – Cara

Primary 7 – Emily

Cool Class – Primary 4

Winning House – Monklands

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