Meet our family for session 2021/22

Our Management Team

Head Teacher: Mr S Smith

The Head Teacher is responsible for managing the affairs of the school, the curriculum, resources, communication and relationships with the wider school community. He is also responsible for P4- P7 stages and is the Child Protection Co-ordinator.

Principal Teacher: Ms M Hamilton

Principal Teacher: Mrs M Brown

The Principal Teachers deputise for the Head Teacher when appropriate. Their remit is changed each year to best meet the needs of school improvement.  

Our Class Teachers

Primary 1: Mrs M Lilly/ Mrs L Lindsay

Primary 2: Miss L McGuiness/Mrs  L Lindsay

Primary 2/3 : Miss S Gregor

Primary 3/4: Mrs  M Milliken

Primary 4: Miss S Herdman

Primary 5: Miss Khushie/Mrs CA McKay

Primary 6: Miss K Devine

Primary 7: Mrs SJ Holmes

NCC Support: Ms F Eldhose & Mrs McKay

Curricular Area Responsibilities

Numeracy & Maths Coach & Pupil Support : Mrs M Reilly

Literacy Coach: Mrs M Lilly/Miss K Devine

Literacy Support: Mrs C Stevenson

P.E. Coach: Mrs SJ Holmes

Digital Leader & Outdoor Learning Coordinator: Mrs M Brown

STEM/ICT Coordinator : Mrs M Reilly

Additional Responsibilities 

Mental Health Support: Mrs CA McKay

Bereavement Support: Mrs C Stevenson

Autism Advice & Support: Ms M Hamilton

Play Based Learning: Miss S Gregor

Early Years intervention – Mrs L Lindsay

Our Nursery Staff

Lead Early Learning Practitioner : Ms P Hill

Early Learning Practitioner: Mrs G Delaney

Early Learning Practitioner: Mrs A M Naules

Early Learning Practitioner: Miss C Findlay

Early Learning Practitioner: Ms L Stewart

Early Learning Support: Ms P Newall

Early Learning Support: Ms L Milne

Our Classroom Support

Classroom Assistant: Mrs A Codona

Additional Support Assistant: Mrs C McClung

Additional Support Assistant: Mrs L Hughes

Additional Support Assistant:  Mrs M Dempster

Additional Support Assistant: Mrs S King

Additional Support Assistant: Ms A Petterson

Our Office Staff

Senior Clerical Assistant:  Mrs S Johnston

Senior Clerical Assistant: Mrs M Cahill

Our Janatorial & Cleaning Staff

Janitor: Mr P McArthur

Cleaning Supervisor:  Mrs M Smart

Cleaner:  Mrs A Bryson

Cleaner:  Ms M Clark

Cleaner: Mrs D Sokolowska

Our Dining Hall Staff

Catering Supervisor: Mrs C Renwick

Catering Staff: Mrs S Foster

Regular Visitors To The School

Educational Psychologist:  Ms K Telfer

Active Schools Coordinator: Rory Coyle

Music Tutor: Mrs A Paterson

Kodaly Music Instructor: Mrs S Wilkinson

School Chaplain (Coltness Memorial Church): Rev Raeburn