School Hours

School begins:  9am

Interval:                       due to Covid restrictions breaks are staggered

Lunch:                          due to Covid restrictions lunches are staggered

School closes:             3pm


The School has a Breakfast Club from 8.15-8.45 each morning in the school dining hall.


New entrant pupils in Primary 1 attend school on a full-time basis from the start of the term in August. We like your children to be on time but remember it’s better to come late than not come at all. Please try not to have children arriving too early in the playground in bad weather; five minutes before the bell rings is fine. An adult presence is provided in playgrounds at breaktimes in terms of the schools Safety and Supervision of Pupils (Scotland) l990 Regulation. Our Janitor, Mr McArthur provides this adult presence along with ASNA staff and members of the senior management team.

Nursery Class

From September 2020 we now offer the 1140 Early Years model meaning that children come from 8.45am-2.45pm each day. At present due to Covid restrictions we have staggered start and end times to the session to support social distancing of adults dropping children at nursery.

We value your support and appreciate a regular donation each week to help provide a healthy snack for your child. Attendance at nursery is very important as learning at the earliest stages is crucial. Please contact Mrs Cahill (01698 274923) at the office if your child is likely to be absent. We follow North Lanarkshire Council’s guidance and procedures for attendance at nursery.