School Improvement

Our priorities for session 2021/22

Cluster Priority – To ensure equity for all learners & to close the attainment gap in response of COVID-19.

Priority 1 – To raise attainment in literacy and numeracy, ensuring an equitable educational experience for all learners.

Priority 2 – To continue the journey as a trauma informed school by continuing to support the mental, emotional, social and physical health of all our children, families and staff.

Priority 3 – To continue to develop and establish a digital pedagogy across all stages of the curriculum, which engages learners and delivers a high quality learning experience for all children.

Nursery Class Priority- To continue to develop and embed practice to requirements of the 1140 model and ensure continued use of nurturing approaches to support and improve the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of our children and families as part of the Covid -19 recovery.

A copy of the school’s Improvement Plan and Improvement Report are available by request from the Head Teacher. A summary of the Improvement Report is issued annually to all parents.

Information about the progress of our Improvement Plan is discussed at monthly Parent Council Meetings and through our monthly newsletters.

Education Scotland: Further information regarding the implementation of Curriculum for Excellence and learning and teaching can be obtained from