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Information for our Parents, Carers and Pupils

A letter from our Head Teacher

Mrs Paterson

  We will try to answer your questions below, but please be aware that this is a developing situation and we do not have all the answers yet. We would ask that you check if your question has been answered here before contacting us. Thank you.

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Explaining to my child 

How do I explain to my child why school is closed?

It is difficult, and your child might not fully understand or appreciate the reality of the closure. Social stories are always a good way to explain difficult aspects to children and you can find some social stories developed by Emotion Works on our website here:

My child is very scared, what can I do?

Children easily pick up on anxiety and stress of adults, therefore please try to stay calm.
You can find information here to help you to reassure your child.

How can I help my child to stay safe?

You can keep yourself and your child safe by following the Government advice, you can find the latest advice here. You can use visual cues to aid your child in washing their hands and we have included some here

We had been discussing the Covid-19 to children at assemblies and some classes completed work with the older children on explaining what is happening and why. Sometimes children read, hear or see things online that are not always accurate and this can add to anxiety and confusion and therefore sticking to the facts will help.

It is important that you and your children look after yourselves, more than ever family need to stick together. Take time for your own mental and physical wellbeing and encourage your child to do the same.

Will my P7 child have a leavers’ service?

You have been an amazing year group and provided us with laughter and joy and we will ensure that you receive the send-off you deserve, either if we return before June or after the Summer holidays. Mrs Gordon and Miss Graham have made arrangements to begin a Yearbook creation via Microsoft Teams. You can find out more about Microsoft Teams and how to get it on this video:

We are very thankful that we were able to visit Kilbowie before measures were put in place to restrict gatherings. So many other P7 pupils at other schools in our local area will now not get this opportunity. We will always have these memories as a group to share

What will happen to children moving from nursery to school?

We know you are very excited about moving to primary school, but we also know that some parents/carers may be nervous about the transition. Please do not worry, we will all work to make sure it is fine and that all children settle into their new classes. We will all be there to champion them on.

What will happen to our deposit for the P6 Titanic, Belfast trip?

We have been in touch with the tour operator and have provisionally booked an alternative date for the new session. Pupils who have paid their deposit will not lose out and will go the trip early next session. Miss Watson, Mrs McKay and Mr Reid will update you all in August with the new arrangements for this.

What will happen to our deposit for the trip to London?

We know our children were looking forward to the trip to London, we have been in touch with the travel company who are actively looking for a solution. We will update you as soon as we have one.

When will the school re-open?

We simply don’t know. You can find the latest Government advice here, until it does reopen we will continue to support you at home as much as possible – you are not alone!

Will my child find out their teacher for next year?

We are aware that a lot of the children have been excitedly talking and speculating on staffing for next year, at this time we do not know how long the school will be closed and we hope that we have the opportunity for all children to return to their class with their teacher before the summer holidays.

However, this was not a planned closure and therefore staffing and classes for next year are not yet confirmed. If we do not open before the summer then we will publish the classes for the next session.

What happened to the ducks from P7?

Don’t worry about the ducks, they are doing well! Mrs Gordon and Miss Graham have taken them home to look after and they are chirping away in the early hours of the morning – no long sleep for our teachers.

Some of the teachers and staff were ‘missing’ before the school closed and my child didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to them, what is going on?

All of our staff are safe and well.

In line with social distancing measures announced by the Government, some of our staff were asked to work from home for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, this decision was taken after 3pm on the Tuesday which meant that children returned to school on the Wednesday without having the chance to say ‘goodbye’. This was equally upsetting for our staff too.

Since then, some of our teachers have Facetimed their class to discuss their absence and reassure them that they are ok and we would remind everyone that this is not ‘goodbye’, it is simply a pause for now and we will all see each other again very soon.

What are the staff who are working from home doing?

Staff working from home are currently supporting the staff who are volunteering in Hubs in a variety of ways. Some are fielding parent/carer questions by email and social media allowing the volunteers to focus on the children, some are developing or delivering our home learning sessions, creating resources for home learning, resetting usernames and passwords, updating our website, planning curriculum content for when the schools return, completing online professional training and lots more

We are very lucky to have such dedicated, caring and hardworking staff who are committed to our families.

Who should go to the Hub School 

Our school building closed to ALL children on Monday 23rd March 2020 .

If you are a key worker and require support then please take your child to our Hub school from Tuesday 24th March 2020.

Our Hub school is: St John Paul II Primary School, 1 Laburnum Rd, Viewpark, Uddingston, Glasgow G71 5DG.

Staff from our school will be in attendance on a rota basis

It is essential, to stop the spread of coronavirus, that people who can work from home do work from home. If you have a partner who is not a key worker they must provide childcare. This is not business as usual and it is vital that this support being offered is only accessed by those who absolutely require it to enable NHS and other critical services to function.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should any child who has symptoms of coronavirus, or who lives in a household where someone has symptoms, present at a Hub. The whole family must follow the self-isolation advice which can be found here.

Am I a key worker?

Key workers have been split into 3 categories by the Government.

Please note that it is presumed that key workers in categories 2 and 3 should work from home if they can.

The categories are listed below, you can also find them here with a video from North Lanarkshire Council education convener Frank McNally which explains this in more detail.

Category 1


• Health and care workers directly supporting COVID-19 response and associated staff
• Workers supporting life-threatening emergency work as well as critical primary and community care provision
• Staff of energy suppliers
• Staff, including teachers and early years workers, providing childcare and learning for other key workers and staff who support school buildings

Category 2

Please note that the first presumption is that staff who can work from home will work from home

• All other health and care workers including home support staff and care home staff
• Emergency services staff, including police, fire and rescue, prison officers
• Military personnel
• Social workers

Those supporting critical national infrastructure including:

• Staff keeping air, water, road and rail passenger transport operating
• Oil, gas, electricity and water and sewerage workers
• Logistics staff including drivers and transport workers
• Food and other necessary goods staff including food production, processing, distribution, sale, delivery as well as those essential to the provision of hygienic and veterinary medicines
• Staff in essential financial service provision including banks, building societies and financial market infrastructure; IT and data infrastructure; postal services; civil nuclear, chemicals and telecommunications; payment providers; waste disposal.
• Journalists and broadcasters

Category 3

Other council and associated staff in the following categories. Please note that the first presumption is that staff who can work from home will work from home

• Strategic-level management and support staff
• Waste services staff
• Fleet services staff
• Cemeteries staff
• Property repairs and maintenance staff including frontline workers of Mears and Saltire
• Roads and lighting maintenance staff including staff of Amey
• Facility support services including cleaning, catering, school crossing patrollers and janitorial staff
• Human resources staff including payroll and employee service centre
• IT staff
• Communications staff
• Finance staff including welfare, revenue and benefits staff and municipal bank staff
• Registration staff
• Essential legal services
• Psychological services staff

Children should present at our Hub School at 9am: St John Paul II Primary School, Viewpark, G71 5DG

I am a key worker, does this mean that I should automatically send my child to the Hub anyway?


Please only send your child to the Hub if you have absolutely no other childcare provision and this would prevent you from carrying out your key duties.

We really need to reserve the spaces at the Hub for the most vulnerable pupils and those who have no other childcare provision.

What time is the Hub school open?

Children should be dropped off at St John Paul II Primary, Viewpark, Uddingston, G71 5DG at 9am and picked up at 3pm.

My child receives a free school meal, am I still entitled to this?

A new payment system is being set up for pupils who receive free school meals – this includes all primary 1 to primary 3 pupils.

It will start on Friday 27 March and run throughout the current health crisis.

Find out more information on the North Lanarkshire Council website:

Parents and carers of pupils who receive free school meals will be sent a message twice a week from the council. It will include a voucher code for £10.00 (you will receive a total of £20.00 per child per week).

The message will be sent either as a text message to your mobile phone, by email or as a printed copy if you don’t have internet access.

You can use the voucher code at any shop that accepts Pay Point, for a list of your local Pay Point retailers visit and enter your postcode.

For more information, please email the North Lanarkshire Council free school meals team on:

Funding for this came from the £3m emergency fund, which has been set up by the council to deal with the health crisis.

Is North Lanarkshire Council Club 365 still running at weekends and holidays?


Children who are entitled to free school meals can attend their local Club 365 venue during the weekends and Easter holidays for a takeaway packed lunch. However, there will no be practical activities taking place.

You can find more information about Club365 here

I am not listed as a key worker but can I still send my child to a Hub?


The Government advice is that schools have to be closed to prevent the spreading of Covid-19, this is not business as usual. We must all play our part in this by following all the advice given. Only the children of key workers, as identified on the list are permitted. Please help protect lives by playing your part.

Someone in my household is showing symptoms of Covid-19, can I still drop my child off at Hub if they are showing no symptoms themselves?


Under no circumstances should you send a child to the Hub who has been in contact or shares a household with someone who has shown symptoms of Covid-19, even if you are a key worker. The entire household, including the key worker, should self isolate for 14 days as per Government advice.

I am a key worker but my partner isn’t. What should we do?

If you are a key worker and your partner (or a non-vulnerable family member) can care for your children then you should not bring your children to the Hub. Children should only be brought to the Hub if you are a key worker and have no other childcare provision at all and therefore would be unable to carry out your key duties.

Only use Hub support if you need to, therefore if you have a partner who is not a key worker then they must care for your child at home.

I am a key worker and need to drop my child to the Hub, will school transport be running?

Key workers must take their child to: St John Paul II Primary, Viewpark, Uddingston, G71 5DG. No school transport will run.

Can I visit the Hub to speak to a member of staff?

No, this is not business as usual for staff who will be volunteering at the Hub. Please see the section below on how to communicate with us. Staff from our school will be in attendance at the Hub on a rota basis.

I am a key worker where should I drop off/pick up my child from?

Please drop off and pick up your child from the main entrance of St John Paul II Primary, Viewpark, Uddingston, G71 5DG

Does my child have to wear school uniform?


We want to make it as easy as possible for key workers and therefore there is no need to prepare uniform for your child if they are attending a Hub. Please remember no football colours and ensure it remains appropriate.

Home Learning 

We have acted quickly to provide a range of home learning activities for children to ensure the continuity of learning and we were pleased to have been able to offer online, teacher-led activities to those self-isolating at home from Wednesday last week.

This is a unique opportunity for you as a parent/carer to expand and deepen your child’s learning naturally and flexibly. Home learning should not be about recreating a ‘typical’ school day and instead should be filled with play, laughter and family time. Most of all, this is an unsettling time for your child and they need you!

However, none of us knows exactly how long this situation will last and we appreciate that there is an expectation to continue learning and we are absolutely committed to aiding you to do this at home.

Where can I find a copy of the home learning timetable?

We will change the timetable weekly to keep it fresh and current, you can find a copy of the current timetable and all the information you need here:

Can I get a home study pack?

We have not sent out home learning packs in the form of books or worksheets. You can find an array of activities to cover all ages and curricular areas in the parent zone of our website. Our recommend online activities can be found here. The activities cover offline and online tasks, in addition to recommendations for free apps and websites.

I am not a teacher, will there be support for us?

We are absolutely committed to supporting our parents/carers with home learning. You can read about the 4 ways we intend to do this here.

Will qualified teachers be ‘teaching’ online?

We are delighted to be one of the first primary schools to be able to offer remote teaching with qualified teachers and have worked tirelessly to get our systems in place to be able to offer this before the school even closed. We are working to keep the content fresh and updated and provide a choice to our children across the curriculum.

Visit our Online Learning Page inside the Pupil Zone by clicking here

Will the teacher-led sessions be on during planned holiday dates and weekends?

No, the teacher-led sessions will only take place Monday-Friday and will not run during planned holidays such the Maybank holidays. Our teachers are committed to ensuring that activities are offered during ‘normal’ school weeks and will deliver the sessions from their own homes, regardless of how long the school closure lasts.

What teachers are delivering the online sessions?

Our Online Forum is being managed by Mrs McKay (Depute Head Teacher) and Mr Reid (P6 Class Teacher & ICT Lead), but a range of teachers who are not volunteering at Hubs will be on the Online Forum interacting with children, delivering sessions or developing resources for it.

Is Microsoft Teams safe for children to be using?

Microsoft Teams is the platform we will be using to deliver our remote teacher-led activities. It allows our teaching staff to video conference with pupils, share their screen so that work or storybooks can be enjoyed, initiates an interactive whiteboard for mental agility and lots more

You may be familiar with Microsoft Teams and even use it in your own workplace, however, please be aware that the version we use with the children is heavily restricted to keep everyone safe.

Child Safety and Safeguarding Online

1) Children have been restricted from activating their webcam. Only the teaching staff will be able to show themselves on webcam for the purpose of teaching remotely.

2) Children have been restricted from starting any private chats with teaching staff or other pupils. Therefore all communication will take place on the open forum, where everyone can see and join in the discussion.

3) Teaching staff will be on the forum to moderate what the children are saying and have the ability to mute selected pupils from the conversation or in extreme circumstances remove them from the Team.

4) Children who wish to join the Team have to complete a registration form to be added. All entries are checked by a member of staff and children added to the Team manually. Only children who are using their email address are added. Only children and teaching staff who are part of Mossend Primary School are added.

We would ask for your support in reminding your child that our school Golden Rules still apply, even though we are online. They are still communicating with peers and teachers and therefore we expect the same level of courtesy online as we would in a normal school day. Children who are not abiding by the Golden Rules will be removed from the online forum and will no longer have access to the teacher-led activities, their behaviour would they be discussed when schools re-open.

Watch this video for details on how to get Microsoft Teams:

Does my child need to follow a timetable at home?

Absolutely not. We have provided a suggested weekly timetable that you can print as this will aid children who require visual cues and routine. However, there is no expectation that you follow the timetable religiously.

Will my child suffer with their academic progress as a result of this closure?

This closure was unplanned but is absolutely vital for the safety of everyone. Our staff will work tirelessly to ensure that learning continues remotely and that children have access to ask questions and receive help via our online team.

However, this is not business as usual. Please do not worry about academic progress, we will ensure that gaps in knowledge and understanding are filled when our school returns and our teachers are absolutely committed to ensuring this.

We would ask that all P1-7 children keep a small journal (a notebook, online, pictorial) with a record of their adventures and this will provide a starting point when schools return, but will also act as a lovely keepsake to look back this extraordinary time in their lives.

Can I make my own timetable for home learning?

Yes, of course. We have included lots of Boardmaker symbols on our website that will allow you to create a visual timetable that you can adapt each day/week to suit your own needs and requirements. We also have a range of activities on our website for all curricular areas and ages. The weekly timetable we have published is only a suggestion and you have the flexibility to do what works for you and your child.

My child does not have internet access or we do not have enough devices at home, what should we do?

We appreciate this and know that not everyone will be able to work from home remotely; therefore, we have included a range of indoor and offline suggestions on our website that you can follow. Simply reading a book with your child, playing a board game and teaching them life skills like cooking, making a bed, ironing or to do their shoelaces are all invaluable activities.

If you have access to a printer then there are lots of worksheets and activities online on website such as

Similarly, Twinkl are offering free access to parents and you can find literally hundreds of worksheets, PowerPoints and teaching materials on their site.

If you have an Amazon Alexa at home, then you can engage in lots of activities through voice command. There are some ideas below.

How do I access the teacher-led activities?

All of the teacher-led activities will take place on Microsoft Teams.

This video explains 4 ways to get Microsoft Teams:

Step 1 – Download Microsoft Teams.

You have a few free options to do so:

1) By logging into Glow, Microsoft Teams has been added to the Mossend Primary launchpad.<p?
2) Download to a device from the Microsoft website:

3) Download to a mobile or tablet from the Apple/Android app stores.

4) Access on Xbox One or PS4.

Step 2 – Register to be added

Once you have downloaded Microsoft Teams you can register to be added to the forum by completing this short form You should use your Glow email address and password to sign in to Microsoft Teams. HINT: Add to the end of your Glow Username to make it an email address.

What is Glow?

Glow is the Scottish Education national intranet, all pupils and schools in Scotland have access to it.
When you first log in you will have your own launchpad. By clicking on the left-hand side, you can view the Mossend Primary launchpad which has direct access to Sumdog, StudyLadder and Teams. You can also view the North Lanarkshire Council launch pad and the Scotland wide launch pad. Each launch pad has suggestions for apps and websites and children are able to add relevant items to their own launchpad for easy access.

Directly from Glow, all pupils have the ability to download Microsoft Office on up to 15 devices, which is a huge saving of money. This includes Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Teams and more. You can find out more about Glow here.

This video will show you 4 ways to get Microsoft Teams using your Glow login details.

How do I access Glow on my PS4 or Xbox One?

Click on these links for a tutorial video on how to use your gaming consoles for access to Glow.
PS4 or Xbox One

I have forgotten my Glow username or password, what can I do?

Don’t panic. You can request a reminder of them by completing this short form:

What is StudyLadder?

StudyLadder is an online platform that allows teachers to assign work to pupils. Our teachers have already gone on and assigned work to each class for completion, do not worry that is shows as the English curriculum as we have taken this into consideration when assigning. The work that has been allocated also takes into consideration the fact that children will be completing this without teacher guidance.

Throughout the school closure, all teachers will login in StudyLadder remotely to check progress and assign new activities. Our suggested online timetable provides opportunities for children to complete activities from StudyLadder throughout the week.

You can read a parent information leaflet on Studyladder here.

I have forgotten my StudyLadder username or password, what can I do?

Relax, you can request a reminder of them by completing this short form:

What is Sumdog?

Sumdog is a recommended app for P1-7 and one that we use in school, therefore children should be familiar with it. It can be downloaded as an app to a mobile or tablet or accessed online at Children complete mathematical games that are automatically aligned to their development needs.

You can read an information leaflet for parents on Sumdog here

As part of our online activities, we will be hosting some teacher vs pupil Sumdog games as an incentive for your child to continue their learning this way. Check out the weekly timetable for details on when these will be running.

I have forgotten my Sumdog username of password, what can I do?

No problem, you can request a reminder of them by completing this short form:

I am worried about my child spending so much time online, what should I do?

Our suggested timetable includes a PE session and a relaxation session away from the screen. It is important that children do not spend all day, every day in front of a computer or gaming console. You can find out more about how to access the PE sessions below

You should also ensure that all parental controls are set up on your devices and that chat rooms or inappropriate content have been blocked. If you need some assistance with this then we will try our best to help – simply complete this short form:
Finally, remember that social media content such as Facebook, Tik-Tok, Instagram, Snapchat and games such as Grand Theft Auto, Roblox and Fortnite is not suitable for children.

I am having technical problems downloading or accessing Teams, Glow, Sumdog or Studyladder. Can you help?

We will try our best. We are not computer technicians but we are familiar with these platforms and can try and help. Simply complete this short form:

This video explains 4 ways to get Microsoft Teams:

My child is refusing to work from home, can you help?

This is a scary and anxious time for some children, who will be out of routine and unsure of what is happening. We would ask that you don’t force learning at this stage if it is causing upset at a time of heightened stress already.

When your child is ready to then please use the time to follow your child’s natural interests and extend and deepen their learning with activities that they want to do. This is a very unique opportunity and therefore home learning should not replicate a traditional classroom, instead, learning can take place in conversation and family activities.

Activities such as football in the garden, art, junk modelling, painting, drawing, drama, cooking, growing plants are all in our curriculum. Play is also an integral part at all ages and stages, this could include imaginative games and old favourites such as ‘hide and seek’, skipping ropes, hopscotch, board games, snakes and ladders. Be reassured, that no-one will ‘get into trouble’ for not completing ‘typical’ work as these are not ‘typical’ times. All we would ask is that each child completes a journal (either written or pictorial) that we can discuss when the schools do return and this will be a lovely memory in years to come of this extraordinary time

However, some children do require routine and this is where a structured timetable will help. We would suggest that you keep bedtimes the same as normal school times and set aside a quiet area, away from distractions to allow your child to concentrate on their work.

Our new ‘Reach for the Stars – Online’ has been designed to encourage children to work from home, with the chance for them to earn a virtual gold star for their completed work an Amazon Gift Voucher

How does the Reach for the Stars – Online work?

How it works

1. Children upload their completed work to the Online Team – this could be activities
completed from the Storytime sessions, Code It or taught writing sessions. This is for work
that is uploaded to our team and a photo of offline tasks would be suitable. Work that is shared with us on our Twitter account will also be included

2. Completed work earns the pupil a virtual gold star.

3. Each Friday at 3pm everyone who earned a star that week will be entered into an online randomiser and a name selected, that child will win a £5 Amazon voucher. The winner will be chosen in a live draw at a special Superstar Assembly.

4. The more work you upload, the more stars you earn. The more stars you earn, the greater number of chances you have of winning.

5. Amazon vouchers would be emailed to the parent/carer of the child and can be spent online at on a variety of items that can be delivered directly to your home. Your child will also earn a superstar certificate as evidence of their achievement.

You can read the full details here. Our Reach for the Stars – Online begins on Monday 23rd March 2020.

Will my child receive recognition of the work they complete at home?

We would encourage children to keep a journal of the work they complete at home, this could be in written form of as a photo journal. This will provide us with a starting point to discuss when schools reopen.

The online learning team will allow interaction between pupils and teachers and therefore when work is uploaded to the online team children will receive acknowledgement and a virtual gold star in line with the Reach For the Stars – Online system. Children who earn a gold star will also be given the chance to win an Amazon Gift Card.

Work that is set by teachers on StudyLadder for completion can be checked and marked by teachers, however, this is a new platform for us too and we, therefore, cannot guarantee that every piece of work will be marked and feedback is given.

Instead, we would be delighted if you could share pictures of your child completing their work with us on Twitter for public recognition. We might not be together in a traditional classroom, but our staff will continue to champion our children.

We would ask that all children P1-7 keep a small journal this could be a notepad, online or pictorial. This will provide a starting point when the schools do reopen and be a lovely keepsake to look back on.

Do children have to keep a journal?

We would ask that children from P1-7 keep a small journal of their adventures. This can be in the form of a notebook, an online journal or a collection of photos. This will allow the teachers to discuss the work completed when the schools re-open, but will also be a lovely keepsake for children to look back on in years to come at this extraordinary time in their lives

Are nursery children expected to be ‘working’ from home?

No, please use this time to play with your child and explore their interests and curiosities. Infants can learn so much through play and exploration, therefore nursery children do not have login details for Glow, Sumdog or StudyLadder. You can find suggested apps and indoor activities on our website.

Accessing the Online Sessions 

How does my child take part in the online PE Sessions?

Joe Wicks, Body Coach has offered to run PE sessions for the country online via his famous YouTube channel. The sessions start at 9am Monday – Friday and are included in our suggested timetable. They will be designed to be completed indoors, so you don’t need a lot of space and will be suitable for all ages for 30 minutes, giving your child enough time for a shower, bath and change of clothes ready to start their day.

You can access the session by visiting Joes’ YouTube channel:

Jump Start Jonny is an insanely energetic fitness superstar on a mission to get kids fit and he is currently offering free PE Party sessions for kids on his dedicated YouTube channel each morning at 9am.

Looking for something a little less energetic? Then Cosmic Kids Yoga is ideal. Offering mindfulness and yoga on their website and YouTube channel, it is a great way to start your day. We use Cosmic Kids Yoga in school, therefore, children should be familiar with it, the episodes are recorded therefore you have the flexibility to choose a suitable one for you and your family to complete at any time.

How does my child take part in the ABC Music Sessions?

ABC Music is offering free access to their award-winning music resources. The resources will be free 24/7 for children to access, and they go live on Monday 30th March 2020 at 10am on their website: [ ] with a free online music lesson introducing materials parents can use at home with their kids.

They will offer a timetable of live music lessons delivered by a trainer on the screen which will be fun for all and also demonstrate materials in the online resource,
age-targeted activity plans for parents/children, online interactive music games & videos, downloadable worksheets, downloadable virtual instruments for phones and tablets, Material to learn French and Spanish through music, Resources for learning literacy and numeracy with music, a range of material from Early Years to the end of Primary, focussing initially on Early Years to P3.

There will also have a regular programme of online live music lessons parents and children can watch together – which will introduce parents to activities and resources on the website as well as being fun and engaging for children. Don’t miss the launch on Monday 30th March 2020.

How does my child take part in the BBC Education sessions?

BBC Scotland are running a range of educational TV shows at 10am each day on their main channel called “BBC Bitesize Daily”, you can also catch the episodes on the IPlayer. See their Twitter page for more information: @BBCScotlLearn. Sky (UK only): Channel 115 (HD: Scot); Channel 457 (HD: Rest of UK); Channel 876 (SD) Freeview 9

How does my child take part in the Glasgow Science Centre sessions?

The Glasgow Science Centre have kindly offered to run live science sessions every weekday at 10am. The sessions will last approximately 30 minutes, giving children enough time to write up what they learned in a journal or trying the experiment for themselves. The sessions feature on our suggested timetable.
You can access the session here: and follow the discussion using the hashtag #GSHAtHome.

How does my child take part in any of the Mossend Primary teacher-led activities?

All of our activities will take place via Microsoft Teams. See the details above on how to download Microsoft Teams and then register to be added at

You only need to register once, after you are added to the Team your child can choose what activities they wish to take part in and there is no requirement to then take part in them all. All of the teacher-led activities are detailed on the weekly timetable.

This video explains 4 ways how to get Microsoft Teams:

How does my child take part in the teacher-led escape rooms?

All teacher-led activities take place in our learning forum that runs on Microsoft Teams. You can find out all the information on how to download Microsoft Teams and register for a place in the forum on the questions above

The online escape rooms are split for P1-3 and P4-7 and are a series of puzzles, riddles and problems for your child to solve. Each clue provides a password to move on to the next question. Your child can take part live with the teacher at the dedicated time on the timetable, or the file will remain on the online forum and they can take part at a later date.

This video explains 4 ways how to get Microsoft Teams:

Who are the teacher-led ‘Story Times’ suitable for?

The storytimes are suitable for everyone. The books will generally be shorter, picture books so that they are accessible for all however follow up activities and questions will ensure that older children can be entertained too.

Who doesn’t love the Gruffalo after all? The stories take place in our learning forum that runs on Microsoft Teams, see the timetable for details.

Who are the teacher-led ”Code it’ suitable for?

The ‘code it’ sessions are suitable for beginners to advanced as the tasks are differentiated to ensure that children who are just beginning to code can use visual platforms like Scratch, whereas other children who are more familiar have the opportunity to showcase their skills using HTML, Javascript or CSS.

Infant children may need support from an adult and unfortunately, the Itch website doesn’t seem to be working with Ipads, so we would recommend downloading Scratch JR app in advance.

The sessions take place in our learning forum that runs on Microsoft Teams, see the timetable for details.

What do I need for the teacher-led Kahoot Quiz?

Kahoot is an online quiz with an app available to download from the Apple or Android stores. We will use Kahoot to share a quiz in our online learning platform that runs on Microsoft Teams. Children can download the Kahoot app to take part interactively, or can simply share their answers in Microsoft Teams without the need to download anything further.

If children do decide to download the app they should use their email address for a free account.

See our timetable for details of the teacher-led Kahoot sessions.

This video explains 4 ways how to get Microsoft Teams:

What does my child need for teacher-led Online Mental Agility?

Online Mental Agility is a 10-minute session led by a teacher that encompasses the Number Talk work we do in school. Children do not need anything, they can record their workings online in a notepad or some may like a traditional notepad and pen.

The teacher may share an interactive whiteboard to allow the pupil to talk over their strategies.

This work will be differentiated with various questions posed to allow P!-7 to take part. The sessions run in our Online learning Forum that takes place in Microsoft Teams, see our timetable for details.

This video explains 4 ways how to get Microsoft Teams:

What does my child need for teacher-led taught writing sessions?

The online taught writing sessions have been split into a P1-3 session and P4-7 sessions, you can find details on our timetable as to when they will run. They take place in our Online Learning Forum which runs on Microsoft Teams.

Children may want to bring a word mat with them or a paper and pen, but the stories can be written online in the forum therefore there is no need to bring anything. The teacher will help the children to think of an idea, develop a plan and remind them of features of writing to include. The children will then write the story independently and submit for feedback. Some younger children may need adult assistance with this


We will keep you updated via our website, our app, Twitter and email.

How do I contact a member of staff or a specific teacher?

Our school building is now closed, therefore please use Twitter to contact us or email

Teaching staff are available to interact with children via our Online Team, however some of our staff are volunteering at Hubs and others are working in the background to develop resources to support the continued home learning, therefore we cannot offer contact with specific teachers. If your child has a question or requires help with their work, they should be encouraged to post it in the Online Forum and a teacher will reply.

I need technical help for home learning, who should I contact?

We are not computer technicians, but we will always try our best to help. Please log a ticket and one of our staff members working from home will try to assist:

My child has forgotten their usernames or password, who should I contact?

Please log a support ticket at

My contact details have changed, who will I let know?

We really need to have your up to date details, particularly during this time. Please send your details to

How do I follow you on Twitter?

Please search for @MossendPS on Twitter and press follow.

How do I get the Mossend Primary App?

The app is available to download free of charge on the Apple and Android stores. Click the links to download to your device, ensure you allow notifications for the latest news to be pushed through.

My child has left something in school, can I get it back?

Our school building is now closed and we do not have access.

Can I telephone the school?

Our school building is now closed therefore there will be no one there to answer your call. Please only call the Hub school if your child is in attendance and it is an emergency situation.The Hub will be run by volunteer staffing from across North Lanarkshire and there will noone there to take general enquiries. Please communicate with us by email: or Twitter.

I have a question that has not been answered here, who can I speak to?

We have tried to answer as many questions here as we can and provide all of the information we have. If you have an outstanding, urgent question then please put it in an email to: Please be patient for a response as we may not have the answer right away and will be operating on a limited staffing as staff work from home and volunteer in Hubs across North Lanarkshire.

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