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We are recognised by Education Scotland as a Digital Nursery, the second nursery in North Lanarkshire to achieve the prestigious Digital School Award.

The Digital Schools Award is recognition to schools and teachers that are committed to identifying and achieving effective practice in making digital technologies part of the curriculum.

At this young age, all learning is through play. Play helps to build self-worth by giving a child a sense of his or her own abilities and to feel good about themselves.

Because it’s fun, children often become very absorbed in what they are doing.

This downloadable pack provides further resource to supplement the activities suggested in the Nursery Zone. You will find some interactive games in the literacy and numeracy sections, but there are many downloadable apps for early years too, we have suggested some here.

Messy Play

Messy & Creative Play

Messy play is a way of encouraging children to learn about raw materials such as mud, sand, water and paint in an unrestricted way.  Messy play is extremely important for a child’s development.

It provides children with an exciting tactile and sensory experience that inspires their curiosity, allows them to explore the world around them and enhances their learning, language and creativity.

Messy play allows children to create, build, develop their imaginations, explore textures, use their senses and it’s fun!!  Please ensure appropriate supervision is in place for any young children using our messy play recipes and that they avoid consumption.




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Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play

Research has  discovered that there are many benefits to children playing outdoors, here are just seven of the benefits:


  • Playing outside helps children to develop their learning abilities. …
  • Creativity. …
  • Health. …
  • Social skills. …
  • Well-being. …
  • Independence. …
  • Explore.

The great thing about outdoor play is, all the play resources you need are right there, and they’re all free. Logs to leap from; sticks to turn into wands or horses; bugs to watch and birds to spot.

Please ensure that your child follows currents follow current government guidance to stay at home, keep 2 metres apart from others when outside for exercise and wash hands often.

We are having some great weather just now, so below you will find 10 outdoor activities you could do safely during the Coronavirus LockDown.  Afterwards, an adult could build a fire and toast marshmallows or relax with the paddling pool and BBQ! 

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