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School Photographs

School photographs are scheduled for Friday the 31st of August this year as per recent communications.  As in previous years, S1, S5 & S6 will have the opportunity to be photographed as individuals and class groups, in addition all S6 pupils will be involved in a full year group photograph.

There will be an opportunity for parents of new S1 pupils to request a family photograph with their siblings. Normally this would have been done using a request form but due to technical issues in the school this week we would ask that pupils approach Mr Harris on the day of the photographs to make this request.

The company providing the service this year is ColorFoto, they provide a fully integrated online system to order the photographs. The school would ask that parents order the photographs online, pupils are issued with these details on the day of the photo shoot. If this is not possible please contact the school office.

There is no obligation to buy but we do require all pupils to be photographed for school records. Pupils are expected to be in full school uniform for photographs and we would appreciate your continued support in this matter. Thanks

School Re-zoning Proposal

The detailed proposal being consulted on is to re-zone the Mid Forest area of South Cumbernauld which is adjacent to Abronhill, from the Greenfaulds High School catchment area to the Cumbernauld Academy catchment area (see maps on the attached document for more details of the area concerned). This will ensure that pupils who reside in the Mid Forest area are zoned for the same secondary school as all other pupils who reside within the proposed Abronhill Primary School catchment area.

Below are links to the parent letter and the consultation document.

Click Here: Parent Letter

Click Here: Detailed Proposal/Consultation Document

A Sense of Place: The Roman Presence in Cumbernauld

Below are some links to a special project sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Fund with £10,000 of ‘Stories, Stones and Bones’ 2017 Funding:

A Sense of Place: The Roman Presence in Cumbernauld

The mosaics that Art & Design pupils and staff created with the assistance of the artist Alan Potter in May were installed on the front exterior of the school in July. The finished mosaics look fantastic! Look out for the plaque with the names of everyone who contributed to this part of the HLF Roman-themed project.

Below are some links that tell the story behind the progress of this fantastic project

May: A Selection Of Images as Pupils Start the Mosaics

May: Creating the Mosaics

June: Pupils Learn about Roman Culture 

July: The installation of the Mosaics


A Sense of Place: The Roman Presence in Cumbernauld





A Sense of Place: The Roman Presence in Cumbernauld

A special project sponsored by the HLF Scotland

S1-S6 Art & Design pupils enjoyed finding out about the Roman presence in Scotland, especially in the Cumbernauld area, during a series of visits to Bar Hill Roman fort and the Antonine Wall, The National Museum for Scotland, Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum, and The Hunterian Museum. These trips all took place in June and were fully funded by a generous ‘Stories, Stones and Bones’ grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund Scotland as part of The Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology 2017.

The local heritage sites identified for the project were Bar Hill Fort and the Antonine Wall, which lie a few miles from Greenfaulds High School near Twechar and Croy. A small group of fourteen S1-S4 pupils visited these heritage sites on Thursday 15th June for the afternoon. Along with Mrs Macdonald and Miss Armstrong, pupils walked to Bar Hill fort from the access route at Twechar. The fort is at the highest point on the Antonine wall and pupils had to climb up a steep hill to reach the site. Pupils took part in a scavenger hunt and they had to explore the fort and read the information displays to find out more about Bar Hill and the Antonine Wall, which are part of the Roman frontier and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Today, little remains of the fort and the wall. The wall was constructed from turf with a stone foundation in AD 142, and when the Romans abandoned the fort they dismantled a lot of it. Archaeologists in the late 1970s/early 1980s found building columns and wooden beams had been thrown into the well of the fort and they also unearthed lots of other objects too, such as leather shoes, coins, amphora and alters. Many of these artefacts can be seen in The Hunterian museum in Glasgow.

The pupils found out lots of facts about the fort and the wall. For example, they were built by the Twentieth and Second Legions in the reign of Emperor Antonius Pius. The wall stretched for 37 miles across Scotland, running from the Clyde in the west to the Firth of Forth in the east. By visiting the site, the pupils discovered that different parts of the fort are still visible, such as the principia (headquarters), bath house, and well. At the end of the trip, they walked along the remains of the Antonine Wall towards Croy, just missing the rain shower! Well done to Erin More (S2) and Niomi Lee (S2) for winning the scavenger hunt!

On Monday 19th June twenty-nine S1-S6 pupils visited the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh with Miss Armstrong, Mr Daniels, Mrs Macdonald and Mrs O’Neill. Pupils visited the Early People gallery and took part in a series of teacher-led Roman artefact handling sessions and then drew Roman artefacts, such as cavalry masks, amphora and coins. The National Museum of Scotland had lots of artefacts and displays which provided information about the Roman presence in Scotland. Pupils saw lots of Celtic and Pictish artefacts in the Early People gallery also, and later visited the rest of the museum to see the artefacts and displays – everything from world cultures to natural history to technology! Pupils had a great day out and their drawings of Roman artefacts were brilliant. Congratulations to Alex Gordon (S2), April Chapman (S3), and Jamie Buttenshaw (S4) for winning prizes for their drawings!

On Tuesday 20th June thirty-four S1-S6 pupils visited Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum and The Hunterian Museum with Miss Armstrong, Mr Daniels and Mrs Macdonald. Pupils were given an informative guided tour of Rome’s Final Frontier exhibition at The Hunterian Museum by Liz D’Arcy (student of Classical Civilisation and Celtic Studies at The University of Glasgow) in the morning and afternoon, and they saw objects which had been found at Bar Hill fort and the Antonine Wall near Greenfaulds High School. These artefacts included statues and distance slabs with Latin inscriptions. They also visited Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and enjoyed seeing the artefacts and artwork on display there, including watercolours by Joseph Crawhall and oil paintings by Henry Matisse, Vincent van Gogh and S.J. Peploe.

You can find out more about the Antonine Wall at the website

Next session, S2-6 pupils throughout the Art & Design department will take part in different practical activities which will allow them to learn about Roman culture and the Roman presence in Cumbernauld. Activities include drawing and painting, ceramics and printmaking (August-March). The Scottish artist and illustrator Kate Leiper is going to visit the school to hold a day’s workshop with pupils in August, which will help them create characters for an illustrated brochure about the local heritage sites, and a workshop (Roman feast wall art) will be held at Redburn School to help the pupils there learn more about the Romans too. From term two onwards, exhibitions of the pupils’ artworks will take place in Greenfaulds High School and at the local museum in Cumbernauld to engage the wider community with their local heritage. The Art & Design department look forward to seeing you at these HLF Scotland sponsored exhibitions!



A Sense of Place: The Roman Presence in Cumbernauld

Greenfaulds High School Art and Design Department

2017 is the year of History, Heritage and Archaeology and the Art and Design Department at GHS have been successful with a heritage lottery fund bid for Stories, Stones and Bones sharing heritage funding. The amount of the bid is £10,000.

The Art & Design project is called ‘A Sense of Place: The Roman Presence in Cumbernauld’ and the key local heritage sites are Bar Hill Roman Fort and the Antonine Wall. The Art & Design department are looking forward to taking pupils on trips to see the Roman fort and Antonine Wall, as well as Roman artefacts in collections at the Hunterian Museum and the National Museum of Scotland. A main part of the project will involve S1-S3 pupils creating a series of large mosaics with the Scottish artist Alan Potter (for display at GHS). Pupils will also be working with Scottish artist Kate Leiper to create illustrations for an illustrated brochure about the heritage sites and the Roman presence in Cumbernauld. The grant will also provide materials for Roman-themed printmaking, illustration and pottery activities for hundreds of S1-S6 pupils at GHS, and staff and pupils at GHS are also looking forward to creating some artworks with pupils at Redburn School. Everyone is excited about showcasing the project at the local Cumbernauld Museum and in special exhibitions at GHS throughout the next year, engaging the local community with their heritage.

See the GHS pupils create a range of mosaics in the video below.

*** Collecting Pupils ***

As you are aware the entrance to the new Greenfaulds High School is situated off the A73. We appreciate that pedestrian access to the school is limited but hope this will dramatically improve with the completion of the second phase scheduled for August.

Whilst it is convenient for some parents to pick up and drop off pupils in the vicinity of Scott Drive there has been a number of safety concerns raised due to the high volume of pupils and traffic in this area.

We would encourage and appreciate if parents could use the A73 access as the segregated bus bays and drop off points provide a safe and controlled environment particularly at the start and end of the day.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.