S3 into S4 Options Form

Link to Parent Letter: S3 into S4 Options

As pupils prepare to enter the senior phase of their education they will soon be making their choices for what subjects they wish to take forward into S4.

Maths, English, Physical Education, RMPS and PSD form part of the core subjects that all pupils have on their timetable.

Pupils can pick any one of the subjects they selected in S3, other than the core subjects mentioned above to drop from their timetable.

In order to help pupils and parents make the correct choice we have created a padlet which contains many useful resources when thinking about future careers.

Click Here to Access the Padlet   

Below is a link to the options form where pupils will identify the course they wish to drop moving into S4.

Click Here to Access the Option Form

It is important that all pupils discuss this with parents/carers before finalising their choice. If they require any assistance in the process they can also discuss with their Pupil Support teacher.

Deadline is Friday, 1st of March.  Pupils who do not meet the deadline may not get their preferred options.