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Aithne Gaelic Heritage Competition Winners

Thank you to everyone who took part in the various competitions.
The standard of work was amazing! Thanks for your participation!

House points have been awarded to every GHS participant
with extra points awarded to our GHS winners and runners-up.

With thanks to the National Lottery players for providing the Heritage Lottery funding for the Aithne Gaelic Heritage project! and for providing the funds for the prizes and certificates for these competitions!

With thanks to the Art & Design staff and Gaelic staff for judging all of the various entries.

Click here to see all the entry winners: Aithne prize winners 2024



S3 into S4 Options Form

Link to Parent Letter: S3 into S4 Options

As pupils prepare to enter the senior phase of their education they will soon be making their choices for what subjects they wish to take forward into S4.

Maths, English, Physical Education, RMPS and PSD form part of the core subjects that all pupils have on their timetable.

Pupils can pick any one of the subjects they selected in S3, other than the core subjects mentioned above to drop from their timetable.

In order to help pupils and parents make the correct choice we have created a padlet which contains many useful resources when thinking about future careers.

Click Here to Access the Padlet   

Below is a link to the options form where pupils will identify the course they wish to drop moving into S4.

Click Here to Access the Option Form

It is important that all pupils discuss this with parents/carers before finalising their choice. If they require any assistance in the process they can also discuss with their Pupil Support teacher.

Deadline is Friday, 1st of March.  Pupils who do not meet the deadline may not get their preferred options.


Aithne: Gaelic Heritage Project Update

Term 2: In October/November 2023 S1-S6 Art & Design and Gaelic pupils enjoyed day trips to The National Museum of Scotland, The Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh, Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, The Hunterian Museum, and Loch Lubnaig. It was amazing to see the museum collections and the Scottish art and artefacts, such as paintings, tartan, weaponry, standing stones, and Jacobite glassware. Pupils produced drawings on The National Museum of Scotland trip, and listened to folktales and learnt more about Gaelic place names on the tour around Loch Lubnaig, Ardlui and Balloch. These trips were all made possible with the funding from the Heritage Lottery. A big thank you to all the National Lottery players!

Term 3: At the moment, S1-3 pupils are still learning more about Gaelic heritage and culture and are participating in some competitions, particularly in the Gaelic and Art & Design Departments. The deadline has been extended until the end of February for all competitions: drawing, design, colouring-in, photography, drama, and creative-writing (bi-lingual). Hopefully, there will be entries from our associate primaries and nurseries and local special schools. There have been some brilliant entries submitted so far! Judging will take place in early March, with prizes and certificates awarded shortly afterwards, and there will be an online exhibition featuring winning entries and other entrants.

Term 4: As part of Aithne there will be an illustration event for S1-2 pupils and Gaelic heritage-themed P7 transition events hosted by the Art & Design and Technical Departments in April/May. Hopefully, the mosaics created by GHS pupils and the artist Alan Potter will be installed outside the Gaelic department and the front exterior of the school – it will exciting to see the finished pieces! These mosaics are based on Gaelic folklore and the meaning behind the Gaelic name for Cumbernauld – ‘The Meeting of the Waters’. There is also a small mosaic for the Gaelic pupils at Condorrat Primary school. These mosaics should help to make Scottish Gaelic heritage more visible.

One of the main outcomes of Aithne is to make our Gaelic heritage more valued and we are hoping to create a 360-degree immersive experience for the NLC digital classroom which will showcase our competition winners and work by other entrants.

Click Here To Download the Competition Entrees

This project is sponsored by the Heritage Lottery Fund with a £10,000 grant!

Careers Fayre

The first joint Careers Fayre between Cumbernauld Academy and Greenfaulds High School will be held on Tuesday 16th January at Cumbernauld New Town Hall, Bron Way G67 1DZ between 6 to 8pm. There will be over 50 exhibitors including employers, colleges, universities and the voluntary sector. It is open to all pupils and it would be great to see many of you at the event. A full list of exhibitors will be shared in the New Year. Any questions please contact Mr Proctor at

National Lottery Heritage Fund: Gaelic Heritage project – Aithne

Greenfaulds High School is awarded a £10,000 grant by The National Lottery Heritage Fund for a special Gaelic Heritage project – Aithne.

The Gaelic and Art & Design Departments at Greenfaulds High School in North Lanarkshire are delighted to have received a National Lottery Heritage Fund grant of £10,000 for an exciting heritage project titled Aithne (Identity). Made possible by money raised by National Lottery players, the project focuses on Scottish Gaelic culture and heritage, particularly its lasting impact in the Cumbernauld area. The project will continue to make Gaelic culture and heritage valued and visible within Greenfaulds High School.

The project will involve pupils who attend Greenfaulds High School, as well as young people in the wider school community aged 3-18 who will be invited to participate in a range of competitions associated with the project, including drawing, design, and photography.

As part of the project the artist Alan Potter will work alongside pupils at Greenfaulds High School to create a series of eye-catching large-scale mosaics, to be displayed throughout the school, with an emphasis on identity, exploring Gaelic culture and heritage. Pupils will learn a range of new skills and will participate in activities inspired by Gaelic culture and heritage. Further activities embedded within this project will include participants exploring literature surrounding folktales, as well as study trips to museums and art galleries.

Click on link to read full press release: Aithne Press Release

Click on link to access Gaelic verion of press release: Aithne brath-naidheachd

Click on this link to access the BBC article (Gaelic)

Please click on the link below to find out more about this exciting project and how pupils of Greenfaulds High School can get involved in a number of competitions that explore and celebrate Gaelic culture and heritage.

Click here to read more about the project Aithne and competitions.

Below are the links to the templates for the competitions.

Colouring-in competition

Design Competition template

A few more photographs of the project being created. We can’t wait to see the finished pieces.





School Photos Available

Good morning,

 School photos are now available to view and order online at:

 Each child will have been handed a unique and individual access code on Photo Day in order to access the photographs.

Families may order with FREE delivery to school before the deadline as shown online.

At any time orders may be placed for delivery direct to home by post. Whilst there is a small cost involved the photos go straight home and not in school bags, where possible we would recommend this.

If you or the parents have any questions or need help please call our helpline on: 02920 448210 or email us at

Prize Winners Session 22/23

Jamie Vaughn-Sharp

Head Teacher

Prize Winners for Session 2022/23

The full list of Prize Winners is available via this link:

Prize Giving 2023

Head Teacher Speech: Prize Giving

Good evening, everyone – pupils, ex-pupils, families, colleagues and guests.  It gives me great honour to stand before you for my first Prize Giving Speech as Head Teacher of our wonderful Greenfaulds High School Community.

Prize Giving is, and should be, a celebration of excellence in a whole range of areas within the school.  The pupils recognised today have demonstrated excellence within their subject areas and have been rightly recognised for their talent and dedication.  To all of you I offer a huge congratulations.

Now as a politics geek and avid box set consumer – one of my favourite all time TV shows is the West Wing.  For the young people in the audience the West Wing was a TV series in the late 90s and early 2000s which tracked the Presidency of a fictional President – Jed Bartlet.

One of President Bartlet’s most famous phrases was an upbeat ‘what’s next?’.  After solving a crisis, a global emergency or similar he would often ask those around him ‘what’s next?’.  The older I get the more I see this attitude applied to all aspects of modern life.  We are often encouraged to move relentlessly on, pushing for more, always thinking about what is next.  Whilst looking for ways to always improve is never a bad think, we are all guilty at times of failing to take stock of where we are, or indeed what we have accomplished.  And whilst I would never want to disagree with a President of the United States (although to be fair, I suppose it depends on who that individual is) I do think that at times we need to delay the ‘what’s next’? question and at times asked the ‘so what have we done’? question.  Indeed, Aaron Sorkin the writer of the West Wing would have benefited from coming to a school whose motto is Tak Time in Time.  Nights such as these should therefore be nights where we ask, so what have we done?  Lets take time in time to celebrate and reflect upon the achievements of so many talented young people.  As a school, this year, Greenfaulds has gone from strength to strength.

In the last school session, Greenfaulds High School was recognised as a Golds Rights Respecting School, making us one of only 20 high schools in Scotland to be awarded for the work undertaken by the school community to embed the United Nations Rights of the Child within our practices.  We were awarded the Digital Schools Award which recognised the excellent work in promoting, recognising and encouraging a whole school approach to the use of digital technology.   And we ended the year by becoming the first and so far only high school in North Lanarkshire to be recognized for its environmental work by a Green Flag.  The Eco Committee worked over the course of 3 years to achieve the award, focusing on the themes of Litter and Waste Minimisation, Climate Change and Health and Wellbeing. Our pupils organised an amazing COP26 Climate Emergency Action Week within the school with a wide range of activities, lessons, challenges and competitions for pupils, families and staff to get involved in – all designed to raise awareness of the part we play in climate change and how to reduce our carbon footprint. They were also invited to present their ideas to the virtual NLC Youth Climate Conference, reaching an estimated 7000 people!

As a school community we also actively reached out to our wider community through the work of our incredible Pupil Parliament.  The GHS Generations committee spent their year working with and supporting local care homes to help the elderly and frail members of our community, bringing brightness and joy to the many members of the public that they met, spent time with and made memories with.  Our Social Justice Committee ran a refugee week where lessons on refugees were taught across the school and a charity fundraising football match was held between pupils and a group of refugee children.  As a school we opened our GHS kitchen located within the Sacred Heart Church in Kildrum. On a Monday evening each week pupil volunteers provide hot food to the vulnerable members of our community.  As a school we ran our annual Christmas appeal. This allowed us to as a school, come together and gather an immense number of gifts for all different ages and genders in order to support those families in need and give a merry Christmas to all.

Our pupils became World Champions in Cheer, World, European and Scottish Champions in Street Dance, Scottish Champions in Javelin at 2 different age groups, selected for National Rugby Squads, GB Gymnastic Teams, competed in the UCI BMX World Championships held in Glasgow, became North Lanarkshire League Champions at football and North Lanarkshire champions in Athletics, the list could go on and on, to all of these pupils and the other incredible achievements this past year I offer my sincerest congratulations and a huge amount of awe in what you have accomplished.

We are rightly proud to be the only school in North Lanarkshire which teaches in the Medium of Gaelic, and we were delighted to host and say failte to the first ever Central Schools Gaelic Conference where young people learning in Gaelic came together from schools across Central Scotland for a day of language and culture.

I was delighted to see the return of school trips, after their enforced absence because of Covid regulations.  Our pupils travelled to Poland, across Europe and more locally to the Fife Coast and the Highland Show amongst other places.  Everywhere they went, pupils from Greenfaulds were recognised as being polite, articulate and excellent ambassadors for all of us.

As well as travelling outwards it was fantastic to welcome families back in to the school for events such as the Science in Science Fiction Show in which Mr Cochrane walked the very fine line of demonstrating the science behind some of our favourite films whilst not breaking the substantial health and safety precautions.  The 2022/23 session also saw a very welcome return to live music for the Performing Arts Faculty. Families were invited to a festive open rehearsal held before Christmas, which quickly expanded to a full ‘Summer Showcase’ in June – featuring Greenfaulds’ own Pipe Band, Wind Band, Vocal Group, Senior Rock Band, S3 Drama Group, Guitar duo extraordinaire and the Gaelic Trad band – who you also heard performing so well as you arrived this evening.

We ended the year with a fantastic prom with our S6 leavers and we even managed a couple of cheeky Taylor Swift numbers which I promise I did not pay the DJ for!

Upon our return to school in August we all felt the anxiety and nerves around the results from the exam diet in May.  I am a great advocate of recognising hard work and I was delighted to see that as a school the hard work of our pupils, staff and families was recognised in an excellent set of results.  Pupils in S4 gained a record number of 5 or more National 5s, there was nearly a 50% increase in the number of S5 pupils gaining 5 Highers and over 20% of our S6 achieved at least 1 Advanced Higher.

And so to the ‘what’s next’? question.  For many of our young people gathered here this evening they move on to work, college, training or University and they do so with our very best wishes and the open invitation of ongoing support for wherever life takes them.  For the other pupils I would challenge you to push on for even bigger and better things not because what you have accomplished is not enough.  Far from it, you have achieved amazing things but more because we as a school should always live by our values and we are constantly ambitious.  Our community is capable of so much as demonstrated over the last school session, but I genuinely believe that this forthcoming year we can achieve even more because the talent that sits within this room and within the school community is so rich and diverse that it is almost inevitable.

In summary, it fills me with so much pride to work within this school community.  Our prize winners have worked so hard and contributed so much to our school that we are delighted to recognise them here this evening.

Future Friday Transport

This notice only affects pupils who qualify for school transport.

Despite our best efforts we have been unable to find a bus company who can provide a Friday afternoon service for pupils attending Future Friday clubs. Finding transport across the region whether it is  for trips, events or school clubs has proven challenging due to significant shortages of drivers.

Can we ask where possible, that parents organise to pick up pupils from Future Friday clubs. If this is not possible can we ask that pupils finish at the normal 12.30pm time on Friday this week and take their allocated school bus. We will continue in our efforts to find  a resolution to the transport issue.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.