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LGBT+ and the GHSQC group in Greenfaulds High School

Greenfaulds High School are an all-inclusive school, committed to ensuring that anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ is treated equally and with the same opportunities and chances as everyone else. For many LGBTQ+ young people they experience high levels of bullying, poorer mental health and other inequalities. We are aware that, if you think you may be LGBTQ+, it can feel like you are alone and there is no support. It is important to us at Greenfaulds that young people feel valued and listened to and are supported to be their best and honest self. We at Greenfaulds want to take action in our everyday lives to listen to and empower young people.

This year, LGBT Youth have produced research that provides a snapshot view of ‘LIFE IN SCOTLAND FOR LGBT YOUNG PEOPLE 2022’. This important research gives voice to their experiences across a number of areas such as education, work, health, hate crime and much more. For Example:

  • Only 10% of participants, rated the experience of school for LGBT people as “good”.
  • 70%of gay/lesbian participants report experiencing bullying due to their sexual orientation at school.
  • There has been a big drop in the number of young people who think Scotland is a good place to be LGBTI (81% to 65%).
  • Just 28%rural-based participants rated their local area as a good place to be LGBTI as compared to 62% of urban-based participants.
  • The vast majority of participants believe that homophobia, biphobia, and transphobia are a problem, both across Scotland as a whole, and in their local area.
  • Just 17%of young people surveyed reported that they would feel confident reporting a hate crime to the police if they experienced one.

Our school will always aim to prevent any sort of discrimination from happening to LGBT young people. We know these topics are sometimes difficult to process and go through, so as well as offering adult support, we offer support within the GHSQC group with peers. We aim to offer guidance, help websites and phone numbers to further support any other pupils who feel alone or experience any issues.

At Greenfaulds High School, we are aiming to be proactive in doing more for the LGBT+ community. We are working towards Silver Charter status with LGBT Youth Scotland and have included an LGBTQAI+ committee within the school pupil parliament to ensure a difference is being made for LGBTQ+ individuals.

LGBT Charter enables our school to send a positive message, with confidence, that our school is a champion of LGBT inclusion where LGBT staff and learners will be safe, supported and included. At Greenfaulds High School we aim to promote Ally-ship. Ally-ship is the lifelong process in which people can show active support for the rights of marginalized group’s, challenges or issues. In this case an ally is someone who does not identity as LGBT but someone who supports equal rights, gender equality and challenges homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. As part of the Charter we will be looking at our policy and practice, including our legislative obligations in the context of LGBT+ equality.

This year the GHSQC have worked together to raise funds for the pupil parliament and for LGBT Youth Scotland through our sales of rainbow flags, rainbow tuck shop, bake sale, and the wear your colour with pride dress down day as well as taking part in the Purple Friday Pass the Torch Relay 5KM walk. We aim to continue this work at Greenfaulds each year.

The GHSQC is a group that meets in F003, The English corridor, every Wednesday lunchtime to discuss LGBT+ issues, organise events and meet other like-minded people. Our group is a safe space for everyone in Greenfaulds High School– Allies, those who are passionate about equality and difference for LGBT+ rights and those in the LGBT+ community.

If you need any further information, you can speak to Miss Moffat, Mr Sweeney, Miss Limbert, Mr Brown and Mrs Hoy for further information and support.

All links are available from the ‘Related Sites’ section of this page.

LGBT Charter of Rights

Greenfaulds High School is committed to ensuring that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender young people (LGBT) experience a safe, inclusive and nurturing education.

As part of the Charter we will be looking at our policy and practice, including our legislative obligations in the context of LGBT equality.

  1. LGBT people have the right to be themselvesand to live free from prejudice and discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.
  2. LGBT people have the right to be kept from harmand be protected from hate crime, bullying and other forms of violence.
  3. LGBT people have the right to be heard, treated fairly and their views and experiences taken into account.
  4. LGBT people have the right to be healthy, with equal access to healthcare, and the impact of prejudice and discrimination on health properly addressed.
  5. LGBT people have the right to form relationships, free from abuse and with equality of recognition.
  6. LGBT people have the right to privacyand information about sexual orientation and gender identity not disclosed to others, without consent to do so.
  7. LGBT people have the right to educationthat recognises diversity and implements programmes that seek to eliminate prejudice on the grounds of sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression.
  8. LGBT people have the right to be cared forfree from prejudice and discrimination and in every setting.

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The LGBT Helpline Scotland is open every Tuesday and Wednesday between 12pm-9pm – 0300 123 2523 and email

This area of the website has information about: lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender identities; coming out; useful contacts; and resources.

Parents and Carers can also find help and Support here:

These links contain advice and resources – including links to support groups for parents of LGBT young people – for parents and carers of LGBT young people


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