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Mental Wellbeing and Additional Support Needs Resources

We have added some resources to our website that may support your child’s processing of the current situation and support their emotional and mental wellbeing.
Please have a little look at them first and decide if you think they would be helpful in supporting your child’s needs.

Social Stories

Social story – school closure Early Level

Coronavirus Staying Safe – First Level

Social Story – Covid19  First/Second Level

Social Story Being off School First/Second Level

School_Closure_ASD_Toolkit (further support for children to understand school closures)

Zones of Regulation

We use the Zones of Regulation on a regular basis at Cumbernauld Primary School so the children should know all about them.

We use the terminology to support our emotional regulation.  We know that it is perfectly normal to experience a range of different emotions and we have been learning about a variety of coping strategies – ‘The Zones Toolbox’

See the source image

WHAT ARE THE ZONES?   There are four zones to describe how your brain and body feel.

BLUE Zone – Your body is running slow, such as when you are tired, sick, sad or bored.

GREEN Zone – Like a green light, you are “good to go.”  Your body may feel happy, calm and focused.

YELLOW Zone – This zone describes when you start to lose control, such as when you are frustrated, anxious, worried, silly or surprised.  Use caution when you are in this zone. – think about your Zones Toolbox.

RED Zone – This zone is for extreme emotions such as anger and aggression.  When you are in this zone, you have trouble making good decisions and should STOP – take Time Out!

When we are aware that we are struggling to regulate our emotions we can think about coping strategies.

Here is a ‘Toolbox’ of strategies to support regulation. 

See the source image

Click the link below to see ideas for each zone. You might be able to identify strategies that work better for you and add them to your toolbox.  Maybe the whole family could have a go!

Tool Kit


CAMHS – Support

An advice line is available to support parents and carers with any concerns about their child’s mental health or wellbeing as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

CAMHS – 01236 703010

Mon- Fri- 9am-5pm

Educational Psychology: Advice and support regarding children and young people (COVID-19)

Just to remind you that the Educational Psychology helpline is up and running.

Who is it for?

School staff/other professionals, parents/carers and young people.

What will it provide?

Advice/phone consultation support to help manage the stresses that can be felt by children and young people at this difficult time.

How to get in contact:

Phone: 01236 812380. 10am-3pm Monday to Friday (Please leave a message and we will return your call)


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