Cumbernauld Primary School

June 25, 2020
by Mrs Craig

Teams Access

⭐You will no longer be able to access teams from Saturday 27th June. ⭐
The work grids will still be available on the school website.
Have a wonderful summer everyone.
Take care, relax and have fun!

June 24, 2020
by Miss Connelly

Goodbye for now P1a!

To my gorgeous P1s, a wee message is on Teams to say goodbye for now and have a great summer. I can’t believe the year has ended like this but it will certainly be something you’ll remember and can tell your children all about when you’re older! I miss you all so much, you have been an amazing class & you all continue to be amazing everyday! See you all in August. Keep smiling and being happy and healthy. You’re officially P2s now 🏅 Well done 💗 xx


June 23, 2020
by Mr Clinton

Update from NLC

Advice for parents

Schools update Tuesday 23 June 2020, 17:00

Today’s announcement from the Scottish Government outlines the plan to reopen all schools on a full time basis from August.

We are currently considering the practicalities and implications of this announcement and will await further clarification and guidance from government, particularly in relation to public health and scientific advice.

Our priority is the safety of our pupils and staff across our network of primary, secondary and ASN schools, as well as our early learning and childcare settings.

We understand that you will have questions, and as this news was only announced today, we will make further information available on how this impacts on our schools and facilities in the coming days.

We are preparing for pupils to return full-time to school on 12 August and we will be working closely with our schools and partners, including our early years and childcare provision to establish our plans, which we will communicate as soon as we are in a position to.

June 23, 2020
by Mrs Craig

Microsoft Teams

If you have any issues with Teams please do not hesitate to get in touch. If you have misplaced login details, are having difficulty navigating teams or need a password reset  then send an email to

If you know of anyone having  any difficulties with it, then please pass on the email address.


Thank you.


June 23, 2020
by Mr Clinton

School Update 23.6.20

Dear Parent/Carer,                                                      23rd June 2020

I hope you and your families are all keeping well. As you will know, the guidance we are receiving is changing at a fast pace. Although the information in this letter is correct at the present time, this is an evolving situation and therefore the content remains subject to change. If any changes occur, I will inform you as soon as I can.

All staff in the school have been working hard to prepare classes for the children’s return in August 2020.  Our teaching staff, have also been keeping in contact with our children and providing work on Glow to keep them on track with their learning.


  • Group A will attend school for 2 days (10 hrs in total). – (Monday and Tuesday)
  • Group B will attend school for 2 days (10 hrs in total). – (Thursday and Friday)

Please note more specific details in regard of the identified days that your child/children will attend school and the days that they remain at home (Blended Learning) will be conveyed to you by an email from the school.

In drawing up our groups, we have taken account of the following:

  • local and national guidance
  • our school site to ensure it is fully compliant with guidance from health and safety advice
  • school and class capacity guidance to ensure 2 metre social distancing rule
  • siblings attending school on the same day

Please note that all these factors have been used to formulate our class structures for August 2020.  Whilst we know our children well we cannot guarantee that friendship groups are kept together nor can we plan on this basis. It is always our intention to get it right for our children.

Please note that personal requests to choose specified days or times for your child cannot be accommodated due to all of the factors highlighted above.

In the event of a return to our normal operational guidance on class sizes, the school will need to change class structures and this may result in a change of teacher for your child.

Clothing and Uniform: following the most recent advice from the council, I am asking that children come to school wearing their uniform. This includes a white shirt/polo shirt, grey trousers/skirt and a grey jumper/cardigan. Please remember school ties and scarves are often not washed as regularly as other items of uniform. Children should wear a suitable jacket and footwear for all weather conditions.

When children arrive at the school they will have to wait in designated areas of the playground as entry to the building will be strictly controlled. The children will be expected to wait outside regardless of the weather.

At the moment children will not need an indoor P.E kit as all physical activity will take place outdoors.

School Equipment: Children are allowed to bring their packed lunch box or lunch bag (if required). Children should not bring any personal belongings or toys from home to minimise the risk of infection. The school will provide all of the equipment necessary for each child.

Hygiene Arrangements: We will follow enhanced hygiene practices including sanitisation stations at all entrances, regular handwashing, regular cleaning and deep cleaning in line with council guidance to assist in the prevention of infection.

Children should bring a water bottle. Please fill this at home before the children come to school.

Breakfast Club: Planning for breakfast clubs is still under consideration by the council.

School Lunches: A mixture of hot meals and packed lunches will be available in school.


School Transport: Arrangements are still being considered for this by the council. Where possible parents and carers may wish to transport their own child. It is possible that journeys will be staggered with a limited number on board to support social distancing. Where possible children and young people should be encouraged to walk/cycle to school in keeping with active travel. Due to social distancing requirements on school transport, the Service will not be able to offer any privilege transport for any pupils in September 2020.

In-Service Days: There will be one in-service day for teachers on Tuesday 11 August 2020. The second in-service day is still required under national arrangements and this has been scheduled for Thursday 24 September 2020.

Please note parents and carers will not be permitted to access our school grounds or the school building. All access to the school building will be by prior appointment and confirmed by the school.

Arrangements for Starting School:

Group A will attend school on Wednesday 12 August 2020.

Group B will attend school on Thursday 13 August and Friday 14 August 2020.

For the latest information and advice, please continue to access and our school website.

If any, Cumbernauld families are in need of assistance or support, please email us at and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Once again I would like to thank you all for your support over these last months and the fantastic work you have carried out at home to support your child’s learning. We kindly ask for your continued patience as we work to get the school organised for the return of pupils in August 2020. We wish you an enjoyable summer break and look forward to welcoming you back to school in the near future.

Thank you for your continued support and co-operation in all school matters.

Take care of yourselves and stay safe.

Yours sincerely

Ed Clinton

Head Teacher


June 22, 2020
by Mr Clinton

Engagement in Learning

Helping your child to engage in their learning

As home learning has now gone into many weeks it might be harder to motivate children to complete schoolwork.  Keeping children engaged with learning in the broader sense might be more relevant.  The following ideas might be of some help.

Make it meaningful – Children respond better if a task is meaningful to them. By creating links to their interests or desires (i.e. what’s in it for them) or areas they have learnt before this can help with their motivation. Some children (and adults) like to see the usefulness of a task so where possible make learning functional and practical. An example of this would be writing instructions for making a model or a game.

Routine and structure – It is important for children to have a level of structure and routines in their lives and this can help them feel more secure. However, there is an opportunity to build a routine that works best for you and your family.  Instead of needing to start when the bell rings, children and young people can work when it suits them best. Try engaging your child in schoolwork at different times of the day to see when they’re most focused.  Within the structure of your day allow children to have some choice of what tasks they complete. Also, it can help for children to set their own goals of how much work they complete by a certain time or day. More information can be found here.

Make learning fun – Remember children are learning all the time at home and outside and not just through formal schoolwork. Games and playing are great ways to encourage children to practise all kinds of skills including counting, problem solving, reading, explaining and social skills. Having fun and being creative keeps children engaged. For example, chalk activities can be used to devise various challenges as well as creating artwork if you have access to an outside area.

Working together – Children often require encouragement to start tasks and once started to then keep going and try to finish the task.  It might help if you are both working alongside each other on separate tasks or once your child has started a task to leave them for five minutes and say I will be back to see how you are doing.  This will depend on the age and stage of your child and the task itself.  Keep praise specific or recognising that your child is putting in a lot of effort.  Try to relay the message that it’s okay to make mistakes as that actually helps us learn. The Education World website provides further suggestion on how to engage your child in their learning.

Break it up – Some children can start one task and stay focused until it’s finished.  Other children work better in working on one task for a chunk of time and then changing to another task.  Often children require quite a few sensory or comfort breaks during a task. This could be a walk round the house or playing with a toy before coming back to a task.

Multi-Sensory – Children learn through lots of different means: visual (pictures, images, videos), verbal (listening to or reading information) and physical movement (hands on, practical experiences, learning by doing).  We know that children master new things best when they are presented to them in all of these different ways.  So try and include a range of different types of activities which make use of some or all of their senses.  Your child can tell you what he knows about a subject while jumping on a trampoline or bouncing a ball. Talking together can really help embed facts as can drawing or making a short video.  Some other ideas are suggested on the Kids Academy and Reading Rockets websites.

Thinking about learning (Metacognition) – It is important that children are encouraged to think about and plan how they might tackle activities or tasks, to think about what they might do to help if they get stuck, to keep track of how well they are getting on and what they did well or found difficult. More ideas can be found here. Adults can support this by asking questions before, during and after tasks are underway. This can be a great way of helping children when they are stuck rather than feeling like you have to jump in and give the answer straight away.

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