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Health and Wellbeing

We had a visit from Child Smile. We were concentrating on all the different parts that we have to brush and we know that we have to brush our teeth for 2 minutes. We brush our teeth every day to make sure we have lovely smiles.

We should brush our teeth morning and night because it makes our teeth really shiny! Courtney.

We have been learning about living and non-living things in Science. We know that we need sunlight, water, food and air to live. We worked in partners to sort living and non-living things.

We have been learning all about our laptops. We know the functions of most of the keys on the keyboard and we are working to improve our typing skills.

Room 8 January Blog


This month we have had lots of fun in the snow!

In  literacy room 8 have been working on improving their presentation in their literacy logs. We have started weekly handwriting lessons and Miss Telfer has been very impressed with our joined up writing. We are also continuing to work hard on our comprehension through our reading books and next month, hope to improve our fluency and pronunciation when reading aloud in a group. This week we listened to an audiobook called ‘If I Ran the Circus’ which links to our class topic. We made notes whilst listening and then discussed all the rhyming used throughout the book. We have started our persuasive writing during our taught writing lessons and have written a report to persuade people to stop using animals in the circus. 

We have been learning all about money during numeracy and we can now identify all the different ways we can pay for goods, including cash, credit card and cheque. Did you know we can even use our phones and watches?! We can decide which note or coin to use to pay for something and can calculate how much change we should get. We have also been practising all the other skills we have learned through Sumdog and nearly everyone is managing to get extra raffles for getting 100 questions correct! Next month we are going to be learning all about fractions, decimals and percentages and will continue to work on our number talks strategies.

Throughout January we have been working on increasing our fitness levels by doing circuits during P.E. This has improved our stamina, strength and flexibility.  We are going to be continuing to work on these skills next month through central net games, such as volleyball, badminton and football. We have started our sexual health topic in health and wellbeing, learning all about how we are made and change as we grow up. After this we will be looking more at how we can stay safe near the road, especially when we are out playing.

Room 8 have been specially chosen to take part in the Prince William Award. Every week we are joined by our brilliant instructor Craig, who helps us build upon our character, resilience and confidence. This month we were working on qualities such as teamwork, trust, respect and showing great listening skills.

Room 2 January Blogg

Happy New Year to our family and friends from everyone in Room 2.

We have all settled well into the new term with lots of new learning taking place.


In Literacy we have been working hard on our new sounds. We are working well with our partners on our magnetic boards and using the five finger approach when learning our sounds. Ask your child about this.

We are making words with our magnetic boards. (Faye)

We write them too. (Ella)

  We are sorting out the story                                                                                                and sticking it in. (Karla)

We are having turns each                                                                                            reading.  My partner is Luke. (Ella)

Next step for Room 2 in Literacy will be to continue to learn our initial sounds and for some we will be learning double phonemes. We will continue to work hard on the formation of our sounds and using our word mat when writing our stories.


The children in Room 2 had great fun playing with each other out in the snow.

We are making the snow change colour.  We poured colourful water onto it. (Emily)

It was great fun, I loved it. (Madyson)


Next steps in Health & Wellbeing will be to further our skills in Gymnastics and Yoga.


We have been learning the order of the days of the week and subtraction.  We are also using Sumdog to reinforce our Maths knowledge.  Please encourage you child to use Sumdog at home.

We are putting the days of the week in order.  The names of the days are on our hats! (Callum)

I am sticking the days in order. (Jude)

I like doing maths on sumdog. (Catherine)


Next steps for Maths in February will be to continue our learning in subtraction, ordering the months of the year and learning to tell the time on digital and analogue displays.

January – Afternoon Session

Welcome to the January edition of the nursery blog.

The children showed such a great interest in animals during our Autumn context so we decided that, along with the recent snowy and icy weather, it would be a great opportunity to learn all about the Polar Regions and the animals that live in these places.

Through SHANARRI, the children have been learning about how to keep their bodies HEALTHY.  We have talked about what makes food healthy or unhealthy.  The children have been tasting different types of fruit and enjoyed making fruit kebabs.  Sasha, the dental nurse, also came in and talked to the children about the importance of brushing their teeth.


In numeracy, the children have been counting on and back on the number line, ordering numbers and using one to one correspondence to give the correct amount of objects.


We have been finding information about different types of animals using the iPads, the Smartboard and books.  The children have been drawing different animals that live in the Polar Regions and recalling information about them.


We will continue our Polar Regions context over the next few weeks and will then move on to learning all about the Gruffalo!


January – Morning Session

Welcome to the January edition of the nursery blog.

The children showed such a great interest in animals during our Autumn context so we decided that, along with the recent snowy and icy weather, it would be a great opportunity to learn all about the Polar Regions and the animals that live in these places.


Through SHANARRI the children have been learning all about being HEALTHY.  So far we have focused on different food that is healthy and unhealthy.  The children have enjoyed tasting different fruit and making fruit kebabs.


The focus for maths has been on counting on and back using the number line, recognising numbers to 10/20 and using one to one correspondence to give an amount of objects.


The children have been using the iPads, the Smartboard and books to find information all about different animals that live in the Polar Regions.  They have been drawing these animals and recalling different facts about them.


They had great fun in the snow!  We experimented with coloured water, played on sledges and made snowmen.


We will continue our Polar Regions context for the next few weeks and plan on learning all about the Gruffalo next!

Primary 2 – January Learning Blog


Welcome to Primary 2’s January Learning Blog! This month we have have been reflecting on our progress so far, and have been setting goals we hope to achieve in the coming year!  We hope you enjoy hearing all about our busy month!


In Room 3 we have been learning about some of the traditional ways we celebrate the start of a new year in Scotland. One of the ways we mark the beginning of the new year is through thinking about our New Year’s Resolution. During Taught Writing, we took the time to reflect on our highlights of last year, and share our New Year’s Resolutions.


This month, we have been learning about Scottish culture and some of our famous myths and legends. Our favourite myths were about the Loch Ness Monster and the Kelpies.


We used our knowledge of Scottish myths to write our own stories, featuring many mysterious creatures. We loved sharing our ideas and creating our own spooky tales.

This month we have been working on new and exciting ways to learn our phoneme and common words. We can now use our new spelling challenge cards to practise our spelling words in lots of interesting ways!


Next month we will focus on our using our phoneme story to help us learn lots of new words containing our phoneme. We will focus on the explanation genre of writing.


This month in maths we have been revising our addition and subtraction strategies. We love using lots of different methods to support us with our addition and subtraction, such as cubes, the 100 square and the number line.

We have also been developing our mental maths skills by using our Number Talks strategies. We love to find the best strategy to complete the calculation and sharing our ideas. We know that its not about finding the correct answer, but its about finding the best strategy as a team. Next month we will be focusing on our money topic.


Health and Wellbeing

This month, as part of the ‘Proud to be Me!’ programme, we have been learning about what makes us all unique. We have been discussing some of the differences between boys and girls and the importance of respecting everyone for who they are. We all drew a person called Sam. We could decide if Sam was a boy or a girl and show what made them special.


This month, we got the chance to have some fun in the snow! We worked together to build a Room 3 snowman and enjoyed playing together outdoors.



This month we have been thinking about Road Safety. We have discussed the importance of staying safe while walking on the pavement and have learned all about the rules of the Green Cross Code. We even created our own Road Safety posters to remind drivers to keep their speed down when travelling in busy areas. Our slogan was ‘Slow Down, Save Lives’!


Next month, we will be focusing on how we can develop a Growth Mindset.

Thank you!

Thank you for visiting the Primary 2 January Learning Blog!  We hope you come back next month to see how busy we have been!

Room 13 – January Blog

Well, it’s a new year and a new start in Room 13. We have set ourselves some challenging goals this term but with determination I know we can succeed! Let’s do this!!!

Social Studies

We have been learning about the Victorians and how they lived. It was sad to learn about what happened to children because only rich children went to school and poor children worked and got hit by a belt or cane to stay awake.


We were learning all about different types of triangles like isosceles, scalene, equilateral and right-angles triangles which have an angle of 90 degrees. We did a little bit of revision about 2D shapes and their properties like how many edges and vertices or vertex they have. We also did some revision on symmetry and how many lines of symmetry a shape has.


We are learning about how to make power point presentations. We are each making one about the Victorians and adding in text and information that we have found out from books and Wikipedia. We have been doing some numeracy threw sumdog.


We have been completing our strategies through our non-fiction texts this term. We have used our topic Victorians to find out information and put them under sub headings then write the information in our own words and into sentences ready for writing our informational reports.  


Expressive Arts

This term we have been doing Y Dance. In Y Dance we have been learning about aspects of our social studies topic the Victorians through dance. We are learning about the different classes that people lived in like upper class, middle class and working class. We’ve also been doing some art lessons with Mrs Cunningham using the Inside out characters Joy, Fear, Anger, Sadness and Disgust. We used lots of glitter, glue, paint and sharpies to make the characters which will be put on display in the hall as part of how we manage our emotions.

Modern Languages

For the past couple of weeks we have been learning Spanish with Mrs Stewart and the primary 7’s. We’ve learned how to have conversations in Spanish with each other and how to say hello to all the teachers.

Robert Burns

As January the 25th is Robert Burns birthday we have been enjoying learning about him in class. Who he was and why he was famous? He was a famous scot who wrote poems in scottish dialect. We finished our celebration with an amazing assembly where we read out his poems, had irn bru, tea cakes, shortbread, heard a piper pipe bagpipes and even got to see Mrs Stewart show us some scottish highland dancing moves. It was the best assembly ever. 



Room 11 Primary 4/5 DECEMBER 2017

Primary 4/5 Room 11


Ho Ho Ho to one and all! Welcome to our December news, jings what a busy month this has been!

On November 30th we all went to the Motherwell Civic Theatre to see Jack & The Beanstalk – what a hoot! Room 11 travelled with Room 3 on a huge coach!


Do you remember our Hallowe’en pumpkin?
Well, we painted it white and gave the vine part a coat of orange! Then we used white glitter and other collage materials to create a Frosty the Snowman Pumpkin !



When you are running a business you have to super organised and everything must be well prepared. We had to make sure the little gems for the tree decoration were sorted and cut up into tiny strips for us all to use easily. Our production line was efficient because of this planning!



Air Dry Salt Dough

All ready for sale!



OUR STALL @ THE CHRISTMAS SCHOOL FAIR … we won because we had the most profit! Woohoo !!




Elf Surveillance! No Pressure!

Shimmer Snowflake & Louis Snowball are BACK!

We’re all on Santa’s Nice List!


The Jewish Festival of Light … THE STAR OF DAVID

We’ve learned about the Maccabees!


A dreidel is a four-sided spinning top that is traditionally played during Hanukkah, which is a Jewish holiday that takes place over the course of December.






Hillcrest Avenue, Craigneuk, ML2 7RB

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