Gaelic Medium Education

North Ayrshire Council is committed to the promotion and support of Gaelic Medium Education. Whitehirst Park Primary is the base for North Ayrshire Gaelic Provision and started in August 2020 with a Primary 1/2 class.  Gaelic Medium pupils will leave Whitehirst Park Primary School with the advantage of having become proficient in two languages, Gaelic and English.

As a parent / carer you have the right to apply for a place at Whitehirst Park Primary School’s Gaelic Provision. There are many publicised educational benefits to learning Gaelic. Gaelic Medium Education is recognised for successful and high-quality achievement in which young people gain all the benefits of bilingualism such as communication, cultural, cognitive and employment advantages.

During the first three years of Primary, children have ‘total immersion’ in Gaelic. The next stage of learning in Gaelic Medium Education is the ‘immersion phase’ where the curriculum in its entirety continues to be taught through the medium of Gaelic. Children should then have a secure base in Gaelic language to transfer to developing reading and writing skills in English Language and to learn at a quicker pace across the curricular areas and contexts. Please contact the school if you wish further information about Gaelic Medium Education.

The leaflet in the link below provides more information if you are considering Gaelic Medium Education for your child:

Choosing Gàidhlig Medium Education for your Child at Whitehirst Park Primary School 

North Ayrshire Gàidhlig

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Learn Gàidhlig online

There are opportunities to practice Gàidhlig language learning skills by:
  • Downloading the Duo Lingo app and learning Scottish Gaelic
  • Learn Gaelic words for various topics on Go Gaelic –

Gàidhlig Resources and videos online available for Children

Gaelic Book Council – Leugh agus Seinn le Linda air You Tube
BBC Alba – Taigh Ceebeebies
Oran na Cloinne Bige