Class Staff Information 2019/2020

Mrs Lynn Robertson (Head Teacher)

Miss Louise Johnstone (Depute Head Teacher )

Vacancy (Principal Teacher )

Mrs Tracy McDougall  (Music)

 Mrs Lynsey Rowan  (Pupil Support)

Primary 1a – Mrs Conway

Primary 1b – Miss McCabe

Primary 2 – Mrs Miller

Primary 2/3 – Mr Hughes

Primary 3- Mr McCutcheon

Primary 4 – Mrs Williams and Mrs Timmons

Primary 4/5 – Mrs Manning

Primary 5 – Miss Taylor

Primary 6 – Mrs Munro

Primary 6/7 – Miss Dobson

Primary 7 – Mrs Sheikh and Mrs Gaw

 School Support Staff 

Hollie Johnstone (Family Learning Worker)

Mrs Morag Farro (Education Assistant Support)

Mrs Angie McKie(Education Assistant Support)

Mrs Stacey Dorrans (Classroom Assistant)

Mrs Alison Gillan (Classroom Assistant)

Mrs Elizabeth McInnes (Classroom Assistant)

Mrs Tracy Martin (Classroom Assistant)

Mr Gordon Phillips (Janitor)