Class Staff Information 2021/2022

Mrs Lynn Robertson (Head Teacher)

Miss Louise Johnstone (Depute Head Teacher )

Mr Jamie Anderson (Principal Teacher )

Miss Mairead MacNeil (Principal Teacher Gaelic Medium)


Mrs Tracy McDougall  (Music)

Mrs Lynsey Rowan  (Pupil Support)


Primary 1a – Miss Karen Taylor

Primary 1b – Miss Hannah McCabe

Primary 1 Gaelic – Miss Mairead MacNeil

Primary 2a – Mrs Mhairi Miller and Mrs Claire Williams

Primary 2b – Mrs Lorna Conway

Primary 3 – Mr Jeff Hughes

Primary 3/4 – Mrs Angela Munro

Primary 4 – Miss Jade Leishman and Mrs Lorraine Manning

Primary 5 – Mrs Kirsten Sheikh and Mrs Fiona Gaw

Primary 6 – Mr Wayne McCutcheon

Primary 6/7 – Miss Emma Dobson

Primary 7 – Mrs Fiona MacFarlane and Mr Jamie Anderson

 School Support Staff 

Mrs Morag Farro (Education Business Assistant )

Mrs Angie McKie(Education Business Assistant )

Mrs Stacey Dorrans (Classroom Assistant)

Mrs Alison Gillan (Classroom Assistant)

Mrs Elizabeth McInnes (Classroom Assistant)

Mrs Tracy Martin (Classroom Assistant) 

Miss Nicola Murdoch (Classroom Assistant)

Miss Chloe O’Hanlon (Classroom Assistant)

Mr Gordon Phillips (Janitor)