Hello Mull Class

Hello Mull Class,

Today is Tour de France day. Last week we focused on the mountainous stage of the tour by travelling on steep hills. This week we are focusing on the flat stage. Get outside on your wheels and travel or experience travelling on flat ground. You can travel on flat ground in your garden, on the pavement outside your house, the park or any other places near you. Please keep in mind your safety and social distancing. Take your bike, scooter, chair, walker or even walk. I have uploaded some visuals to support this activity.

Tour De France week4

Check your daily calendar and girls do your Hand Programme and Sensory Workout. Read your ‘Book of the Week’ for the last day this week and do your daily chore. Keep being as independent as possible by doing your own spreading, cutting, pouring and tidying or helping to do so and keep fit and active by getting outside in the fresh air for some activity.

Keep safe and well and have fun.

Enjoy your Friday everyone,

Jennifer Moncrieff

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