Hello Mull Class

Hello Mull Class,

I hope you all had a lovely long weekend.

Wednesday is a jass morning in Mull Class. Get out in the fresh air and keep fit and active. You can also try the new scavenger hunt that I have uploaded.

Scavenger Hunt Week 5

Wednesday is our Home Economics afternoon. I have uploaded a new recipe for you to practice your chopping and mixing skills. It is a recipe for a Baked Risotto.  I have uploaded the usual pasta recipe if that is preferable.

Baked Risotto

cooked pasta

As always, you can look at the daily calendar and girls you can do your Sensory Workout and Hand Programme. You can choose a new ‘Book of the Week’, to read every day and you can organise what chore you are going to take responsibility for. Keep fit and active with some exercise and be independent this week by making or helping to make your own bed each morning.

Morning calendar work boys May

daily sensory workout for the girls

Hand and Fingers Programme power point

Girls Daily Hand Programme

Have a good Wednesday,

Jennifer Moncrieff

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