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Latest SQA Statement

We have received an update from SQA today. They have provided guidance for learners, parents, and carers here:

Main points summarised here to reassure you:

  • SQA are  extending the existing deadline for receiving these estimates to 29 May, from the original date of 24 April.
  • Everyone at SQA is working to ensure that learners will receive their results no later than Tuesday 04 August, as originally planned.
  • SQA have decided not to mark any course work as this is the fairest way to proceed since some had been submitted, some had not and given public health guidance, they are now unable to mark any work submitted.
  • A free appeals service will be available, to ensure that schools and colleges continue to have a mechanism to question any result.
  • SQA will provide detailed guidance to schools and colleges on how to determine and submit the required estimate information after Easter, and by 20 April 2020.

Therefore until then we will be unable to answer any detailed queries. This is all the information we have for now.

Patience is still the name of the game.

Mrs Bain

SQA Reassurance

Dear senior students and families,

SQA issued a statement regarding coursework on 24/3/20 (link below). I can confirm that there is no update on exactly how  they will determine young people’s grades.

School is closed for the holidays so please do not contact teachers regarding estimate grades as they may not see this. Furthermore, teachers have been advised not to give these at the moment until we have further guidance from SQA. We have to get this right and cannot give out information until we get the right information and guidance from SQA.

Please don’t increase your anxiety by sending messages to us which cannot be answered.

This is new for all of us and we all need to be patient. No matter how difficult that is, there’s nothing else for it.

We will update you as soon as we have any more information.

Take care

Mrs Bain

Latest SQA Coronavirus Update

Latest news from SQA in today’s Coronavirus Update:
Key points are summarised here for you:
  • National 5 coursework which was due to be uplifted in April and May, will not be submitted for marking. SQA are confirming marking arrangements for work already submitted.
  • Coursework no longer required to be submitted for Higher and Advanced Higher courses.
  • Estimate grade guidelines still to follow for teachers.
KGS staff will work with SQA to ensure no one is disadvantaged and we will be using all of our professionalism and every piece of evidence to make this as fair as we can. We cannot yet answer all questions but will keep you updated.

Prelim Exams

Senior Phase Prelim Exams start on 13/1/20 until 24/1/20 inclusive. Attached are the timetable fo exams and a copy of the letter sent to parents/carers about the arrangements. Students with 1 or more National 5 level qualification or above are entitled to study leave. It should be noted that Moray College courses continue as usual throughout the prelim period with the Wednesday bus running as usual. We wish all students the success they deserve.

School Timetable Prelim

exam study leave 20