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Leavers’ Information

Lots of information was covered with all leavers in an assembly with Mrs Bain yesterday. 

Timetable change, SQA arrangements  and leaving arrangements are all different from any other year and we thank you for bearing with us as we navigate through this.

The main points are here for your information and reassurance.

Timetable change:

  • 8th June due to COVID and exceptional SQA circumstances 
  • allows more time for moderation and any required further assessments


Some pupils have to stay on until 4th June to complete assessments: teachers will advise individuals.

Provisional SQA grades may be subject to change after moderation between staff which may lead to further assessment.

Leaving Arrangements:

Option a) S6 Students who have completed all assessments and anyone who has a start date with an employer next week may leave on Friday 28th May.

(Staff will have to sign leavers’ form. In order to do this, staff will have to be very clear before signing the form that assessments are all completed.)

Option b) Leavers’ day for everyone else is Friday 4th June.

Leavers’ forms should be collected from the School Office on the relevant week. (This week for option a and next week for option b.)

Covid-19 – Arrangements for wearing Masks

2020.08.26 ParentCarer Letter1

A letter has been sent to parents regarding Covid 19 arrangements in school, including the new regulations about wearing of masks which comes into effect on Monday 31st August.

Masks should be kept in a plastic bag/ similar when not being worn.

A clean mask should be brought each day.

Parents should get in touch with us at school if they think their child is exempt from wearing a mask so that we can inform the relevant staff.

This is another change that we will support young people with and we appreciate your support as always.

Mrs Bain

Acting Rector


Health and Safety: message to pupils from Acting Rector

Mrs Bain spoke to all pupils in a virtual assembly today regarding the serious issue of health and safety. She thanked all pupils who have been responsible and patient in following all the new arrangements in school. She emphasised the uniqueness and seriousness of the situation we are in as a society. Mrs Bain said the situation we are in is as serious as anything else we have faced as a society in her lifetime.
Her message was that we are all responsible for the health and wellbeing of others as well as ourselves. It is tempting to fall into our old habits and ways as we relax into being in school again. However, the virus does not relax and we must all stick to the rules: cleanse hands, no close physical contact and follow all instructions given. We cannot afford to be complacent and consequences will be consistent and firm if health and safety is compromised.
It would help if families emphasised the health and safety messages at home as well. We greatly appreciate the support we receive from parents and carers in working together to keep our young folks safe and learning.
Here is a link to the video shown to all pupils today:

Moray Educational Psychology Service offer to parents

Did you know that you can contact Moray EPS as a parent during this COVID19 period?

Details below…

Moray Educational Psychology Service know that school staff are working hard to provide quality information to parents to help their children’s wellbeing and education. As these are unusual and challenging times we would like to provide a wider service to families to help support this work. If you would welcome the opportunity to chat about any social, emotional or educational concerns about your child with our link Educational Psychologist, Kirsty MackIntosh, they can be contacted via email on or a telephone message can be taken on 01343 550999. Parents/carers that already have, or have had, involvement with the service can, of course, make contact in the same way. It is helpful if any emails received contain a preferred phone number for follow up.

New Link for Keith Schools Food Larder

Keith Schools Food Larder – Request Form May 2020

There is a modest food larder from Moray Food Plus available for all Keith ASG families.  We know that folk may now find themselves in very different circumstances, and we are able to help a little by supplying some basic food and hygiene items.

Please complete the request form with your details and we will do our best to help.

A reminder that if you require help and would like to contact a member of staff at Keith Grammar, our admin email address is checked regularly and messages passed on, so please get in touch. We have been able to assist families with referrals for emergency financial help, ICT equipment, and referrals on to other organisations who can help in other ways. These are not ordinary times and we want to help where we can.

Take care.

Mrs Bain

2019-20 S4-6 Students: form to be completed.

In order for us to make sure that we have accurate and up to date information on all of your plans for after the summer and for senior phase pupil destinations, we would like you to complete this form.
This will allow us to gather details of leavers as well as those of you who are returning to school for S5 and S6 for session 2020/21. 
It will help to make sure you get the right support and guidance and must be completed, especially if you are planning to leave school.
ALL S4-6 students from 2019-20 should complete the form but it is also acting as a ”Leavers’ Form”.
If you have any questions about the form, please contact our admin email address.
Deadline:  Friday 15 May 2020.

Contacting KGS during the COVID19 closure.

To contact us please use our email address:
As the building is closed, this is the best way to get a message to anyone you need to. There may be no one to answer the phone but we are monitoring the admin email regularly.
KGS Twitter and Facebook are also checked during working hours so it is possible to send a DM.
Thank you for your patience- please keep in touch.