Latest SQA Statement

We have received an update from SQA today. They have provided guidance for learners, parents, and carers here:

Main points summarised here to reassure you:

  • SQA are  extending the existing deadline for receiving these estimates to 29 May, from the original date of 24 April.
  • Everyone at SQA is working to ensure that learners will receive their results no later than Tuesday 04 August, as originally planned.
  • SQA have decided not to mark any course work as this is the fairest way to proceed since some had been submitted, some had not and given public health guidance, they are now unable to mark any work submitted.
  • A free appeals service will be available, to ensure that schools and colleges continue to have a mechanism to question any result.
  • SQA will provide detailed guidance to schools and colleges on how to determine and submit the required estimate information after Easter, and by 20 April 2020.

Therefore until then we will be unable to answer any detailed queries. This is all the information we have for now.

Patience is still the name of the game.

Mrs Bain

SQA Reassurance

Dear senior students and families,

SQA issued a statement regarding coursework on 24/3/20 (link below). I can confirm that there is no update on exactly how  they will determine young people’s grades.

School is closed for the holidays so please do not contact teachers regarding estimate grades as they may not see this. Furthermore, teachers have been advised not to give these at the moment until we have further guidance from SQA. We have to get this right and cannot give out information until we get the right information and guidance from SQA.

Please don’t increase your anxiety by sending messages to us which cannot be answered.

This is new for all of us and we all need to be patient. No matter how difficult that is, there’s nothing else for it.

We will update you as soon as we have any more information.

Take care

Mrs Bain

Message for KGS Young People

Please know that we are thinking of you. Your teachers miss seeing you.  Although it is officially the holidays, this isn’t the usual kind of holiday. I guarantee your teachers will not have ‘switched off’ from school and will be worrying about you.

I know we have all joked at some point about how much fun it would be if school closed down but none of us ever dreamed this would happen. When it was just a joke, there was no danger, no worldwide health crisis and no enforced isolation. This is not the fun we thought it might be!

No photo description available.

However, this is a unique time which you will always remember. Record it somehow. Write a diary, take daily photos, start a blog.

And if it is all too much, writing it down can also help or talk to someone. If you feel there’s no one there- there is usually a friend  online and there is always Childline if you have worries you can’t share with anyone else. After the holidays you will have contact again with teachers and your classes on Teams.

Watch this wee film and consider that this might be a bit like how we’ll feel when we emerge from our lockdown!

Planet Earth: Polar bear cub first steps

These polar bear cubs are about to take their first steps into their snowy world. 😍BBC Earth

Posted by BBC One on Monday, March 23, 2020

Here are 4 links which might help you or your family if you are worrying about coronavirus, if you are not coping well with being at home for such a long time or if you are generally looking for more info aimed at people your age.

1        Young Scot has a dedicated campaign site

‘Find out more about what’s happening and the simple steps you can take to help prevent catching COVID-19 and spreading to others. Also find out more about what you can do if you are feeling anxious and worried, and how you can support others in your community’

2        The Children and Young People’s Commissioner for Scotland site has some information about children’s rights in a time of crisis and a number of helpful links to resources

3        In particular CYPCS recommend the #Covibook for children under 7 which can be downloaded here  /

4        Childline have a dedicated Cornoavirus page which covers what coronavirus is, what to do if you are worried and how to cope if you are staying at home

Look after yourselves.

Mrs Bain

KGS Parent Council 200 CLUB 2020


to everyone who bought a ticket! Please see the list to find out your lucky number. For the FIRST TIME EVER we have reached our target (and a wee bit more!) We’ve got 202 members! 👍
Not only does that mean there will be 12 monthly prizes of £101 but it also means you’ve helped raise £1212 for all our youngsters at KGS!😁
The first draw will take place here on Facebook Live on Tuesday 31st March.

Good luck to all who have entered and thanks again for your contribution.👍

Coping with Lockdown for Parents/ Carers

I have been a teacher since 1994. I spend time with lots of different  children day in and day out and I love it. A class of 30 is no problem. English, PSE, covering classes, taking assemblies, holding meetings, patrolling outside or in corridors…

But my own children at home on ‘lockdown’ is a different proposition. This is different. I am not their teacher. Sure, I teach them lots of things all the time: how to load the dishwasher, how to pack the shopping, how to make a pancake, how to pick your dirty washing off the floor (that hasn’t worked)… but I am not their teacher.  And this is the same in houses all over the world at the moment; parents find themselves in a different role and are unsure what is expected of them. Uncertainty and disruption is very stressful.

We are all now cooped up in the house, trying to make sense of what work has been set by school, if we can even find it or figure it out.  Trying to get everyone out of bed before it’s technically lunchtime is a challenge in itself. I know some of you have a real dilemma on your hands regarding childcare. There are other current additional financial and work related strains.

So…what do WE need to do to get through this but make sure our children also make it through healthy, well balanced and still learning?

1  Slow down. If they get up a bit later, so what? They don’t have to cram 7 subjects into one day. There will be other distractions and other priorities right now. And it looks like we are going to have lots of time…

2  Set a routine which suits you. If they need to get up earlier for some jobs that’s fine. If they sleep in that’s fine. As long as it suits your household. Please don’t make them wear school uniform! I actually read that this was suggested somewhere. PE kit may come in handy for the 9am Joe Wicks though. Remember to factor in some exercise outdoors while we still can. Breathe in that fresh air. If you have to share online time that is fine. Not everything has to be done on a device/pc/online. If you have to take turns at the table, so be it. Not everyone has a separate desk or office space to turn over to be a ‘school space’. Set times, have a rota, it’s all good.

3  Pick your battles. Does something really need to be done right now/ exactly as you are insisting/at all? Decide on what really matters as this could go on for a long time. Don’t make a rod for your own back by setting up situations where you will lose long term by ruining your relationship.

4  Give an element of choice so that children can maintain some control. They have lots of freedom away from the home when they are at school. Don’t try to control everything they do as this will cause resentment.

5  Be honest. Admit your own feelings. Show them it is ok to be worried and how to deal with that together. Discuss ways to cope. Have a family conference perhaps.

6  Don’t panic. Stop hoarding the toilet roll for a start! We’re going to be ok for loo roll. Don’t panic about covering all the work your child has been sent/ set online. Your child’s teachers will have tried to be helpful by giving them lots of things to do. It can be quite overwhelming depending on what has been set. Don’t be afraid to ask for more (but not this week!) or just to pick out what you can manage.

7  Stay in touch. Hopefully our new Facebook page can help make us feel more connected as a school while we are apart. In less than a week it already has as many followers as we have pupils!


There has been a lot of communication on Teams and SMHW this week and it’s great to see so many people connected. ASN and Gudance staff have been checking in with families they have a lot of contact with as well. The school admin address is monitored daily in term time and Facebook and Twitter DMs will be picked up regularly as well.

Finally, I have been thinking a lot about the fact that our children will remember this time for the rest of their lives. Whether they remember it fondly is pretty much down to us.

What do you want your child to remember about this time at home?

Would you want them to remember a time of fighting and arguing over opening a book or laptop or a time when you spent some quality time, doing things together. Children learn from us how to react as an adult in difficult situations so show them we can stay safe and well; help each other; remain calm and keep learning!

You are not alone.

Mrs Bain

Here’s a link to a very good article on staying connected through this crisis.

And a couple dealing with talking to children about Coronavirus:

Latest SQA Coronavirus Update

Latest news from SQA in today’s Coronavirus Update:
Key points are summarised here for you:
  • National 5 coursework which was due to be uplifted in April and May, will not be submitted for marking. SQA are confirming marking arrangements for work already submitted.
  • Coursework no longer required to be submitted for Higher and Advanced Higher courses.
  • Estimate grade guidelines still to follow for teachers.
KGS staff will work with SQA to ensure no one is disadvantaged and we will be using all of our professionalism and every piece of evidence to make this as fair as we can. We cannot yet answer all questions but will keep you updated.

Home Learning Links and Guidance

home learning links

Attached is a HUGE list of online activities and websites available to keep young people  engaged with learning.

Note of caution to parents/ carers:

Do NOT feel that you have to work through this. Teachers will set class activities via SHMW and Glow. These are supplementary activities for you to access should you wish. Providing routine, stability and safety  at this time is more important than trying to recreate a ‘school day’.

Mrs Bain


COVID19 School Closure

During this period of school closure, updates will be posted here and emails will be sent to parents with letters sent to those without access to email.

Parents, pupils and staff should see the Home Learning section of this website where there are links to both general education and subject specific websites.

Your children should check SMHW and Glow: you don’t need a computer as this can be done equally well from a mobile device. Not all activities will require a pc and there is no requirement to provide a whole traditional ‘school day’ for young people.

Some school/ educational work each day as part of a routine which suits your household is the thing to aim for.

If young people are doing some school activity, getting some exercise and engaging in some off-line activity or interests, this is great.

This is a stressful time for all and we must remember that young people may be stressed as well and that their whole worlds have just shrunk enormously.

Making a safe space for them at home is the most important thing to be doing now.

More information will be updated as and when we receive it.

Stay safe and well.

Mrs Bain

Acting Rector


Keith Grammar NEW Facebook Page

Some of you may remember a wee vote over on Twitter a while back when many folk thought a school Facebook page was a good idea. Well… it’s taken an international crisis, but we now have a brand NEW Facebook page to help communicate information more widely to our school community. Please join us and share the page.

We hope to be able to share school and community info as well as stay in touch with everyone while we have to observe enforced isolation and social distancing.

Who knows, it may be that what keeps us apart brings us together.



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