Starting School: Support for Parents

We have gathered materials to support you and your child – it is an exciting time but we know it can be a little scary too!

It helps children and young people at all transitions if parents:

  • talk with them about what is going to happen
  • encourage them to ask questions
  • encourage them to talk about any concerns they may have
  • listen carefully to their concerns and consider sharing them with other relevant people
  • help them to become familiar with the new school or setting and what will be expected of them. We realise this may be tricky due to the current situation however please share our videos and guides.

Many of our parents ask us what they can do to help them prepare their child for school routines.

  • Practise buttoning and zipping coats, taking shoes off and putting them on. Don’t worry we will support them in school if they find any of those things tricky!
  • Make sure that he/she is confident using the toilet.
  • Help your child to use a knife and fork for cutting up food as well as eating. Again we will support during lunches and break times.
  • Learning to take turns and sharing is great for social skills!
  • Activities which strengthen fingers such as rolling dough, threading beads onto laces and making patterns
    in salt, sand or shaving foam are great preparation for writing – and good fun too!
  • Don’t worry about teaching your child how to write letters before they start school. It’s much better to trace or
    make patterns such as wavy lines, zig-zags, curls and loops. Remember you can do this with chalk, crayons or
    paint on easels or blackboards too.
  • Many children will know how to write their own name before they start school but again, please don’t worry if
    your child is not ready to do this yet.

Real experiences from parents via this Cbeebies page.

You may have unanswered questions about your child starting school. Please do not hesitate to contact the school and let us support you throughout this process.

We have included some frequently asked questions:

  1. What do children do at playtime?

From the very first day children will have a morning break, during which a support staff member will supervise the playground area assisted by P7 Buddies. P1 pupils have a designated playground area and the Buddies will help them to play.

2. Can my child bring a snack to school?

We encourage children to bring a small snack to have during the morning interval but suggest that they bring no more than one thing to eat and/or drink. Our Oral Health Promoter who visits classes during P1 talks to them about healthy snacks – cheese, fruit, crisps, water or milk are all recommended. We would prefer if children did not bring sweets or flavoured water which are high in sugar.  Also, due to those with severe allergies, it is much appreciated that snacks do not contain nuts. We also encourage our pupils to take an additional piece of fruit with them for  “Fruit O’Clock” each day at 2pm. We also encourage our pupils to bring a bottle of water to drink throughout the day.

3. What should my child bring in their school bag?

We will provide pencils, colouring pens, rubbers and sharpeners however we realise that many pupils enjoy taking their own things to school. Reading books, library books and homework sheets or jotters should be kept in their scohol bag and letters home will also be put here.

4. Does my child need PE kit?

Yes, your child will have PE in the first week of P1 and should bring gym shoes and shorts in a gym bag all of which should be clearly labelled with his or her name. This bag can be kept in school. We recommendthat pupils wear a school polo shirt on gym days so that they do not need to change their top for PE. You will be told when your child’s gym days are.

5. What about the toilet?

Children may go to the toilet when they ask but they should get into the habit of always going at playtime. The class teacher will remind them to go. We do keep spare clothing for emergencies.

5. What if my child is going to be absent?
Please telephone the school office on 01475 715701, report the absence on Parents Portal or email

6. What if my child needs medicine?

Please contact the school office. A form has to be completed to allow us to administer medicines to children

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