End of Term Two!

We had a great final week of term with parties, visitors and the end of term assembly at the CCC.

The P5 pupils partied on Monday morning with the P6 pupils and the P4s had their party on Wednesday afternoon. We danced, played party games, ate delicious food and had a brillant time!

On Wednesday morning Mr Steele, the Chief Executive Officer for the Highland Hospice visited us to receive our £80 cheque donation for the hospice. He said the money would go towards the families having a lovely Christmas Lunch which we think is a great idea.

2 thoughts on “End of Term Two!”

  1. I loved the Christmas party it was great fun.!!!! My family think we did so well in our project, I had great fun. 🙂 🙂 ! looking forward to our new project.

  2. I to enjoyed the Christmas Party it was lots of fun.!!!I am so looking forward to are common wealth project.

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