Scottish Opera 2014

Click the image above to access the video for our Scottish Opera 2014 performance of ‘The Curse of the MacCabbra Opera House’.

You will need a password to access this video. Your child will be given a note today with the password today. If you do not have the password, but would like access to the video, please email with your request.

Sports Day – Round 2

Monday – Sports Day Round 2. Do your sun-dance on Sunday evening, as we’re hoping for sunshine!

Come with a bottle of water, and wear the colour of top which represents your house (if you have).

Ashie – Yellow

Broom – Blue

Duntelchaig – Green

Ruthven – Red

P1 – P3 Sports @ 10am

P4 – P7 Sports @ 1pm

Future Heroes Day


Just a reminder that tomorrow is Future Heroes Day. Come dressed up as what you want to be when you’re older and make a donation to the Guide Dog Society.

We look forward to seeing your outfits . . . 

Profile and Report 2014

Lochardil Logo

Your child’s profile and report should have made its way home to you today. We hope you enjoy reading a comprehensive overview of your child’s year at Lochardil.

Find the Lochardil Primary School profile and report guidance for parents/carers below:

We’re interested in your feedback – particularly regarding our Learning Journey trial. Download the form below and hand to your child’s teacher.

Sports Day – CANCELLED

Unfortunately, due to heavy rain over night we have had to cancel Sports Day today.

We have rescheduled for Monday 16th June 2014. Due to work scheduled to begin on our pitch next week, our Sports Day will take place on the grassed area between Morven Road and Dornie Place (behind our school field).

We thank the local residents for agreeing the use of this space to support a vital opportunity for our children.

Sports Day

Tomorrow is our Sports Day. We’re hoping you all do the weather dance tonight – fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow.

Come with a bottle of water, and wear the colour of top which represents your house (if you have).

Ashie – Yellow

Broom – Blue

Duntelchaig – Green

Ruthven – Red

P1 – P3 Sports @ 10am

P4 – P7 Sports @ 1pm

3D art

Inspired by the new “Kelpies” structures, we have been trying some 3D art projects of our own.Our foil sculptures linked with our science work on Light and Shadows.

We Need YOU!!!


Our 50th Anniversary plans are well under way.

Could you assist by – helping organise one of the events, sponsoring one of our events or assisting with the set-up of the events during the week beginning 25th August 2014?

We’d love to hear from you. Email for more details!

Term 4- Getting going again!

After a super Easter holiday we got back into our routine with 2 groups of visitors on Wednesday. We welcomed a group from the Corbett Centre with Mrs Archer. They explained about learning difficulties and the experiences they have had.This linked with our   anti – bullying message and treating everyone with respect.

We then had Simon from SSPCA who shared some interesting facts about the work he does and Wildlife Welfare. We played a game and had to guess the equipment he would need to get ready depending on which animal or bird he was trying to help and rescue.

We are on our Science topic for the next few weeks and we studied some properties of light today.

We’ve started our flag design for the School’s 50th birthday celebrations. Our assembly reminded us about getting lots of House Points this term too.

Plenty to keep us busy in the next 10 weeks!

Pr 5 at Culloden and Fort George

We had a superb day at Culloden Battlefield and Fort George. We were kept in order by a Jacobite and Redcoat Guide. It was great to see real artefacts and get dressed up too. There was so much to see,  learn and ask questions about. It helped us to appreciate these places of interest in our local area. We had lots of fun and it was an exciting was to finish off our Jacobites topic.

Easter Bonnet Competition


P3FS have entered Hobbycraft’s Easter Bonnet Competition on behalf of Lochardil. They’ve done a fantastic job.

It’s YOUR turn to take part now. Get down to Hobbycraft and vote Lochardil as your winner. Voting takes place over the next two weeks!

Come on a Jacobite Adventure.

You are invited to Lochardil Primary on Thursday 27th  March.

 Please come to reception at 1.30 pm for a 1.35 pm start to our Jacobite Adventure.     You will escorted to the hall to enjoy a historic experience! We  will be taking you through battles, uprisings and escapes. It is sure to be a great afternoon.

 Finishing time – 2.40 pm

We would love to get feedback about your visit so post us  a comment once our adventure is over!

We look forward to seeing you.

World Book Day

We had a great day visiting lots of different teachers and enjoying activities linked to books. We were thinking about Mad Hatters, Monster Mash, Medusa, Murder in the Library, The World of Walliams and Heroes and Villains. Costumes were super and everyone joined in with the fun of the day.

RBS and Financial Education


As part of our maths work on money we invited some representatives from Royal Bank of Scotland to explain to us the advantages and disadvantages of using bank cards.

“I learnt that you have to keep your pin number really safe.” Robbie

“You have to be 11 years old to have a bank account.” Tara

“You should cover your hand when typing in your number.” Abby

” I learned that if you forgot your wallet or purse you could use your phone instead.” Lauren

“The black Magnetic strip holds all your bank information.” Andrew S

“There are lots of different kinds of accounts and banking.” Kate McC

We all answered our quiz questions and got a little piggy bank to take home as our prize. Thank you to our helpful visitors for their cooperation.

Pr 5 have been busy!

We are loving our Jacobite topic and have learnt about the Battle of Killiecrankie, Massacre of Glencoe and Sheriffmuir as well as everyday Clan Life and the differences between the Redcoats and Clansmen. We wrote some very moving imaginative diary accounts of the Glencoe Massacre. We  used lots of personal thoughts and feelings.

Miss Brodie has been encouraging us with our painting skills. We have copied “cubism” by Paul Klee.  We shared our art work at assembly and talked about our RME work on Values.

Charlotte, Iona and Kate McC have been busy baking again and raised £32.73 for the Highland Hospice. We loved the delicious range of cakes they took in. Thank you to everyone who supported their sale by bringing in money.

The Sapphires reading group really  enjoyed their book about “Skeletons Inside and Out.” They created a poster of their facts.

Keep up all the hard work Pr 5!


We are looking forward to our Jacobites topic this term. We have studied the Stuart Family tree and know how Jacobites got their name and who they were. We hope to find the answers to  all of our topic questions.

Who were the Jacobites?

Why are they important?

 When where the Jacobites? (Kelly)

What did the Jacobites do? (Eilidh)

Why did they have such a strong connection with France? (Andrew S)

Why couldn’t they just settle their differences? (Struan)

Where are they most common? (Amy)

Where did they fight? Are they Scottish? (Andrew W)

Why did they fight? (Kate McC)

What sorts of clothes did they wear? (Katie T)

When did settle their differences? (Kate M)

Why are they different?(Kathryn)

What sort of weapons did they have? (Fiona)

How would you settle the differences in families? (Will)

Who did they fight against in the first battle? (Iona)

P5/6 Christmas Party!

We had a fantastic time yesterday morning at the Primary 5 and 6 Christmas Party. We showcased our Scottish Dancing, played some fantastic games, and snacked on lots of amazing food.

DSC00464 DSC00465 DSC00466

DSC00467 DSC00468 DSC00469

DSC00470 DSC00471 DSC00472

DSC00474 DSC00475 DSC00476

DSC00477 DSC00478 DSC00479

DSC00480 DSC00481 DSC00482

DSC00483 DSC00484 DSC00485

DSC00486 DSC00487 DSC00488

DSC00489 DSC00490 DSC00491

DSC00492 DSC00493 DSC00494

Thank you to all of the parents/carers for their food donations for the party!

6,7,8 CLub Christmas Lunch

We had a lovely afternoon singing Carols for the 6,7,8 Club over at the Lochardil House Hotel. This was a way to thank them for helping us with answering some questions about our topic.

We were all dressed up in our Christmas fashions. The gift of Quality Street chocolates disappeared very quickly when we got back to school.

Cameron House visitor

We enjoyed a visit from the Deputy Manager of Cameron House today. Mr Mark Kelly spoke to us about the work of Cameron House and issues connected with Dementia. It was very interesting and made us think about how some elderly need extra care and help.

We made a holly wreath for each resident to hang in their rooms and also made some Christmas Stocking Bunting. We are looking forward to singing there next Tuesday.

6,7,8 Club Visit

We had a super afternoon with our special guests from the Lochardil 6,7,8 Club. They answered our questions with lots of detail and were able to give us the information we needed. We were surprised to find out how busy they all are and that they were all positive about their experiences in the community.

“I can explain how the needs of a group in my local community are supported.” SOC 2-16a

Our questions were

  • What are the needs of the elderly?How do you feel about your community?
  • Does it feel safe? Do you think you are well looked after in Scotland?
  • How do you pass the time and what activities do you do?
  • Does Inverness have a good variety of places that welcome elderly people?
  • Do you think the activities, facilities and travel around Inverness suit your needs? Would you like any more facilities in Lochardil?
  • What is it like to be retired? Are you able to afford living now that you are retired?
  • What do you do in your spare time? What happens at the 6,7,8 Club?

We are also interviewing an elderly person in our family or a friend about their earlier life experiences. We hope to use this information to write a  letter to Mr  Michael Matheson, Scottish Public Health Minister, about the needs of the elderly.

M and M Cinderella

We really enjoyed the M and M Cinderella production that was performed at the school this morning.

“My favourite part was when the mouse sang the songs and they came out with water pistols.” ADAM

“Quite funny and it was amazing to think that there were so many parts and only 4 actors.” KATE MACL

“It was very funny and they got the audience involved.” CARA

“I loved the ugly stepmum and ugly sisters” FIONA

“I liked all the colourful outfits and enjoyed the songs.” KATHRYN

“It was really funny and great.” EILIDH

Term 2 Week 7 Homework

Christmas Post starts next Monday. Please remember to put names and class on each envelope.


 Spellings (x2) Write 6 sentences using your words. You should also include direct speech and use other words for said.

 Fractions TJ sheet

 (Panto at Eden Court – Wednesday 4 Dec. Meet in the Theatre foyer at  6.30 pm)

Children in Need

What a fantastic day it was today in Lochardil. We loved having boys, girls and staff dressed in their pyjamas. The Junior Leaders did a fantastic job with the Pudsey themed games, and Mr Cook was tired out after playing goal-keeper at lunchtime.

With the support of you all, we raised a massive £404.88 – a fantastic total!

Our competition winners were announced at assembly and are on the Pupil Council blog.

Biography writing

  Topic linked Story Writing and Homework Research


Investigate and research the life of a famous Scot. It may be someone living or dead. It can be someone connected with science, inventing, art, sport, literature, royalty, politics, history, entertainment, music or business.

Find out about their early life, their early interests, their achievements that made/are making them famous.

Bring in your notes (and a picture if you like) for our Biography story writing session on Tuesday 19th November 2013.

Term 2 Topic:Citizen Scotland

I can explain how the needs of a group in my local community are supported.                                                                                                           SOC 2-16a

How are elderly people cared for?

What do elderly people need?

What facilities benefit elderly people in Inverness and are there enough?

I can discuss issues of the diversity of cultures, values and customs in our society.                                                                                                SOC 2-16c

What is diversity, values, customs and cultural differences in our society?

I can discuss the rights and responsibilities of citizens in Scotland.                                               SOC 2-17a

Are there any places that show rights and responsibilities?

What are our rights and responsibilities?

Term 2 Week 3 Homework

Spellings (x2) Write 5 sentences using your words. Underline the  adverbs you have added to your sentences.

Maths – Times Tables booklet P 9 -12

Language Booklet – Adverbs page

Remember Blythswood Shoe Boxes for Wednesday 6th November

PE – Indoor kit for Tues and Thurs.  Outdoor kit for Wednesday. (Miss Schimmield in on Wed this week)

Some Emergency Closure and Family Information Forms still to be returned.

Food Festival

We welcomed about 50 friends and relations along to our Food Festival yesterday. We served porridge with some toppings and collected  £85.99  for Mary’s Meals. Thank you for supporting us with our work and we hope you enjoyed finding out about our learning.

“It was fun learning about different kinds of farming.”   Andrew  S

” I really enjoyed learning about different foods in our topic.”     Kelly

“We enjoyed sharing the Food Festival.”  Ava

” The rehearsals were hard but when we did it, it was fun.” Kathryn

“It felt like a real performance with the microphone.” Struan

Food Festival

We are making preparations to share our Food and the Consumer topic work with parents and friends on Wednesday 30th October (2.00 – 2.45 pm).

We hope to share some of the songs we have been learning in music, some drama linked with how advertising affects our food choices, some poetry and writing.

We are taking  a  small collection for the Mary’s Meals charity and explaining why wish to donate to this organisation. Porridge and toppings available.

If you wish to attend please let us know through school bag mail or on our Blog.

Lochardil Tea Towel!

The Parent Council have prepared a tea towel for Lochardil Primary School. The school opened for it’s first session in August 1964. So, after all the hard work from the children, teachers and staff at the school we are delighted to offer for sale two different Lochardil Primary School Tea Towels. One towel is for P1 – P3 and the second is for P4 – P7.

Whilst the towels will be available to buy later in the year, you can pre-order your towels now to ensure that you are able to get one (or 2 or 3!) which will make great Christmas presents.

Order forms will be available from the school from Monday 30th September.

Please follow the links to view the towels and access the order form.

Lochardil Primary P1-3
Lochardil Primary P4-7
Tea Towel Order Form

Coffee Afternoon Success!

macmillan coffee morning

Everyone in P6/7 just want to say a massive thank you to all that contributed to our Coffee Afternoon to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. We were overwhelmed by the number of cakes brought in by pupils and parents – so thank you all very much. We now have to count all the money we raised which will go towards helping people who are fighting cancer.

We made a whopping £822!! It’s fantastic, so well done!

Here are some pictures from the afternoon . . . thank you again,

From all the pupils in P6/7, Mrs Macleod, Mrs Prentice and Miss Shaw.

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon – Tomorrow

macmillan coffee morning

A reminder that the Macmillan Coffee Afternoon, organised by the P6/7s, is tomorrow, Friday 27th September 1.45pm – 2.45pm. There are 3 ways in which you can support the event:

1. Provide baking for the Coffee Afternoon – to be handed in Friday morning
2. Attend the Coffee Afternoon – Friday 27th September – 1.45pm – 2.45pm
3. Allow your child to purchase a cake by providing them with a donation of £1

Thank you for your support with the event!

Pr 5 are getting creative

We have been making fabric collage junk food pictures. We are also entering an exciting competition from Dobbies Garden Centre. We are designing our own ECO garden and have written letters and illustrated our ideas. The prize is £500 towards our school garden developments and the winner gets to cut the ribbon at the opening ceremony on October 11th 2013. We have thought of putting in a veggy plot, lots of birdfeeders, a pond, a bat shelter, a hedgehog house, flower beds and even a waterfall. Our entries are nearly ready to be sent away. We’d love to be one of the winners!

Achieving Pupils in Pr 5

Congratulations to our first  Pupil of the Month – Aimee. She was chosen for being  a  thoughtful, cheerful pupil with a lovely smile who gives everyone a fair chance.

We have had two Class Table Winners! The Cheeky Chimps were successful in week 4 and chose a surprise for their reward. The Millionaire Meerkats chose to have less homework in Week 3 when they won!

So far we have had two Star Pupils at the end of each week. Ava and Adam  have proved to be very hard working and helpful. We are delighted with the great start!

We enjoyed having parents, relations and friends along last week for our Meet the Teacher event.

Term 1 Week 5 Homework

Spellings (x2) in jotter. Write list out in Homework Diary in alphabetical order.

Maths – Place Value game (nothing to write down in jotter)  Other side of  sheet – write in homework jotter.

Language – Adjective Poem page 5

Food choices survey

Watch some food TV adverts and look for features of a good advert – colours, music, product shown, who is targetted at, slogan or song…

Remember photographs on Thursday or Friday

PE – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Term 1 – Week 4 Homework

Spellings (x2) Write 4 sentences using your words and underline adjectives.

Maths sheet :Subtraction (Write answers in jotter) Only do numbers 1,2 on Pupil Sheet side and all of Trog side as chimney sums.

Language: Pg 4 Adjectives

PE: Hockey on Tues/Fri and Tennis on Thurs.

Remember new Dinner sheet and money to be returned.

Meet the Teacher Thursday 12 September 1.45 pm – 2.45pm

PR 5 on LITTER DUTY this week.

Take turns as House Groups

Tuesday Ashie

Wednesday Broom

Thursday Duntelchaig

Friday Ruthven

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