Sports Day – Round 2

Monday – Sports Day Round 2. Do your sun-dance on Sunday evening, as we’re hoping for sunshine!

Come with a bottle of water, and wear the colour of top which represents your house (if you have).

Ashie – Yellow

Broom – Blue

Duntelchaig – Green

Ruthven – Red

P1 – P3 Sports @ 10am

P4 – P7 Sports @ 1pm

Future Heroes Day


Just a reminder that tomorrow is Future Heroes Day. Come dressed up as what you want to be when you’re older and make a donation to the Guide Dog Society.

We look forward to seeing your outfits . . . 

Profile and Report 2014

Lochardil Logo

Your child’s profile and report should have made its way home to you today. We hope you enjoy reading a comprehensive overview of your child’s year at Lochardil.

Find the Lochardil Primary School profile and report guidance for parents/carers below:

We’re interested in your feedback – particularly regarding our Learning Journey trial. Download the form below and hand to your child’s teacher.

Sports Day – CANCELLED

Unfortunately, due to heavy rain over night we have had to cancel Sports Day today.

We have rescheduled for Monday 16th June 2014. Due to work scheduled to begin on our pitch next week, our Sports Day will take place on the grassed area between Morven Road and Dornie Place (behind our school field).

We thank the local residents for agreeing the use of this space to support a vital opportunity for our children.

Sports Day

Tomorrow is our Sports Day. We’re hoping you all do the weather dance tonight – fingers crossed for sunshine tomorrow.

Come with a bottle of water, and wear the colour of top which represents your house (if you have).

Ashie – Yellow

Broom – Blue

Duntelchaig – Green

Ruthven – Red

P1 – P3 Sports @ 10am

P4 – P7 Sports @ 1pm

James and the Giant Peach

This term, we have been reading ‘James and the Giant Peach’ written by Roald Dahl. We have been using this story to discuss different feelings and frendships. As a class, we have discussed ways to help others if they feel unhappy or worried and shared some of our best moments that made us feel special.

So far, we have written some character descriptions of the wicked aunts, Aunt Sponge and Aunt Spiker, and we plan to illustrate our descriptions in the style of Quentin Blake (the illustrator for James and the Giant Peach!)

This story has also sparked a big discussion about food!

Where does our food come from?

What food is healthy?

What makes some food unhealthy?

How much fruit and vegetables should we be eating?

We have been invited by Tesco Ness-side to take part in a “Food to Fork Trail” on Tuesday 10th June. We are very excited about this and we hope it can help us find answers to some of our questions!

Photos of all our fantastic work to follow!

We Need YOU!!!


Our 50th Anniversary plans are well under way.

Could you assist by – helping organise one of the events, sponsoring one of our events or assisting with the set-up of the events during the week beginning 25th August 2014?

We’d love to hear from you. Email for more details!

Mary Poppins (50th anniversary celebrations)

This term, we will be looking at the film Mary Poppins as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations. The film was released in 1964 the same year our school was opened!

We will be looking at votes for women, financial education along with songs and a host of artwork.

P3Fs enjoyed a really productive afternoon in the sun, trying to re-create the pictures that the character, Bert, made in the Mary Poppins film.

We used chalk and displayed these pictures in a row. After the perimeter of the playground was covered, we followed the rhyme – “think, wink, blink twice, closed our eyes” and jumped into our pictures!

Easter Bonnet Competition


P3FS have entered Hobbycraft’s Easter Bonnet Competition on behalf of Lochardil. They’ve done a fantastic job.

It’s YOUR turn to take part now. Get down to Hobbycraft and vote Lochardil as your winner. Voting takes place over the next two weeks!

Things we have been learning about…

We learnt how to make spring pictures. We used straws to blow paint to make branches for our trees. Then we scrunched up colourful pieces of paper for flowers or leaves. – Lucy W and Sadie

We have been learning to do the four times table in our maths. – Joshua

We have been learning how to measure things. We have been using measuring sticks, scales, balances and rulers. – Lilly V

We have been learning about Urquhart Castle. We went on a school trip to Urquhart Castle and learnt a lot about it – Drew

We have been learning about castles and different types of castles. – Lily. F

We have been learning about centimetres, kilograms and litres. We have been measuring the length, the weight and the volume of different objects. – Marc

On the weekdays, we have been doing our class talks. Everybody talked about different things, nobody talked about the same thing. They were fantastic! – Zoe

We were writing fairy tales. We were reading them to the P1s. We learnt about settings, heroes, endings, contents, solving problems, villains and blurbs. – Grace

We have been learning about people in the castle. We learnt about what kind of jobs people had who lived in a castle. – Finlay

We made castle pictures using smudge pencils. We used paper and rulers to make them look real. – Eve

We made a story map about the Little Red Hen. We also made actions to help us to remember the story of the Little Red Hen. It helped us to write a story of our own. – Abigail

We made a family crest. We designed tartan. They are on our wall now. – Calum. M

We made superheros and fish in our groups. We had different coloured bands (red, green, blue and yellow). We had to have someone from each colour in our group. We worked on the project together. We had to take turns and we had to listen to other people ideas. – Isabelle

Class Talks

Last week, we were delighted to listen to some more class talks. It is clear that everyone has worked very hard on their talk at home.  There are some more photos below. Lots of pupils brought in models and photos. Everyone spoke about their chosen subject in a lot of detail and confidently presented to the rest of the class. Well done everyone!

Searching for our pal Nessie!

Today P1C, P1M and P3FS spent the day at Urquhart Castle – learning about weapons and armour that the knights used to use, visiting the castle ruins and searching for our friend Nessie. We even fed Nessie some of her favourite shortbread, but she must have been too shy today.

We’d like to thank Di and her team at Urquhart Castle for assisting us with our trip. We’d also like to thank all of our helpers who volunteered. The weather was gorgeous. The weather dance Mr Cook did this morning definitely paid off . . .

UC1 (36) UC1 (35) UC1 (34)

UC1 (33) UC1 (32) UC1 (31)

UC1 (30) UC1 (29) UC1 (28)

UC1 (27) UC1 (26) UC1 (25)

UC1 (24) UC1 (23) UC1 (22)

UC1 (21) UC1 (20) UC1 (19)

UC1 (18) UC1 (17) UC1 (16)

UC1 (15) UC1 (14) UC1 (13)

UC1 (12) UC1 (11) UC1 (10)

UC1 (9) UC1 (8) UC1 (7)

UC1 (6) UC1 (5) UC1 (4)

UC1 (3) UC1 (2) UC1 (1)

UC1 (39) UC1 (38) UC1 (37)

Mr.Cook, Mrs McArthur and Miss Shimmield

Fantastic Five!

We had some more amazing class talks today from Calum, Zoe, Ellie, Abigail and James. We were very impressed with their posters and models. We could tell that a lot of hard work had gone into their presentations and we were delighted to listen to them!

Remember it is World Book Day tomorrow too! It will be a fun day and the pupils will be taking part in lots of different activities that celebrate books. The Pupil Council has asked the pupils (and staff!) to dress up as fairy tale characters. We can’t wait to see all the costumes!

Fantastic Fairy Tales!

Today, we went to visit P1M and P1C to share our fairy tales. We each read our own fairy tale that we had written to a P1 partner. We have put a lot of effort into our stories (several hardworking writing sessions!) so we were excited to read them to the younger pupils. We think they enjoyed them! Some of P1M read their stories to P3FS. It was a lovely afternoon. We hope to take our stories home soon so that we can share them with our families also.

We also listened to some more class talks today from Grace, Olivia and Fraser. They each did their talk on something different about castles. They brought in photos and pictures to show us. Including some interesting facts that even Miss Shimmield hadn’t heard of before!

We look forward to sharing more class talks tomorrow!

Continuing Term 3: Castles and Class Talks

We hope you had a lovely half-term break. Everyone in P3FS came back ready for the second half of Term 3!
We will be continuing our topic on Scottish Castles. Some lucky pupils visited castles during their half term break which is great! We enjoyed hearing about what they had seen and learnt.

Next week, we are going on our class trip to Urquhart Castle. The trip is on Monday 10th March. We will be at the castle for the whole day so remember to bring a snack and packed-lunch.

This week we have started to share our class talks. We are looking  forward to seeing everyone present them!  It can be on any aspect of our Scottish Castles topic. Please speak to Miss Shimmield or Mrs Fraser if you need some help! Marc, Eve, Sadie, Callum and Iain presented today. Their talks were very interesting and they brought in photos, artwork and models to show us!

We are excited for more class talks tomorrow and for the rest of the week!

‘Hey Ewe!’


The Nursery – P3 Nativity, ‘Hew Ewe!’, can now be viewed by clicking the links below. A letter came home with Nursery – P3 children today, informing them of the password for the video. If you would like to view the video, and do not have the password, please contact

Due to copyright law, unfortunately we will not be able to produce copies of this in DVD format.

Hey Ewe Morning Production – CLICK HERE

Hey Ewe Afternoon Production – CLICK HERE

Creating Urquhart Castle!

In the afternoon, P3FS visited P1C to start building our castle.

We were fantastic builders today and we worked well as a team. We worked together in small groups on different tasks. Some of us made grass and windows whilst another group started to try put the boxes together. Joining the boxes together was the tricky part! We used photos and drawings of Urquhart Castle to give us a rough idea of how we wanted the castle to look.

There were also some very helpful pupils in P1C and P3FS today! It was lovely to see pupils cutting sellotape for others, helping others by holding boxes, sharing scissors and doing lots of other kind things to help.

We think Nessie looks right at home behind our Urquhart Castle! What do you think?


Thank you to all the parents and pupils who brought in cardboard for our castle!

Homework (20th January- 23rd January 2014)

Write and practise spelling words: night, light, bright, high, might or hatch, thatch, match, patch, catch

Maths: Practise the 3 times-table. Complete sheet on counting in multiples of 3.

Fact finders: Find out two facts about Robbie Burns. Remember to wear something tartan for our Robbie Burns Day on Friday.

Fact-finders and  spelling homework is due on Thursday (23rd January 2014).

Reading homework should be completed each night (Mon-Thurs) and page numbers are written in purple diary. Pupils should bring their purple diary and reading book to school every day.

Let’s get building . . .

As part of our topic we have been learning about different types of castles. We found out that Urquhart Castle is a Stone Keep castle. As part of P1C’s topic, they’re learning about Loch Ness. They kindly asked if P3FS would help them build their castle. Of course we said yes, so the construction begun this week! Before we started our building, we had to do a visit to Mr Cook’s classroom and check the measurements. We used photographs of the castle, alongside pictures of Mr Cook’s classroom to assist with our plan.

On Tuesday we started our construction, using a mixture of black and white paint with PVA glue to make the brick work of Urquhart Castle.

We’ll continue to work with P1C next Monday and Tuesday. We’ll put up more photos once it is built!

Miss Shimmield and Mrs Fraser

Term 3 Castles in Scotland

Our topic is about castles in Scotland. We will be learning about castles and ruins. We want to find out about when the first castles in Scotland were built, who lived in the castles, how people built castles long ago and why were castles built.

We are planning to build a castle with the P1C class. We are going to use cardboard boxes to make a big and strong castle for P1C! We will need to sponge paint the boxes. We will be kind and helpful to the P1 pupils.

We have been drawing pictures of different castles. We have learnt about two different kind of castles. They were called a Motte and Bailey castle and a Stone Keep castle.

Please see our topic questions below. If you have any suggestions or information that would help us to answer our questions please let us know.


When were the first castles in Scotland built? (Pupil) 

How did people build castles long ago? (Pupil)

Who was in charge of the castle? (Pupil)

Who lived in the castles? (Pupil)

How do you deliver a talk to an audience that is interesting and informative? (Teacher)

Why are there ruined castles in Scotland? (Teacher)

What were castles made from? (Pupil)

How does daily life in a castle long ago compare to our life now? (Teacher)

How can we work together as a team? (Teacher)

How is a product designed and created? (Teacher)


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from P3FS! We all hope you had a lovely winter break.

2013 was a very exciting year for us. We moved from P2 into P3 and P3 has been very busy so far! Some of our highlights are:  learning about ocean habitats and animals, conducting water experiments, learning about helping others in our community and learning about charity projects that help people in other countries, creating and selling our class calendar for charity, organising and collecting the Blythswood Shoeboxes and taking part in an infant years nativity!

Here are our pupils for Pupil of the Month in P3 so far:

Well done! We will be finding out the Pupil of the Month for December this week

We are also delighted to tell you that we raised £115.50 from our class calendar!

A BIG thank you to all those who bought a calendar and supported our project.We hope you enjoy them! We will be deducting our print costs and the total profit will be split equally. We will be donating to the Highland Hospice and the SSPCA!

We are looking forward to more excitement and challenge in 2014!


Homework (6th January – 9th January 2014)

– Write and practise spelling words:sail, tail, paid, rail, nail or white, wheel, why, which, when
-Fact finders: Find out the name of a castle and where it is located. You can draw a picture of the castle if you like! We will be adding our information to our class map.

Factfinders and  spelling homework is due on Thursday (9th January 2014).

Reading homework should be completed each night (Mon-Thurs) and page numbers are written in purple diary. Pupils should bring their purple diary and reading book to school every day.

Nativity 2013 – ‘Hey Ewe!’

What a FANTASTIC two performances of ‘Hey Ewe!’ today. Every single child from the Nursery through to Primary 3 did such a FANTASTIC job.

Nativity2013 (1) Nativity2013 (2) Nativity2013 (3)
Nativity2013 (4) Nativity2013 (5) Nativity2013 (6)

Everyone looked superb in their costumes. With over 200 children involved, it really was a phenomenal show.

Nativity2013 (7) Nativity2013 (8) Nativity2013 (9)
Nativity2013 (10) Nativity2013 (11) Nativity2013 (12)

Thank you to all of the staff and pupils who assisted with the organisation of such a massive event.

Nativity2013 (13) Nativity2013 (14) Nativity2013 (15)
Nativity2013 (16) Nativity2013 (17) Nativity2013 (18)

We will keep you posted as to when the video is ready.

Nativity2013 (19) Nativity2013 (20) Nativity2013 (21)
Nativity2013 (22) Nativity2013 (23) Nativity2013 (24)

Thank you,

Mr Cook and Miss Shimmield

Hey Ewe!

Over the last few weeks, we have been preparing for our Christmas nativity! Our nativity is called Hey Ewe! We have been designing tickets, creating posters, practising lines, directing actors, making props, fitting costumes and lots more! We are all going to be singing two songs in the nativity. We have been practising actions and a dance for these aswell. Busy, busy, busy times in P3M and P3FS!

Homework (2nd December 2013 – 5th December 2013)

Maths – Money Maths Task (see sheet). Using change up to £1.

– Write and practise spelling words: shirt, skirt, thirst, first, third or gone, done, come, some, glove

Maths and  spelling homework are due on Thursday (5th December 2013).

Reading homework should be completed each night (Mon-Thurs) and page numbers are written in purple diary. Pupils should bring their purple diary and reading book to school every day.

Homework P3FS (17th November -21st November 2013)

– Maths – Round the numbers in your jotter to the nearest 10.

– Write and practise spelling words: spot, spell, spray, spring, sprint or knee, knew, lamb, comb, climb

Maths and spelling is due on Thursday (21st November 2013).

Reading homework should be completed each night (Mon-Thurs) and page numbers are written in purple diary. Pupils should bring their purple diary and reading book to school every day.

We have been learning about…

We have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10 – Marc

We were learning about three different netball passes – Eve

We made tree pictures using ripped up paces of colored paper and stuck them on to tracing paper – Lucy. M

We have been learning how to write a letter – Calum. M

We have been learning about different charities in our area – Zoe

We made winter scenes using paint – Lucy. W

We made autumn scenes by ripping up tissue paper – Joshua

We painted winter trees – Ruby

We have been practising our songs for ‘Hey Ewe!‘ – Lilly. V

We have been learning how to say ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’ and ‘my name is..’ in French. We have also been learning some colours and numbers in French. – Finlay

Children in Need

What a fantastic day it was today in Lochardil. We loved having boys, girls and staff dressed in their pyjamas. The Junior Leaders did a fantastic job with the Pudsey themed games, and Mr Cook was tired out after playing goal-keeper at lunchtime.

With the support of you all, we raised a massive £404.88 – a fantastic total!

Our competition winners were announced at assembly and are on the Pupil Council blog.

Our Blythswood Shoeboxes – Loading the Lorry!

On Monday afternoon, the shoeboxes were picked up by Blythswood. We took pictures of the shoeboxes getting put into the lorry. We collected 90 shoeboxes and put them in the lorry. We helped the men put all the shoeboxes into their lorry. They will be given to children who don’t have anything at Christmas time in other countries. We feel like Santa’s elves!

Written by all the boys and girls of P3FS

Term 2 Topic: Helping and Giving in Our Community

Our topic this term is called ‘Helping and Giving in Our Community.’ This will involve discussing local charities and projects that help different people in our community.

P3FS are organising the Blythswood Shoebox Appeal for Lochardil Primary School. We will also be carrying out a fundraising project to raise money for a charity of our choice. The pupils will be working on their team work and decision making skills throughout this project.  We hope to learn more about the Lochardil community and communities in other countries.

Here are some of our questions:

Which countries do charities help? (Pupil)

How does the Blythswood Shoebox Appeal work and who does it help? (Pupil)

What is “water aid”? (Pupil)

Who are the people that are ‘in need’? (Teacher)

What help is there in the Lochardil community? (Teacher)

How do we make informed decisions? (Teacher)

If anyone has any ideas that would help us to learn more about our topic, then please let us know!

Happy Hallowe’en!

Last night was the Hallowe’en Disco night! Thank you to the P7s for organising the disco for us. A lot of the pupils in P3FS attended and we all had a great time! There were games in the dining hall, like guess the sweeties, lucky dip and a tattoo stall! It was exciting to see everyone’s costumes. Miss Shimmield loved being Minnie Mouse for the evening.

A selection of photos from the Hallowe’en Disco are on the school website!

Homework (28th October 2013 – 31st October 2013)

Complete maths puzzle:

Use your house number to make as many different sums as you can! (You can use add, subtract, divide or multiply. If you don’t have a house number, you can use the numbers in your postcode)

– Write and practise spelling words: step, stop, thorn, torn, worn or stay, day, away, may, way

Maths and spelling is due on Thursday (31st October 2013).

Reading homework should be completed each night (Mon-Thurs) and page numbers are written in purple diary. Pupils should bring their purple diary and reading book to school every day.

Homework (22nd October 2013-24th October 2013)

– Complete maths sums in jotter (changing a horizontal sum to a double-decker sum)
– Write and practise spelling words: space, stare, throat, float or scare, share, toad, load

Maths and spelling is due on Thursday (24th October 2013).

Reading homework should be completed each night (Mon-Thurs) and page numbers are written in purple diary. Pupils should bring their purple diary and reading book to school every day.

Have a Happy Holiday!

Phew! It has been a busy and quick term! It has been great to see all the pupils of P3FS putting a lot of effort into their learning and we hope this continues for the rest of the year!

Today we had a fantastic whole school assembly due to Chris and his puppets from ‘Out of the Box’ productions. He was very funny!

Isabelle was awarded the Pupil of the Month for September. She has tried really hard to work independently this month and has put more effort into completing all her tasks. She has a great ‘I can do it!’ attitude! Well done Isabelle!

We hope that all the pupils of P3FS have a fantastic October break and we look forward to hearing all about your adventures when you return! School re-opens 22nd October 2013.

Mrs Fraser and Miss Shimmield

Homework (Monday 30th September 2013- Thursday 3rd October 2013)

For homework this week, the pupils are asked to create their own comic strip. The theme of the comic strip is ‘Under the Sea’  to link in with our topic and also to build on the literacy work we have been doing in class. The pupils have been asked to hand in their comic strip on Friday to share with their classmates!

There will be no written maths or spelling homework this week. However, pupils can continue to practise their times-tables at home.

There will be reading homework on Monday night only. Reading sessions will continue in school, but pupils will not be taking their reading book home Tuesday-Thursday as some pupils may be changing reading group.
Miss Shimmield

EDIT: Sorry the comic strip sheets did not go home tonight! Pupils will be given their comic strip sheet tomorrow.

Things We Have Been Learning About

We have been learning about:

We have been learning about division. We had lots of fun learning about it. – Hannah

We have been learning about animals that live under the sea. We made rainbow fish and speech bubbles for our rainbow fish. It was so much fun! – Isabelle

We have been making butterflies. They have beautiful patterns and we used adjectives to describe them. – Zoe

We have been learning about how to use speech marks in our story writing. We use them when someone is talking in our story. – Ruby

We learnt how to write our own postcards and invitations – Lucy. W

We made food chain mobiles for our topic. – Marc

We made fish and turtles during art to learn about pattern. – Iain

We did an experiment about dissolving to see which materials dissolve and which don’t in water. – Calum. M

We used speech bubbles to write about what a character says. We used funny pictures of seals and penguins and we had to write what they were saying. – Lily.F

We have been practising our 10 times-table, 5 times-table and 2 times-table over the last few weeks. – Joshua

This week we were learning about dividing and we have been dividing by 2, 5, 10 and 3. Division means splitting and sharing the number. – Zoe and Eve

Lochardil Tea Towel!

The Parent Council have prepared a tea towel for Lochardil Primary School. The school opened for it’s first session in August 1964. So, after all the hard work from the children, teachers and staff at the school we are delighted to offer for sale two different Lochardil Primary School Tea Towels. One towel is for P1 – P3 and the second is for P4 – P7.

Whilst the towels will be available to buy later in the year, you can pre-order your towels now to ensure that you are able to get one (or 2 or 3!) which will make great Christmas presents.

Order forms will be available from the school from Monday 30th September.

Please follow the links to view the towels and access the order form.

Lochardil Primary P1-3
Lochardil Primary P4-7
Tea Towel Order Form

Coffee Afternoon Success!

macmillan coffee morning

Everyone in P6/7 just want to say a massive thank you to all that contributed to our Coffee Afternoon to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. We were overwhelmed by the number of cakes brought in by pupils and parents – so thank you all very much. We now have to count all the money we raised which will go towards helping people who are fighting cancer.

We made a whopping £822!! It’s fantastic, so well done!

Here are some pictures from the afternoon . . . thank you again,

From all the pupils in P6/7, Mrs Macleod, Mrs Prentice and Miss Shaw.

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon – Tomorrow

macmillan coffee morning

A reminder that the Macmillan Coffee Afternoon, organised by the P6/7s, is tomorrow, Friday 27th September 1.45pm – 2.45pm. There are 3 ways in which you can support the event:

1. Provide baking for the Coffee Afternoon – to be handed in Friday morning
2. Attend the Coffee Afternoon – Friday 27th September – 1.45pm – 2.45pm
3. Allow your child to purchase a cake by providing them with a donation of £1

Thank you for your support with the event!

Maths Hunt

On Tuesday, we decided to take our mental maths outdoors! To practise our times-tables and division sums we played a game called ‘Maths Hunt’ created by Mrs Beattie and the P2s. We had to find a flag, work out the sum on the flag and write down the answer next to the flag’s number on our sheet.
It was great fun and everyone joined in. A great start to the week!

PE Kit

Weekly PE slots are scheduled on Monday and Friday for P3FS.
Pupils need to bring a change of clothes (t-shirt, shorts/jogging trousers), gym shoes and suitable outdoor footwear for activities (trainers) on these days.

PE kits can be kept on the pegs and indoor shoes can be kept in trays.

Please remember to label all belongings with your child’s name and class.

Week 4 Homework (16th September-19th September 2013)

Homework for this week:

– Complete maths sums in jotter (takeaway single digit from 2 digit number)

Write and practise spelling words: eat, meat, beat, stream, dream or under, teacher, letter, flower, better

Maths and spelling is due on Thursday (19th  September 2013).

Reading homework should be completed each night (Mon-Thurs) and page numbers are written in purple diary. Pupils should bring their purple diary and reading book to school every day.

Achievement Assembly

Today at assembly, P3Fs were ‘swimming’ to success and showing off our super Rainbow fish that we made. We were inspired by the book The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister to create beautiful fish with shimmering scales.We spoke about how we made our fish at the Achievement Assembly.

We also wrote a prayer together (in the picture below) which Iain and Grace read at the assembly. It was a bit scary standing in front of P1-P7  but Iain and Grace spoke very clearly and everyone enjoyed it! Also, we chose a song for the school to sing. We chose ‘He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands.’

Well done P3FS!

Meet the Teacher(s)!

Thank you to all the parents, carers and relatives who came to visit our classroom! We were delighted to show you all the things that we have been doing and what we have been learning. Our butterflies were shining brightly despite the horrible weather outside! For those who were’t able to make it, here is a selection of photos showing some of our fantastic work:

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