A Busy Week!

It’s only Tuesday yet we have done so much! On Monday, Lucia, Helen, Julia & Max took part in a P4 Tennis Tournament at Bellfield and they came 2nd overall! Max was undefeated in his games! Well done!

Max has been invited to take part in a Commonwealth baton Event in July at Inverness Leisure. He will get photographs with the baton and get to run behind the baton.

We sent out community letters last week requesting 1960s fashion photographs, items clothing and accessories and Ivan, Helen and Emma all took things to school with them this week. We have had great fun looking at the photographs and trying on the clothes! We have started sketching some of the Mods, Rockers and Hippies of the 1960s to display on our 50th Anniversary Wall. Emma brought in her Dad’s school satchel which brought back memories for lots of the Lochardil staff.

Thank you to everyone for their comtributions. Mrs M-H

3 thoughts on “A Busy Week!”

  1. Well done to all the tennis players. You all did very well coming second in the competition.
    How exciting for Max getting to hold the commonwealth baton, can’t wait to see the photos 🙂
    The girls look great all dressed up. Look forward to helping with the fashion display from the 1960s.

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